13 Creative Date Night Ideas For Rekindling Romance

So whether you’ve been together a few months or many years take your pick from these creative date night ideas… and thank us later.

Published Jul 06 2021 5 min read

You can never go too wrong with a classic wining and dining, or even Netflix and chilling – but why not try something a little different? Trying new things with your partner can be a great way to get that honeymoon feeling back or just to add a little spice into your usual date night.

For a successful date firstly take the time to find out what the apple of your eye enjoys. Just as equally important is choosing something you’ll enjoy too. The more relaxed you are, the more fun you will both have.

So whether you’ve been together a few months or many years take your pick from these creative date night ideas… and thank us later.

1. Alternative Bingo

 You may have not hit retirement quite yet, but whatever your age, bingo can be a lot of fun! With prizes and a little healthy dose of competition involved, you and your date can share an experience that you very well may share into your old age.

Event organizers have cottoned on to the perks of bingo dating with some great alternative bingo nights from drag bingo, musical bingo to drunken bingo. And you never know, the prizes could set up your next date.

2. Stand-Up Comedy

Okay, live stand-up comedy can be a total hit or miss. Either way, you will be sure to come out laughing somewhat. Just don’t blame us if it’s from sheer awkwardness. We jest.

“If love is the treasure, laughter is the key.” – Yakov Smirnoff

Now go forth and find a comedy night that fits your interests, if you are into light-hearted comedy, or deadpan humor have a look at what’s available near you and make an evening of it.

Top tips: If you don’t want to be picked on (and humiliated in front of your date), then we suggest you don’t arrive late, sit far back enough so they can’t spot you, and do not heckle!

3. Sports Night

What local sports activities are on offer? Give rock climbing, bouldering, or trampolining a go to get the blood flowing and the endorphins running. This one is great for ensuring you both leave the date on a high.

If neither of you are that into playing sports, maybe you’ll want to get the adrenaline rushing by watching your local team. The competitive streaks will be sure to come out…add fun to the game and add some light betting. 

4. Dance Class

Creative date idea go dancing

Where do we start? The sensuality of salsa. The passion of tango. The intimacy of waltz. Maybe swing or jiving is more your vibe. Whatever your level of experience, a creative date night of dancing is for you to let loose and have some fun – with the added bonus of intimate non-sexual touching!

Not feeling like a dance class – alternatively, hit up your favorite club and dance the night away.

The way you move your body may very well inspire some moves for after the date.

5. Hit a Karaoke Bar

Just as dancing can set the mood, duets can be a great bonding experience. Remember you don’t have to be a good singer to enjoy Karaoke. Prepare a couple of your favorites in the shower beforehand, and sip some dutch courage, so you don’t get cold feet!

6. Fun Fair

It may be a cheesy classic from the movies, but this creative date night idea is sure to win a couple of brownie points.

Treat yourselves to some cotton candy, or show off your coconut throwing skills, and win them a giant cuddly toy! Get up close and personal on the ghost train, but don’t do too many spinning rides, or you may have to cut your night short!

7. Night at the Museum

In most cities, you can find galleries and museums that open up to the public after hours. This creative date night idea will leave you feeling pretty cultured and is certainly one to tick off the bucket list. Inspire new topics of conversation with your significant other as you learn more about art and history.

8. Evening City Walking Tour

Walking and talking are great ways to spend time together, and find new exciting places. Become a tourist in your own city and fall in love all over again. Find an organized walking tour. Or go totally rogue and plan your own.

Stroll, flaneur and get utterly lost, thanks to smartphones you should still be able to find your way home. Just pack a portable charger, do a bit of research beforehand and pick a part of the city that you haven’t visited in a while.

9. Sunset Hike

creative date night idea sunset hike

Find a good spot with a view. Maybe hike to the top of a hill and watch the sunset. You may just see the glow of your city’s light pollution. Either way, this creative date night idea is a pretty romantic gesture.

A couple of things to pack: Picnic blanket, a couple of torches for the way back, thermal (or hip) flask of your favorite beverage, and, of course, snacks.

10. Games Night

Board games and puzzles don’t have to be reserved for a rainy day. Get techy with your games on the Wii or online.

Download the Desire app for games designed for couples, including sending truth or dares. You compete against each other for points to send “spicier dares”. This is a perfect creative night activity for spicing up a relationship or for adding extra fun!

11. DIY Crafts

Get your creative juices flowing with crafts! Prepare by buying some materials from your local art store. Paper, pens, paint. You name it. Become a kid again and just play. Or turn up the heat with some clay and recreate that oh-so-steamy scene from Ghost.

There will be no judgment in your creative skills and you can take away something more than just a memory from your date night. On a better note, you may want to gift your creation to your partner, so they can look at it as a reminder of your relationship. 

12. Cook Together

The best way to someone’s heart? Through their stomach, of course. Depending on how great your date goes, this one could translate into a midnight feast. Cooking together can be a bonding experience too! Indulge in these natural aphrodisiac foods, and rustle up something delicious to drool over.

13. Spa Evening

Book yourselves into a spa, dip into the jacuzzi, and finish with a couple’s massage for a most blissful evening. Alternatively, you can create a wonderfully relaxing spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Put on some calming music, light some scented candles.

Seduce your partner with a sensual massage during your DIY spa evening. We have bonus tips and expert advice from a Sensual Masseur in our downloadable guide too.

Enjoy some one-on-one time with your significant other and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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