One Night At Killing Kittens’ Clitoratti: A “Girls Only” Sex Party

Whilst I prepared for the Killing Kittens first all-female play party, the anticipation was killing me. I put on my red bodice, fantasising about all of the fun, adventurous, kinky women that I would meet.

Published Apr 13 2018 4 min read

Welcome to The Clitoratti; Killing Kittens’ Girls Only Play Party

Whilst I prepared for the Killing Kittens first all-female play party, the anticipation was killing me. I put on my red bodice, fantasising about all of the fun, adventurous, kinky women that I would meet. The Clitoratti was a dream about to come true.

Run by women for “the sexual elite”, Killing Kittens is usually reserved for mixed-gendered adventurous couples and excitable singles wanting to push their boundaries. But for tonight, a girl-on-girl play party was exactly what this “KK” virgin was after.

Welcomed with a glass of bubbly, I entered a comfortably lit and expensively decorated apartment. It was scattered with a few groups of women making small talk and stealing furtive glances around the room.

Although we were well away from the ravenous eyes of hungry men, tonight the female gaze was ever present. Everyone was still checking each other out, but with cheeky smiles and flirtatious lip bites. Compliments and laughter increasingly filled the air to remedy the nervous energy and replace it with sexual tension. 

One Night at Killing Kittens’ Clitoratti: A “Girls Only” Sex Party

There was a real mix of women – of different ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations. All of us had at least two things in common, the compulsory mask – adding to the party’s mystique – and of course, the sapphic tendencies.

Fantasies Fulfilled

I joined a group of about 5 women after exploring the different bedrooms. At about 9:45 the hostess came round to inform us of a tantric massage show that was to take place at the stroke of 10.  As this relaxed us into deeper conversation, we began sharing our fantasies. One of the women within our group shared that a fantasy of hers was to be taken advantage of by a masseuse.

I quickly chimed in that I dabble in massage therapy (albeit my experience is limited to a few workshops and an online training course) but she ate it up and indicated that we should go upstairs and watch the show together.

The massage show definitely broke the ice. And while we all watched the two naked women in awe – oil rubbed on shiny skin, reflected in wide eyes – the sexual tension was palpable. 

On the way to grabbing a second glass of bubbly with my new friend, the massage-enthusiast, we passed a room that revealed the future of my night. Through a tangle of bodies that were sensually intertwined, a finger beckoned for us to join. We excitedly voyeured for a moment and agreed to join in after another drink.

At the bar, we met the party’s professional erotic photographer Yemi King who invited us to have a photoshoot in a private room. I quickly grabbed my whip that I’d bought for a previous fancy dress party. Knowing it would come in handy again, my new friend willingly let me use it on her. We performed and played for the camera – almost forgetting it was there – an ode to the photographer. They came out so classy and professional that we couldn’t resist buying a few!

The rest of the evening was, again, a sensual tangle of women throughout the apartment. Not just on the three double beds, but also in the showers, and even on the pool table; reminiscent to another fantasy that a woman disclosed to me earlier in the night.

The party had descended into pure sexual energy and electric empowerment. It was definitely a night to remember and one I hope to return to.

If you are thinking about attending a sex party yourself, here is my parting advice:

  • Be comfortable: Make sure you feel sexy in yourself. That includes wearing something that doesn’t ride up in the wrong places or makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are nervous (which everybody is) take some deep breaths and reground yourself in the bathroom, before rejoining the fun.
  • Be a voyeur: Just remember, not everyone gets involved in playing at these parties. It is completely acceptable to attend a party like this as a voyeur – there is no pressure to join in unless you want to. A lot of people go to these just to be watched, so you might as well enjoy the show. Play or don’t play as much as you like.
  • Explore: First, literally explore the venue! They tend to have these parties laid out for you to find exciting rooms, or private shows, so don’t miss out. But also, explore your fantasies and be open to trying others. This is a safe space for you to explore your boundaries around sex.
  • Pace yourself: Alcohol tends to numb the senses. So pace your drinks, as you want to feel and remember most of it! Pace yourself with people too. Even though the night will fly by, take your time feel out some people. See who you have sexual chemistry with, as after that is what you are there for.


There are regular KK parties across the country and even around the world – so, what are you waiting for?

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