College Sex Tips And The Best Dorm Room Sex Positions

Navigating college sex can be difficult with limited privacy and constraints of a dorm room. Here are some top tips and dorm room sex positions that will help you get your college experience off to a bang.

Published Sep 28 2020 3 min read

College is characterized largely by freedom, liberation, and experimentation, an exciting new phase of your life where you have the opportunity to mix with a lot of people both socially and sexually. There will be great college sex, and not so good college sex but the wonders of it are this is your time to experiment with other college students and find out what makes you tick in the bedroom.

Yet with limited privacy, the issue of sex and masturbation is something that has to be carefully navigated. Yes, it is considerably easier to bring someone home without the embarrassment of knowing your parents are on the other side of a thin wall. 

But what about roommate etiquette? Those twin beds or god forbid bunk beds? Not to forget the limited space due to the stack of clutter that hasn’t moved in weeks?

4 top tips for college sex

  • Consent

Consent is the most important part of sex. If you want to try something new discuss this with your partner first and ensure this is something you are both comfortable with. Remember consent can be withdrawn at any time. Have a look at this article for more information surrounding consent.

  • Tidy environment

A messy and cluttered room can be an immediate turn-off. No one wants to be staring at a stack of used plates or an overflowing laundry basket as they try to get in the mood. Avoid this awkward scenario for you and your sexual partner by creating an environment that you want to get hot and heavy in. Have a look at this article for some extra tips on how to make your dead bedroom dynamic.

  • Put on a sexy playlist

Not only will this muffle the sounds of your moans and creeky furniture but by stimulating your other senses during sex you may find yourself in a heightened state of pleasure.

  • Roommate etiquette

Discuss with your roommate some rules and boundaries you would like to put in place. It’ll save some awkward conversations later down the line, and create a nicer living environment for both of you.

Now to make the most of your college experience with these stealthy dorm room sex positions that will have you working with what you’ve got and stopping you from getting on the wrong side of your peers.


Dorm room sex positions

  • Stealthy Spoon

Don’t let a squeaky mattress get you down or even worse wake everyone in your block. Without the up-and-down movement that positions such as missionary involve you won’t have to worry about your mattress making noise. However, you might have to keep your moans in check or turn that playlist up a little louder.

This position involves getting into the spooning position with your partner, with the receiver as a ‘little spoon’. Enter from behind and thrust forward and backward for deep penetration that will stimulate the g-spot.

You can even stimulate the clitoris by using your free hand or your favorite sex toy, to touch and tease. Enjoy targetted vibrations as you both reach climax.   

  • Shower Sex

With a lock on the door, you may find the bathroom somewhere with more privacy than anywhere else in the dorm. Now, this one may be a little more difficult in a communal bathroom but if you have a bathroom between two rooms what are you waiting for?

Get naked, lather yourself up, and enjoy the water dripping down your hot bodies. Now shower sex can look passionate, hot, and steamy, but sometimes with all the slipping and sliding it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Have a look at these tried and tested shower sex positions, and remember - water isn’t a natural lubricant so use plenty of lube for some extra wetness.

  • Under Cover

Does your roommate like to walk in without knocking? Do friends love to pop by unannounced? Sometimes sex in a dorm needs to be discreet, so when the inevitable happens and someone walks in you can pretend that a Netflix show had your heart racing. 

So get yourself onto the sofa or bed and snuggle up under a blanket. Lube up, and enjoy some mutual hand play as you both coax orgasms out of each other. The benefit of this discreet play is if anyone walks in on you, you can pretend nothings happening. Now they may very well know what you were up to, but sometimes it is easier to brush the awkward encounter under the carpet and move on.

  • Desk Sex

Dorm issue furniture may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it is built to last and this can come in handy when space is limited for sex. 

Pop a cushion down, as hard surfaces aren’t the comfiest to lay down on. Then have the receiver bend over the desk, face down with their legs spread. The individual penetrating can enter from behind vaginally or analy (remember to use lots of lube) and thrust away. 

This might even be the perfect position to try a little BDSM if this is something you and your partner have discussed experimenting with and consented to at that moment. Have your partner hold your wrists behind you, limiting your movement with some light bondage.

Equally, utilize your desk space to indulge in some oral sex. We’ve all seen the movies, desperate to rip your partner’s clothes off sweep all those papers to the side in a passionate moment. Have your partner sit on the desk and give them some unforgettable oral. By using a bullet vibrator such as Poco in this position, you can give vibrations to yourself or your partner ensuring mutual pleasure.

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