9 Quickie Sex Positions For Short And Sweet Intimacy

In this article, we will explore a variety of quickie sex positions that can be enjoyed in different settings. Continue reading to learn more about this!

Published Aug 21 2023 3 min read

When time is of the essence, quickies can be the perfect solution to fulfill your desire for intimate moments. These condensed and thrilling sexual encounters offer a burst of pleasure, making them an enticing option for those short on time or craving spontaneous excitement. In this article, we will explore a variety of quickie sex positions that can be enjoyed in different settings, from your couch to the confines of your car. 

Sex positions for your couch 

Your couch can become a hot spot for quickies after a binge-watching session or when time is limited before stepping out the door. Here are a few positions that will spice up your couch rendezvous: 

1. Love seat 

In this face-to-face position, the receiving partner sits on the penetrating partner's lap with their legs bent while the penetrating partner leans against a chair or sofa. This intimate position allows for passionate kisses and close connection. 

2. Take it for a ride 

The penetrating partner lies down while the receiving partner straddles their hips for penetration, either facing their partner or facing away. This position is perfect for a quick, energetic romp and works even on shorter loveseats.  

3. Over-the-edge

Bending over the arm of the couch, the receiving partner invites the penetrating partner to engage from behind. This position adds a sense of urgency and works well for those seeking a more intense encounter. 

Sex positions for your closet 

If you're feeling adventurous and find yourself in a storage room or closet, these standing positions will allow you to enjoy intercourse even in tight spaces:  

1. Crouching tiger

The receiving partner bends at the waist, spreading or closing their legs as needed, while the penetrating partner engages from behind. For added stability, find a chair or sturdy surface for the receiver to rest their upper body on. 

2. Standing missionary

In a classic and versatile position, the standing missionary allows the receiving partner to wrap their legs around the penetrating partner's hips while the penetrating partner supports them by holding their lower back against a wall or sturdy ledge.  

3. Ballet dancer 

Facing each other, both partners stand as the receiving partner lifts one of their legs. The penetrating partner supports the lifted thigh as they slide inside. This position requires balance and can be performed in the smallest of spaces.  

Sex positions for your car 

Cars provide a popular venue for quickies due to their privacy and convenience. Here are some positions that can be enjoyed inside your vehicle: 

1. Oral pleasures 

If space for intercourse is limited, indulge in oral sex instead. In the backseat, the receiving partner lies down or sits up while the giving partner kneels between their thighs. Alternatively, a 69 position can provide simultaneous enjoyment space permitting.   

2. Pit stop pleasure

On the car's back seat, the receiving partner assumes a position on their forearms and knees for balance, while the penetrating partner kneels behind for penetration. This position adapts the familiar doggy style to the car environment. 

3. Giddy-up 

In the car’s front seats or back seats, the receiving partner sits on top of the penetrating partner and grinds their hips for a slow or sultry ride. This position allows for intimate connection and ryr contact. 


Quickies offer a thrilling and time-efficient way to satisfy your desires, even in the most unexpected places. Whether you're exploring the possibilities of couch escapades, closet adventures, or car rendezvous, these positions allow you to add a dose of passion to your limited time. Embrace the thrill of the moment, be adventurous, and remember to prioritize consent and safety in all your encounters.  

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