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Vanity Fair

The first only vibrator that adapts to your body and can be shaped with the shape you like best


Curl up to hit a G-spot, lay flat during sex, wrap around a penis for a turbo-charged handjob


There’s no competition: Crescendo is by far the most versatile sex toy on the list

Womens Health

Using the Crescendo actually reminded me what it was like to feel like a woman again

Good Housekeeping

The Best New Tech Gadget for Women. Super bendy vibrator conforms to your every curve


Body-inclusive vibe that is specifically designed to be usable for various bodies, not just for vaginas


The sex toy that changed my life. Been a die-hard rabbit fan for a long time, but I'm a convert now


Impressive addition, bumps sex that otherwise feels like routine into an intense experience


This bendable vibrator is doctor-approved to amp up your sexual health, and with good reason


Loving Crescendo that bends in a ridiculous number of ways and has six power motors


Best vibrator for couples, works regardless of your anatomy, and who you're having sex with


The Crescendo vibrator from MysteryVibe is the Most Badass Gift For Your Favourite Feminist

New York Mag

The Best Sex Toy for Couples, According to Sex Therapists and Relationship Experts


Rather than having multiple toys with various purposes, Crescendo is your one-stop shop

The Guardian

Shaking up the way we have sex and our fundamental ideas about relationship


Combining sex and tech that can change shape to however suits you to enhance pleasure

The Telegraph

MysteryVibe is the company using the latest technology to create adaptive vibrators


MysteryVibe is taking back the porn industry and moving sextech from boardrooms to bedrooms

The Times

The tech-proficient team, smashing myths and embracing scientific advances in sexual wellness

Shoppers Say This Smart Vibrator Is the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of Sex Toys


Overwhelmingly good! The pleasure was otherworldly. It’s been my favorite to use—and my favorite to recommend to people.

Man of Many

You will not be disappointed! It's pretty perfect.


When worn intercourse, the vibrations connect with your partner, improving their experience


The wearable vibrators from Mysteryvibe are the coolest gadget at IFA this year

Men's Health

The best new sex toy tech to last longer in bed


Tenuto is the cyborg dong attachment you’ve been waiting for.


MysteryVibe's new Tenuto wearable is like a much-needed evolution of the cock ring.


The All-Time Best Sex Toy, According to Customer Reviews. The Tenuto vibrator is all about adding sensations for all parties involved.

Womens Health

This toy is just WOW—for your dude and you.


MysteryVibe’s Tenuto is effectively a highly pleasurable coat of arms for your penis, stretching around to make your manhood part machine.

Man of Many

This thing feels good and I mean goooooood.


Make your body feel beautiful with this super adaptable vibrator.


Crescendo is like an all-in-one waterproof vibrator capable of prostate, G-spot, clitoral, and nipple stimulation (just to name a few)

The Chill Times

Poco offers an opportunity to experiment and explore your body, your desires, and your pleasure points in an experience other, simpler vibrators cannot offer.

The Fast Company

MysteryVibe’s toys are engineered with sexual wellness in mind. They’re smart, pleasure-focused toys, dually designed to alleviate and address common obstacles, like vulvodynia and vaginismus, by encouraging blood flow and relaxing muscles.

Man of Many

Critically acclaimed, resoundingly modern and effortlessly versatile, it’s the one sex toy she’ll never grow bored of.


The Crescendo is a good time. It’s hard to believe it has six powerful motors, yet it’s actually quiet enough to be used discreetly. I guess that’s why it’s considered a work-from-home must-have gadget!

Kinja Deals

I’m a big fan of the Poco and recommended it as one of my favorites. This bendable bullet vibe is great for solo flights but is pretty fun with a partner.

Hello Giggles

Poco is basically hitting the jackpot for bullet vibe fans.


We're not sure it will be possible to ever pack more power into a cock ring than what MysteryVibe has managed!