Best Spicy Gifts For Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day rolls around, you're eager to choose the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Whether this is your first year together or you're looking for an amazing gift for a partner you've celebrated Valentine's Day with for years, you want to show that special someone in your life just how much you care. 

Published Feb 06 2020 7 min read

As Valentine's Day rolls around, you're eager to choose the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Whether this is your first year together or you're looking for an amazing gift for a partner you've celebrated Valentine's Day with for years, you want to show your partner just how much you care. More than that, you may want to use this romantic holiday as an opportunity to shake things up in the bedroom or deepen the intimate connection between you. Having trouble deciding on a great gift? Try some of these amazing ideas this year. 

For Her

Looking for an amazing gift for the lovely lady in your life? Try some of these amazing options for spicing things up in the bedroom, adding a special romantic touch to your day, or just adding a little sparkle to her eyes. 

1. Plan a getaway.

For the special lady in your life, sometimes, the opportunity to let her hair down and relax can bring out a hidden sexy side--perhaps even one that she's forgotten, too! This year, plan an incredible getaway to a romantic location. Don't worry about a place where you can enjoy sightseeing or plan a ton of activities. Instead, look for a place where you can spend a few days in--hopefully including in the bedroom! Be sure to pack:

  • Something sexy for her
  • Something that she loves to see you wearing--possibly even both in and out of the bedroom
  • Your favorite toys
  • Something new you'd like to try together
  • Lubricant, to help keep the fun going!
  • Massage oil, to ramp up the sensuality and make your time away even more intimate.

To make the most of your getaway, take care of all the planning on your own. Ask her opinion about the details that matter, but make the arrangements yourself. You could even take care of the bulk of the packing to help alleviate her stress and make your time away together a true escape.

2. Surprise her with a new vibrator (ideally, one you can use in the bedroom together).

If you're looking for something new to add to your bedroom fun, whether you've never used a vibrator together in the past or you're simply looking for a high-quality option that will ramp up the pleasure and enjoyment for both of you, the MysteryVibe line of vibrators is an excellent choice for your partner. When you use it together, you can help create orgasms that will blow her mind. When she uses her new vibrator for a solo session, it will increase her sex drive and awareness of what brings her pleasure, which can make things more exciting for the two of you in the bedroom.

Crescendo: designed for women. Our best-selling Crescendo has 12 preset vibrations and 16 intensities, allowing her to select exactly the intensity she wants. Crescendo has 6 powerful motors, each of which can be programmed to deliver vibration at exactly the intensity she wants. Crescendo is ideal for either solo or couple play. 

3. Send her lingerie shopping--or take her yourself as part of your Valentine's date.

Sure, you know what you'd love to see your partner in. Unfortunately, choosing just the right item in just the right size can feel impossible - and if you choose the wrong size, it can completely ruin the surprise. Instead, give your partner a gift card a few days before Valentine's Day and suggest that she take the time to do a little shopping on you. You can whisper a suggestion of the type of lingerie you'd most like to see or give her free reign to select the items she'll love most: it might surprise you how much you love what she comes home with! 

Have a little extra kid-free time? Take her lingerie shopping yourself. In some stores, she may be able to model the outfits she likes best. Stuck outside the dressing rooms? Have her take pictures of her favorites and text them to you. Of course, if you do go shopping before your dinner date, you just might miss those dinner reservations and end up right back at home, enjoying each other. 

4. Choose something new you know she'd love to try. 

Has she been talking about something new she'd like to try in the bedroom? Do you have a favorite fantasy you'd like to try with her? Consider spicing things up with a gift that's sure to end in the bedroom. Purchase a new massage oil candle, try out a toy that you know she's interested in, or purchase a game that you can use to enhance each other's sexual pleasure. Whatever you select, make sure it's something she's game to try--and then let the fun begin!

For Him

boudoir photo shoot

Sometimes, finding gifts for the special man in your life is hard--especially if you've already been through several Valentine's Days together and you're starting to feel stuck in a rut. Want to try something special this year? Try some of these amazing gift ideas to add a little spice and excitement to your Valentine's Day.  

1. Schedule a boudoir shoot--and share the results.

Men, as a rule, are highly visual, and they love the idea of seeing you at your sexy best. During a boudoir shoot, you have the opportunity to unleash your inner sexiness and flaunt it in a way that you may not often have the opportunity to do. Boudoir shoots are for everyone: women young and old; women in their prime and women who are a little uncomfortable with their bodies.

If you want to give him an amazing gift, schedule a shoot with a talented boudoir photographer and give your photographer free rein to pose you as you wear amazing lingerie that makes you feel incredibly sexy. Not only will you leave with an incredible sense of confidence, but seeing those photos will be sure to turn him on and excite him. A boudoir shoot is also an amazing gift for a partner in a long-distance relationship, who doesn't get to see you as often as he would like: a reminder of what's waiting for him the next time you're together. 

2. Find a vibrator just for him!

Vibrators aren't just for women! Our Tenuto vibrator is designed with men in mind, delivering vibrations to your man's perineum. Tenuto has 8 distinct vibrations and 16 intensities, delivered by 6 motors carefully placed with his anatomy in mind. He can use Tenuto to increase his pleasure during solo masturbation sessions or bring it into the bedroom with you to increase pleasure for both of you: when he's wearing Tenuto, there are motors perfectly positioned to target your clitoris, bringing an enhanced level of pleasure to your bedroom play. 

In addition to Tenuto, men may also enjoy Crescendo. Crescendo can be used to tantalize the outside of the anus, tease your partner while you play with his shaft, or add vibration during foreplay or intercourse. In many positions, both you and your partner can enjoy Crescendo at the same time, making it a great addition to your bedroom play. 

3. Plan a sexy evening in.

You don't have to head out on the town to have an incredibly sexy evening. Instead, plan a sexy evening in with your partner. Give him a massage, complete with massage oil, and slowly increase the tension. Dress in his favorite lingerie, dim the lights, and remove as many distractions as possible. You may be surprised by just how intimate the evening becomes.

4. Choose incredibly seductive underwear for him.

Luckily, men are often easier to shop for than ladies: their sizes are much more straightforward, and chances are, you know exactly what your partner likes. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to select a new pack of boxers in his favorite color or a new pack of standard white briefs. Instead, shake it up. Choose something risque that you'd love to see him in: a pair of silk boxers, silken briefs, or even something attractive in leather. He won't be able to wait to model it for you. 

5. Wrap up something new and fun to try in the bedroom. 

Bedroom play isn't just about adding a vibrator, though that's a great way to spice things up. Take some time to sit down with your partner and chat about his fantasies. Then, select a toy or two that's sure to help you spice things up. You could try a set of cards or dice that suggest exactly what you should try with your partner next, thrill him with a new kind of lube or anal gel, or pick up a book on sex positions you can't wait to try. Whatever you select, it's sure to catch his attention--especially if you include a sexy little note about exactly how you'd like to use it on him. 

Valentine's Day is an incredibly fun and romantic holiday--and it's also an opportunity to let your sexy side show. 

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