What is the Chairman Sex Position And How To Do It

Discover the Chairman sex position - a steamy twist on reverse cowgirl. Get tips, tricks, and learn how to make it your own special experience.

Published Jul 05 2023 5 min read

Exploring diverse sexual positions is the spice that many people seek to keep the mystery and excitement alive in their bedroom escapades. One position, in particular, offers a delightful twist on the classic reverse cowgirl, infusing it with an extra hint of sensuality for all involved. Dubbed the Chairman position, this enticing variation promises to tantalize your senses and take your intimate experiences to new heights. 

The Chairman position is characterized by one partner sitting on a chair or edge of a bed while the giving partner straddles them, facing away. This position provides both partners with alternative stimulation that can further intensify the pleasure for both parties. Embarking on this sensory journey can ultimately heighten emotions and deepen connections with your partner. 

In this article, we will delve into the sensual delights of the Chairman position, exploring its benefits and offering tips on making the most of this enticing experience.   

The thrilling appeal of the chairman position 

At its core, the Chairman position enhances the reverse cowgirl by introducing new elements of intimacy and variety. The blend of visual appeal, physical sensation, and the thrill of experimentation contribute to the allure of this delightful position. Key factors that make the Chairman position so enticing include: 

  • A visually stimulating experience: The Chairman position offers an irresistible feast for the eyes, allowing the receiving partner a full view of the giving partner's body as they straddle and move. 
  • Enhanced stimulation: The seated angle of the Chairman position encourages deeper penetration and allows exploring different motions and rhythms, enhancing pleasure for both partners. 
  • Intuitive control: This position allows both partners to take control of the pace, depth, and intensity of their movements during the act, tailoring the experience to match their pleasure preferences. 

Tips for getting into chairman position  

To make the most of the Chairman position, ensuring that both partners are comfortable and can enjoy the experience fully is crucial. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect setup: 

  • Finding the right seat: Choose a location with sturdy support and the appropriate height for both partners. The receiving partner should be seated comfortably on a chair or bed's edge so that their feet can touch the ground. 
  • Communication is key: As with any sexual experience, communication is essential for success. Discuss your intentions, desires, and boundaries, and always maintain an open dialogue throughout the act. 
  • Use pillows for support: Placing a pillow under the receiving partner's lower back or between their thighs can help maximize comfort during the Chairman position. 

Tips for enhancing chairman position  

While the Chairman position is already laden with sensuality, there are ways to elevate the experience even further: 

  • Incorporate additional stimulation: The giving partner can enhance their experience by including manual or sex toy stimulation. This can be as simple as using their hands to pleasure themselves or incorporating a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. 
  • Utilize the giving partner’s hands: The hands of the giving partner are brilliantly free in this position, allowing them to graze their own body, tease their partner's erogenous zones, or even caress the receiving partner's chest. 
  • Experiment with different movements: The Chairman position allows for various rhythm and motion options, so don't be afraid to mix things up. Try slow and deep movements, followed by quick and shallow thrusts, or combine them to find your unique rhythm of pleasure. 

Maintaining safety, comfort, and connection in the chairman position 

Engaging in alternative sexual positions is thrilling, but it's essential to prioritize safety, comfort, and connection. Here are some key points to keep in mind: 

  • Warm-up to the position: Engage in foreplay before attempting the Chairman position to ensure both partners are sufficiently aroused and relaxed. This can prevent strain on muscles, ligaments, or skin during penetration. 
  • Use lubrication: Using a lubricant can positively impact penetration, reducing friction and potential discomfort. 
  • Hydrate and stretch: Being properly hydrated and stretching your muscles before engaging in the Chairman position can minimize the risk of muscle cramps or injury. 
  • Maintain connection: The Chairman position is enhanced by the connection and communication between partners. Be attentive to one another's comfort and desires, make eye contact, caress each other, and share verbal affirmations of pleasure. 


The Chairman position provides an alluring variation of the reverse cowgirl, immersing both partners in a world of visual stimulation and unparalleled intimacy. With its potential to ignite new dimensions of pleasure, this exhilarating position offers a refreshing way to keep the mystery and excitement alive in the bedroom. By prioritizing comfort, communication, and connection, you can enjoy the sensual delights of the Chairman position, deepening your bond with your partner and satisfying your shared desire for intimate exploration. 

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