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Targeted vibration to the penis, perineum & prostate can improve erections.

Experience stronger, longer lasting erections, overcome performance anxiety and gain confidence in the bedroom.

Arousal & Orgasm

Precise stimulation of the vagina, vulva, labia & clitoris can alleviate dryness, improve arousal & orgasm.

Regular orgasms help with better sleep, lower stress, less headaches & improved skin.

Prostate Health

Gentle stimulation of the prostate can alleviate prostate pain.

Regular stimulation can lead to improved prostate health and lower chances of prostatitis & prostate cancer.

Pelvic Health

Regular use of a directional vibration device can help strengthen the Pelvic area.

Improve function, make sex easier & comfortable, especially for postpartum women with weakened or painful pelvic floor.


Stimulation to the penis, frenulum or perineum can stimulate the ejaculatory reflex & improve sensation.

This can be an effective, non-invasive treatment for delayed or lack of ejaculation.

Painful Sex

Vibratory stimulation to the genitals can help with dyspareunia, vulvodynia & related conditions.

Frequent stimulation can promote blood ow, decrease pain, increased arousal & vaginal health.

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  • The Crescendo and Tenuto are devices that can make intimacy more fun, but they can also serve to help people with sexual complaints like painful sex, erectile dysfunction and delayed orgasm. I absolutely love integrating devices into my patient's plan of care.

    Dr. Rachel Rubin
  • These products exhibit a remarkable capacity for customization, a hallmark feature that allows them to be tailored to target specific points of stimulation. Robust research underscores the potential for these products to alleviate concerns related to genital or pelvic discomfort using vibrational technologies.

    Dr. Amy Pearlman
  • Use of vibrators can benefit postmenopausal women by enhancing vaginal health, reducing stress & improving mental well-being. It can also help maintain libido, pelvic strength & encourage women to improve their sexual health as part of their overall health.

    Prof. Joyce Harper

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