Sensual Stimulation & Sensory Deprivation: Sight & Sound Foreplay Ideas

What if your pleasure could be more playful? What if your sex could be more multi-sensational?

Published Sep 19 2018 7 min read

What if your pleasure could be more playful? What if your sex could be more multi-sensational? And what if…these fantastic foreplay ideas for sensual stimulation and sensory deprivation could lead you to new pleasurable heights?

For your pleasure, we will break down two of the five sensory organs. How they link through your nervous system to the neurotransmitters in the brain, how they bring you to a state of arousal in your sexual response cycle, and finally how to heighten each sensation separately, or combined, to take your pleasure further into the depths of the euphoric universe of your mind and body.

Sensory sexual stimulation can be experimented during solo sex or with a sensual somebody.

“Making love is so powerful; it’s ear to ear, mouth to mouth, hand to hand, genitals to genitals.” – Gilly Smith, Tantra & The Tao; The Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy

Fun Foreplay Tip: Deprive then tantalise to awaken your senses. Remove one or more of the senses to focus yours or your partner’s attention acutely on the part of the body being stimulated. Once each of the senses have been tuned into separately, keep adding sensual stimulations to make it a full immersive multi-sensory experience. 


Sensual Stimulation & Sensory Deprivation: Sight & Sound Foreplay Ideas

The power of sight can get our hearts racing with sexual anticipation. Perhaps you become aroused by a shared glance with a stranger. Maybe it’s the look of your partner in the morning, or some erotic visual material, that gets your juices flowing.

Our eyes are called the windows to the soul for a reason. When we connect using our eyes the pupils dilate and we experience bursts of desire through this prolonged eye contact. This releases the love hormone oxytocin – also released during orgasm.

So, what if you honed in on just sight for sensual stimulation? What if you enhanced and manipulated this sense to get you and your sexual partner to a higher state of arousal?

It has traditionally been thought that men are more visual creatures when it comes to sex. Yet in a study by Heather Rupp and Kim Wallen, it was found that women are just as aroused when shown sexual imagery. The only difference is that often more context is needed. So let’s make some context…

Sensual Stimulation for Enhancing Sight

Set the mood with some sexy colours. Keep it warm. Red is the colour of attraction and a simple red light bulb, or red filter, can create the most sexual of atmospheres – hence how the Red Light District got its reputation.

Eve Flare smart mood-light is perfect for an effortless change in atmosphere. When you want to get to it just say “Hey Siri, set the mood to steamy”! 

Cool colours can be an instant turn off for some. Though red underwear is a popular colour bought to sexually impress, men favour black lingerie the most and, surprisingly, red the least.

During sex try the eye contact challenge. This will encourage the pupils to dilate and release those juicy bonding hormones. Girl on the Net rights about her experiences with the eye contact challenge – the awkwardness mixed with the hotness:

“I’d forgotten that ‘eye contact’ can mean a lot of things. An intense stare deep into your lover’s eyes can mean ‘I adore you’, but it can equally mean something much more appropriate to my kinks: ‘you are in serious trouble, missy.’”

You could even put on a sexy film to watch together. Build the sexual tension through this powerful sense.

Here’s a few of our favourite sexy films you could watch:

  1. Love by Gaspar Noé – The sex in this film is real, it is raw, and did I mention it was real? Noé didn’t just want acted sex, he wanted to capture “real life” sex. It was originally shot in 3D with ejaculate sprayed over the audience. (We wonder how 4D could potentially work)
  2. After Sex – This film includes Mila Kunis’ and Zoe Saldana’s sapphic love story. Skip straight to the hot lesbian scene to get your blood pumping and hearts racing.
  3. Shortbus – The opening scene is self-fellatio…setting you up for a rollercoaster ride of orgies and a woman’s journey of sexual self discovery.

Sensory Deprivation for Enhancing Sight

Sensual Stimulation & Sensory Deprivation: Sight & Sound Foreplay Ideas

For the kinksters out there, you can deprive your partner of touch completely. Tie your partner up and restrain them with rope. Force them to watch you do a strip tease or touch yourself.

Block off the other senses such as sound using earplugs or earmuffs. Without the ability to hear, their eyes have to work extra hard to absorb your surroundings. Just be careful as to not give them such a mind-blowing orgasm that they go blind!


Audio play can be just as titillating and sight play. From a whisper, to a moan, to even music, many people report the sound receptors in their ears mimic “eargasms”.

This study on vocal attractiveness proved the voice of a person to be even stronger than physical attraction when it comes to finding a partner. Women with a higher and men with a lower pitch have tended to be received as more attractive.

Bijoux Indiscrets did a social experiment called the Orgasm Sound Library. People were asked to listen to different clips of women moaning. Some fake, some real. They found that 66% of Spaniards have a fictional view when it comes to sex.

This is interesting because most pornography is faked pleasure for our entertainment. The fact that we cannot distinguish between real and fake pleasure may explain how the 80% of women who have felt the need to fake an orgasm have probably been believed.

Sensual Stimulation & Sensory Deprivation: Sight & Sound Foreplay Ideas

However, knowing this can be used to our advantage – for increased pleasure. If we know we are aroused by moaning, and if know that we cannot tell if it is fake: then listening to audio porn – fake or real – may help to get the juices flowing.

Sensual Stimulation for Enhancing Sound


Having a sexy playlist of music can really set the ambiance when you are getting down to it – either alone or with a partner. What do you listen to to get you in the mood? 

Jessica Parker, the host of Pleasure Island Parties, discloses her secrets for finding the music to create the perfect ambiance for her erotic massages and at her play parties:

“I’ve been shazaming everything I come across for the last 5 years or so…basically my rules are: can I do sensual massage to this? Can I have sex to this?

I take every playlists very seriously – it can make or break a vibe for me so each playlist is fresh and new, which is a lot of work, but keeps me inspired and fresh when I run the events.”

Binaural beats

Some studies have proven that binaural beats are great for relaxation, but can they be used for sexual stimulation? Binaural beats meditation claims that they have used 2.5 Hertz frequency over musical instrumentation. This frequency is associated with endogenous opiates that arouse endorphins in the brain.

“As the music plays and the track winds deeper into your mind, you will feel progressively more stimulated and drawn to engage in sexual activity.”

Audio porn

There are hundreds upon thousands of audio clips just in this Tumblr page, Sounds of Pleasure (and we've made a list of the best audio porn for you here). Here you can find a whole host of masturbation and sex sounds, and people talking dirty from every gender. Create your own and upload it for the world to climax to!

Erotic storytelling

Girl on the Net has some fabulous audio porn stories. She takes you to a place of pure eroticism through a telling of her sensual stories. Miss Jaiya explains that the mind struggles to know the difference between the real and imagined.

“Erotic story telling not only helps the mind to focus on the sensual realm, it can also affect the physical body. I closed my eyes as my partner started to lightly stroke my body. He put his lips close to my ear and started setting the scene. He hadn’t even touched my genitals at all and I was wetter than I had been in a very long time.”

Erotic Sex Stories

If you are struggling to come up with an erotic story, Anna Richards at Frolicme has got you covered with some incredibly hot erotica. Whisper them in your partner’s ear.

Sensory Deprivation for Enhancing Sound

Sensual Stimulation & Sensory Deprivation: Sight & Sound Foreplay Ideas

Blindfold your partner and heighten their sense of hearing. They will tune into your breathing, your moaning and all the little sex sounds that could be missed. While some sex sounds may be more funny than “sexy”, it is about being mindful and in the moment.

Some people can’t hear after orgasm, and there are only a few theories as to why. 

“The more my auditory senses are obliterated right after orgasm, the better it probably was. It takes a proper bonking to deafen me.”

One is that, post orgasm, your blood pressure drops dramatically, leaving a reduction in blood flow to the inner ears causing a muffled sound. 

The other is that the chemical endorphins released cause a change in the neurotransmitters in the brain. This deactivates the temporal lobe used for hearing. 

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