The curve of the tip makes it incredible for use on the front wall of the vagina. You can fold Crescendo on itself (U - shaped) and have tremendous inner and outer pleasure at the same time. Used in the shape of an 'S' also can stimulate the anus and perineum at the same time ... makeing this a fantastic toy during oral sex!

This Is The One Vibrator That Brought Back My Sex Drive While I Was Taking Antidepressants. Using the Crescendo actually reminded me what it was like to feel like a woman again. It was like I came back to life as soon as I turned it on. The best part of it is that it can bend into so many different shapes. I’ve always enjoyed sex with men whose penises have a little curve to them. With the Crescendo, I can create as many kinds of curves and imagine as many kinds of men as I want.

I've been a die-hard rabbit fan for a long time, but I have to say, after trying a new toy that's been launched, I think I'm a convert. Basically, it was awesome. If you're a vibrator connoisseur it's worth it. It has everything I've liked about my rabbits, but with way more options to play around with if you're in a funk. Plus, it's by far the fanciest and highest quality vibrator I've ever owned. If you want to splash out and treat yourself, this is the Valentine's Day gift to go for.

The single best sex toy for women AND men. Regardless of whether you’re cradling your testicles with it or using it to bring your G-spot to new heights this little gift gets into all of the fun-to-reach places. Each folding part has it’s own motor inside of it, so there aren’t any ‘dead-zone’s’ in terms of the vibrator not vibrating. The whole thing feels very alive, all the way through. There’s also a perfect amount of stickiness to the moving parts. A+!

This flexible vibrator from sex-tech start-up MysteryVibe is hyper-adaptable and can be bent in almost any position. It can curl up to hit a G-spot, lay perfectly flat between two bodies during sex, or even wrap around a penis for a turbo-charged handjob.

The toy takes little moulding to get into the perfect position. Once you find it, it’s an impressive addition and bumps sex that could otherwise feel a little routine into a more intense experience. The app means that you can control the vibrations from your phone, during sex, foreplay or even as a flirty warm up.

More often, ideas claiming to be “revolutionary” are just re-hashed versions of already existing products — but this toy, my friends, is a truly ingenious exception. As well as being the most beautifully packaged vibrator this Earth has ever seen, the Crescendo is also a pretty amazing piece of technology. My partner said it was the best toy he had ever teamed up with, as he was able to pose the shaft so it was angled away from his face but also delivered firm g-spot stimulation. A bloke’s thumbs up there!

A versatile device designed as the antithesis of the one-size-fits-all idea: it can be bent and twisted into the shape that works best for you. The flexible nature means it can be utilised exactly the way you want (G spot, clitoral stimulation etc) and its six motors can be programmed from your smart phone to vibrate exactly the way you want them to. Or from your partner's smart phone, should you be up for giving away a bit of that control.

This is a perfect toy for advanced users or beginners...I'm currently single and received this from a friend. I wasn't sure what to expect and was impressed by the high quality and elegance of Crescendo. Its discreet, light, sexy, powerful and simple to operate whether you are a straightforward user or experimenting with the App.

I've been using this wonderful toy together with my gf for the past few months and it's awesome. We haven't played around with the smart features yet but even without connecting to the phone it's the best toy we've ever had. The vibrators are super and the build quality is great. Really top notch! I can recommend it to anyone and all couples. :)

Received this item as a present. I was completely unaware sex toys were so advanced nowadays! Completely blew me away, (in more ways than one)!. It can take a while to find your preferred shape and vibration pattern but that really is part of the fun. Found the max power setting was a little too strong, but the lower settings were fine. The toy itself seems to be really well built and feels sturdy, whilst the skin is soft and nice as you'd expect. Overall, this was a very welcome gift :) and I would recommend this product.

Great product! The thing I like is that when you buy it, you start talking with your partner about your bed life. This is something not very obvious for all couples I know! It's an amazing toy! Really modern and so easy to use. With my partner we both can enjoy our pleasures and play with the application to program it in the way we like the best. The packaging is stunning! I’ve never seen such a nice and elegant presentation of sex toy, really highly recommend it as a gift! Will be an unforgettable experience!

Best vibrator I have found for my girlfriend. makes her scream louder than I can on my own. I've tried loads of different toys in my time, and this one is by far my favourite. It's an all in one, I don't need a draw full of different toys for me and my partner anymore, this one does everything and my god it's fun.

Bought this for my girlfriend for Valentine's day and ... Boy! Did she go wild! We had the most incredible night and she said afterwards that she had never had such powerful orgasms! Would normally not write about this on Amazon but had to say 'THANK YOU MYSTERYVIBE!!'

Bought this as a gift for the Wife, goodbye Rabbit - this is definitely the new kid on the block. Being able to change the shape is awesome and helps really hit the spot! Lots of different vibes included and more can be transferred onto the device using the FREE APP. It feels and looks super high quality with wireless charging included. The packaging is really high quality - its almost like unpacking your Iphone ;-) Can't see us getting bored with this toy, highly recommended. Big thumbs up to MysteryVibe!

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