crescendo position 1

Crescendo position 1


Turbo charge your oral sex skills with Crescendo. Position your partner on their back with their legs above your head. Now, bend your Crescendo into an S-shape so that one end teases the G-spot with vibrations and the other end is bent away from your face, leaving the clitoris free for your tongue to pleasure.

crescendo position 2

Crescendo position 2


This position is perfect if you enjoy the sensation of thrusting while pleasuring yourself. Bend Crescendo at a 90 degree angle so that one part lies flat - for better support, hold the flat part of your vibrator in front of you while you thrust. Now it’s time to explore. Try bending backwards or forwards, changing your angle and experimenting with different speeds as you move up and down.

crescendo position 3

Crescendo position 3


If you enjoy being spanked, add a buzz to your experience. Insert Crescendo so that one end is stimulating your G-spot and the other end is bent to stimulate your clitoris. Lie over your partner's lap, and have them spank you as hard, or as soft as you like.


crescendo position 4

Crescendo position 4


Enhance your climax by adding new sensations to your mastubration ritual.
Hold Crescendo against the underside of your shaft, stimulating blood flow to the top of your penis. Feel the waves of new sensations intensify your orgasm.

crescendo position 5

Crescendo position 5

Entwined EMBRACE

For a more intimate experience, lie in a spooning position with your partner behind you. As your partner enters you, hold Crescendo against your clitoris, using your fingers to alternate vibration patterns as you please. Your partner also has the freedom to caress your nipples, or nibble on your neck while penetrating you. This position is great for stimulating multiple pleasure points and giving you a more intense pleasure experience.

crescendo position 6

Crescendo position 6


Taking a lotus pose, insert Crescendo so one end is teasing your G-spot and the other end is held against your clitoris. Move your body forward and back at different angles and clench those kegel muscles to add variation to your climax.


crescendo position 7

Crescendo position 7

Derriere DELIGHT

Tease your partner with Crescendo’s silky smooth caress, starting from their inner thigh and leading up to their anus being careful not to slide it in.

crescendo position 8

Crescendo position 8


Give your partner a hand.... Hold Crescendo against your partner’s shaft as you sensually kiss and caress their lips and body. To add intensity, try slightly tightening and loosening your grip on the penis in an upwards motion.

crescendo position 9

Crescendo position 9


Insert Crescendo so that one end is stimulating your G-spot and the other is firmly resting between your labia on your clitoris. Lie back and lift your legs to tighten your grip and alternate your leg movement depending on the position that stimulates you the most.


tenuto position 1

Tenuto position 1


The force is strong with this one. “Fly casual” for this han-solo voyage of temptation. Wrap Tenuto around your shaft and balls, lie back, stroking yourself simultaneously with the rumbling vibrations to feel the force within you.

tenuto position 2

Tenuto position 2


Wearing Tenuto, have your partner straddle your penis as fast or as slow as they can handle. The vibrations will stimulate their clitoris as well as your entire groin and perineum, sending waves of euphoria simultaneously through you. Keep your hands free to caress their breasts and lose yourselves to the ride of your life.

tenuto position 3

Tenuto position 3

Mission-ary Possible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dive into the depths of maximum pleasure. Climb between your partner’s parted legs, and become enraptured in Tenuto’s sensational vibrations against yours and your partners genitals. Try not to self-destruct too soon though, as this is a powerful position. Good luck Agent.


tenuto position 4

Tenuto position 4

Fellatioship of the Rings

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. Your quest is simple, have Tenuto placed snug against their perineum, and wrapped around their balls and shaft, while you take them on a tantalizing journey with your tongue, feeling them grow with every vibration.

tenuto position 5

Tenuto position 5


Take control of your partner’s orgasm, building up the anticipation by remote controlling Tenuto’s vibrations with the MysteryVibe app. Have the tip of the penis touching the base of the toy to send vibrations reverberating along the whole shaft and frenulum, and play with edging and orgasm denial. Getting them to beg for more ‘till they take off like a rocket.

tenuto position 6

Tenuto position 6

Lift Off!

Guide yourself onto your partner’s penis and place Tenuto onto your own for this thrilling ride. Blast off with this hands free position that will stimulate your perineum and testicles as well as the underside of your partner’s penis while you manoeuvre up and down till you mutually lift off together.


tenuto position 7

Tenuto position 7

Reverberated Reach

Choose your favourite setting and power on your Tenuto. While your partner penetrates you from behind, have them reach around and stroke your vibrating shaft. Back up onto their penis and let them feel the vibrations rumbling through your perineum.

tenuto position 8

Tenuto position 8

Blast Off!

Perched on the edge of your bed, ready for take off, this position will take you to the stars. With Tenuto wrapped tightly around your penis, feel yourself harden and oscillate with the 6 vibrating motors. Stroke yourself in time to the rhythm of the vibrations - until Houston… we have zero problems!

tenuto position 9

Tenuto position 9

Pump It Up

Sit back and relax while your partner strokes your penis, pumping up this position with Tenuto rumbling deeply across your perineum and balls. With the vibe feeling so strong, you’ll be ready to go! Experiment with different sensations using the MysteryVibe app by creating your own vibration patterns.


poco position 1

Poco position 1

Hit The h-Spot

Forming an “h” with your bodies in doggy-style, upgrade the move with Poco stimulating the clitoris while the penetration of the penis or vibrator hits the G-Spot at just the right angle. With the sumptuous vibrations on the external clitoris, the added internal sensations may even result in a body-shuddering combined orgasm.

poco position 2

Poco position 2

Lone She-Wolf

Howl into the night as you use Poco to tease your clitoris. This lone position will have you ravenous for more… Multiply your orgasms with even more Poco sensations in alternative erogenous zones. Try roaming the vibrations over your nipples, across your neck, or curve it inside to reach your G-Spot. With this position, you can just lean back and enjoy seeing those orgasmic stars.

poco position 3

Poco position 3

A Sensational Soar

Soar like an eagle with this spread eagle position using Poco to stimulate your clitoris while your partner penetrates you. With your legs spread wide, rest Poco against your vulva. Ease the tip inside on top of your partner’s penis or vibrator to create an extra “filled” sensation - just enough for a climactic landing.


poco position 4

Poco position 4

Come Dine With Me

Shhh! This can be your little secret. Over dinner, under the table, slip Poco into your panties, resting innocently against your clitoris, while your partner teases and pleases you! Using the MysteryVibe app, they can control the vibrations, withhold your orgasms and watch you squirm. The question is can you keep a straight face?

poco position 5

Poco position 5

Cheek-y Monkey

Going down on your partner should never be a chore for your jaw. Add Poco to level up your fellatio game. Hold the vibrating Poco against your cheek while you sensually stroke, lick and suck your partner. We guarantee, they will be singing your praises!

poco position 6

Poco position 6

Sideways Indulgence

The pleasure is all ours. Lie down. Relax. You 100% deserve to indulge in some mind-blowing orgasms. With Poco between your thighs, curved over your vulva, adjust the strength with the MysteryVibe app and explore some body-shuddering sensuality.


poco position 7

Poco position 7

Topsy-Turvy Banquet

Lie on your back on your kitchen table. Mouth open wide... to fit it all in. But are your eyes bigger than your stomach? With your partner’s penis deep in your throat, can you handle them simultaneously teasing you with Poco’s vibrations on your vulva? Let go and take it all in, elevating you to new heights of pleasure.

poco position 8

Poco position 8

Tied and Tested

Get all tied up in this tried and tested bondage position! With Poco’s tip curved just at the entrance of your vagina and vibrating against your clitoris, you won’t be able to resist screaming with pleasure as your partner controls Poco with the MysteryVibe app. Surrender to pleasure as they tease, please and edge you to orgasm!

poco position 9

Poco position 9

Royal Service

Sit on your partner’s face and let them indulge in this royal occasion. With their tongue circling your entrance and Poco on your clitoris stimulating you magnificently, bask in the glory - because that is exactly what you deserve, your highness.


crescendo position 10

Crescendo position 10


For the more daring pleasure seekers, insert Crescendo so that one end vibrates internally against your G-spot, whilst the other is pressed against your clitoris. Now, test your partners oral skills where an abundance of pleasure-giving nerve endings are located at the anal opening. The combination of the vibrating stimulation internally and the sensations from their tongue will have you shuddering with orgasms in no time.

crescendo position 11

Crescendo position 11

Titillating TILT

Bend over into position as your partner penetrates you from behind and place Crescendo on your clitoris. Tighten your thighs around Crescendo to feel the vibrations pulsate stronger throughout your body.

Don’t keep all the fun to yourself - give your partner a cheeky stroke with Crescendo while you’re there.

crescendo position 12

Crescendo position 12


Place Crescendo against your clitoris with a slight curved tip teasing your entrance. The vibrations reverberating from the bed will send delicious sensations through your body. Tease your clitoris further by sliding back and forth against your Crescendo.


crescendo position 13

Crescendo position 13

Simultaneous SENSATIONS

Indulge in the delight of giving and receiving pleasure simultaneously. Insert Crescendo at a curve to stimulate your G-Spot and clitoris as you pleasure your partner with your mouth and lose yourself in the sensation of dual pleasure.

crescendo position 14

Crescendo position 14


Shape Crescendo into a O-shape and wrap it around the base of your penis and testicles so that it sits comfortably in place as you lie back. Revel in the sensation of the vibrations going up your shaft leading you to an earth-shattering orgasm.  

crescendo position 15

Crescendo position 15


Rock yourself into ecstasy. Insert Crescendo in a C-shape to stimulate your G-spot as its fins press against your clitoris. Start with a low intensity level to tease yourself, taking the time to caress your thighs or nipples. Move your hips back and forth as your arousal heightens and the vibrations become more intense...


crescendo position 16

Crescendo position 16


Have your partner sit on a chair and lower yourself onto them - penetrating you from behind. Hold Crescendo against your skin and lose yourself in the pulsating indulgence of gaining double the pleasure.

crescendo position 17

Crescendo position 17

Sumptuous Spoon

A solo spoon never felt so good! Lie on your side and bend Crescendo so that its small curve is stimulating you internally and the other end is pressed against your clitoris. Tighten your thighs around Crescendo to feel the vibrations reverberating more intensely.

crescendo position 18

Crescendo position 18


Sitting on the edge of a bed or chair, bend Crescendo so that it vibrates powerfully against your perineum and you can feel the vibrations all the way up your shaft. Stroke your penis - experiment with different movements, pressures, and speeds to enhance your orgasm.


tenuto position 10

Tenuto position 10

Super Soaker

It’s about time you showered yourself with some serious satisfaction. Wrap the water resistant Tenuto around your penis and testicles, whilst the hot water cascades over your body, and let the deep rumbling vibrations penetrate deep into your pleasure points.

tenuto position 11

Tenuto position 11

Rocket Man

Propel your partner into hedonistic euphoria with this turbo-charged position. Let the strong vibrations of Tenuto travel up your shaft, turning your penis into a vibrator. Penetrate your partner deeply as they lie on the edge of the table and transport them to new heights.

tenuto position 12

Tenuto position 12

Swipe ‘n’ Score

Sit back, relax and swipe yourself into paradise! Use the MysteryVibe app to personalize your desires by controlling your preferred vibrations and intensities. We suggest starting slow with some soft perineum stimulation, building up intensity to tantalize your testicles, finishing off with a shaft showdown until you’re scoring your own goals.


tenuto position 13

Tenuto position 13

Reversal in Overdrive

Are you prepared to take the gear into overdrive? How about in reverse? This sex position will have you both revving for more, if you can handle it. With Tenuto on your gear stick, let your partner slide onto your penis and ride you all night long.

tenuto position 14

Tenuto position 14


Home alone? Make sure your neighbours aren’t around for this one. Grab plenty of lube and get comfortable. With Tenuto’s deep rumbling vibrations tantalizing all your pleasure zones, moan and groan as you stroke yourself into nirvana.

tenuto position 15

Tenuto position 15

The Succumbing

Resistance is futile. Lose control and succumb to your partner’s domination. With you tied up on the bed, Tenuto tightly fitted over your penis, your partner can control your every pleasurable moment. Teasing and edging you near to orgasm with the MysteryVibe app. When can you come? Only they decide.


poco position 10

Poco position 10

Under Pressure

Feeling under pressure? Get super cosy in this pressure-relieving position. Lie belly down with Poco snug against your vulva. Wiggle your hips back and forth, grinding your pelvic bone and clitoris over the vibrations for more intimate sensations.

poco position 11

Poco position 11

Sensation Station

Next stop: Sensation Station. Ride the pleasure train - yes, we do mean your partner’s penis - as you place Poco over your clitoris. Choo-choo-choose your favourite vibration pattern and enjoy a blended orgasm from your G-Spot penetration and clitoral stimulation.

poco position 12

Poco position 12

The Saucy Secret

Don’t limit your pleasure to the bedroom. Why not take Poco for a little stroll? Hand in hand with your partner, sharing a knowing look. The world around you clueless to the excitement building up in your vibrating underwear. Poco not-so-innocently feeding your desires! This saucy secret is one to keep.


poco position 13

Poco position 13

Utterly Titillating

Nipple-gasms are just a vibration away in this Poco-gasmic position. Massage the curved Poco over the breasts to titillate them. Tease the nipples gently with light vibrations, moving from the left nipple to the right and watch your partner exclaim with pleasure.

poco position 14

Poco position 14

The Love Seat

Things are about to get a little hot and steamy. Sit backwards on a chair and stroke Poco’s vibrations over your clitoris while your partner penetrates you from behind. This is the perfect position for some deeply blended G-spot and clitoral pleasure.

poco position 15

Poco position 15

A Feast for One

This one is just for you! Make it a romantic occasion, light some candles, put on some sweet sounds, and treat yourself to Poco’s vibrations. In your vagina, on your clitoris, over your nipples - and guess what, you can always go back for seconds, or thirds. This is a bottomless buffet of your pleasure.


poco position 16

Poco position 16

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This position is perfect for the greedy-sorts out there. You know who you are! As you taste your partner, make sure you’re getting your fill with Poco’s vibrations on your clitoris, and simultaneously erupt into orgasm.

Wave 33
poco position 17

Poco position 17


Back straight. Legs crossed. You’ll wish you went to finishing school in this submissive position. With Poco tucked in between your legs, resting on your clitoris and slightly inside your vagina, let your partner take total control of your pleasure. Make sure you are on your best behaviour.

poco position 18

Poco position 18

Sheepishly Succulent

Sit on a chair with the tip of Poco inside your vagina, and the rest on your clit, and sheepishly enjoy the succulent sensations building below. If you’re feeling adventurous, place Poco in your underwear and enjoy this on your commute. Secretly control the vibrations via your smartphone with the MysteryVibe app. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.


crescendo position 19

Crescendo position 19

Quivering 69

Amplify the classic 69 to quivering proportions by bending Crescendo into a U-shape and inserting one end inside of you and resting the other side vibrating on your perineum. This also leaves your hands free to enhance your partner’s orgasm by stroking the perineum and testicles as you stimulate the penis with your mouth and tongue.

crescendo position 20

Crescendo position 20

Liberating Hedonism

A classic position that can be elevated to new orgasmic heights with Crescendo. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your legs open. Bend and insert Crescendo so the fins are pressed against your labia or clitoris. With no clothes on (or covers) let the cool air harden your nipples. Revel in the liberating feeling of spreading your legs wide open and moving your hips in rhythm to the vibration, your other hand free to squeeze your breasts.

crescendo position 21

Crescendo position 21

Shuddering Straddle

Straddle your partner as they lie on their back. Place Crescendo between you so that the larger side provides you both with clitoral stimulation. Bend the smaller side inside you for double the fun. Slide your hips backwards and forwards, grinding against your partner towards a shuddering orgasm. This position gives you the freedom to fondle each other’s breasts and buttocks for a more passionate experience.


crescendo position 22

Crescendo position 22

Spread Eagle

Lie on your back, your partner holding your legs apart (or for extra comfort, lean them on your partner’s shoulders). As your partner penetrates you, hold Crescendo against your clitoris. Share the buzz by placing Crescendo further down so that your partner feels the vibrations against their penis.

crescendo position 23

Crescendo position 23

Vibe and Blow

Whilst wrapping your lips around the tip, place Crescendo under the base of the penis with the fins stimulating the perineum. The vibrations will excite the nerve endings in both the penis and the mouth, adding that extra buzz to your oral play.

crescendo position 24

Crescendo position 24

Squeeze Satisfaction

Climb onto your sitting partner facing them and curve Crescendo to sit against both your clitorises. Squeeze your thighs to ride the vibrating waves while your nipples can rub against each other and you can watch each others’ pleasure intensify.


crescendo position 25

Crescendo position 25

Quivering Surrender

Have your partner tie your hands behind your back, with Crescendo bent in a U-shape inside of you stimulating your clitoris and G-spot. Submit completely to the will of your partner by having them tie you up and control the vibrations on their phone. The element of surprise will have you on the verge of surrender, where they can withhold your orgasms - choosing when to let you climax.

crescendo position 26

Crescendo position 26

Double-Edged Seduction

Slide Crescendo inside you with the fins resting on your clitoris as you lick your partners clitoris. This sensation will double the fun building you both to a state of mutual bliss, moaning along to each other’s pleasure.

crescendo position 27

Crescendo position 27

Throne of Passion

Have their penis enter you as you sit on your “Throne of Passion” and grip Crescendo to your clitoris. Stimulating the blood flow with the vibrations to you and also to your partner’s balls can have you both in a royal frenzy.