5 Tips For Making Eye Contact During Sex

In this article, we'll provide with practical tips and insights on using eye contact as a tool for intimacy and connection while navigating any potential fears!

Published Aug 04 2023 4 min read

Eye contact during sex can be a powerful way to establish a deeper connection with your partner, elevating your intimate encounters to a whole new level. Making and maintaining eye contact with your partner during sex can not only boost your emotional connection but also increase your confidence and help you feel more in tune with your partner's desires. However, mastering the art of eye contact during sex can be challenging, especially if you're not accustomed to it or feel uncomfortable doing so.  

In this article, we'll provide you with practical tips and insights on using eye contact as a tool for intimacy and connection while navigating any potential fears or awkwardness that may arise.   

5 tips for making eye contact during sex   

1. Start with small steps

If making eye contact during sex is new for you, it's important to ease into it gradually. Begin with brief moments of eye contact during foreplay or while sharing a passionate kiss. The key is to build confidence and get comfortable with the idea, without feeling overwhelmed. As you become more assured, you can move on to longer and more intense eye contact during sex. 

2. Use eye contact to communicate your desires 

Eye contact can be an incredibly effective way to communicate your needs and desires during intimate encounters. A lingering gaze can convey passion, while a coy glance may inspire playful exploration. Use your eyes to express your emotions and to signal your partner about what feels good or what you'd like to try next. Doing so will not only intensify your bond with your partner but will elevate the pleasure you both experience. 

3. Acknowledge and address your fears 

It's not uncommon to feel vulnerable or nervous about making eye contact during sex. If you find yourself feeling hesitant, take a moment to introspect on the reasons behind your reluctance. Are you worried about being judged, or is it simply a fear of being emotionally exposed? By addressing these concerns, either on your own or with your partner's support, you can work toward overcoming them and embracing the intimate connection that eye contact provides.  

4. Find the right position 

Some sexual positions naturally lend themselves better to making eye contact than others. Experimenting with positions that encourage face-to-face contact can help you connect more easily with your partner. Examples include the missionary position, cowgirl, and lotus, each of which facilitates direct eye contact and allows for communication through touch, as well as the gaze. By finding positions that make eye contact feel natural and comfortable, you'll be well on your way to harnessing the power of this intimate connection.  

5. Maintain a balance

While eye contact can enhance intimacy during sex, it's important to find the right balance between passionate gazes and enjoying the physical sensations. Staring into your partner's eyes for the entire duration of sex may not be practical or enjoyable for either of you. Use your intuition to gauge when eye contact is most impactful - for instance, during moments of heightened vulnerability or when you're close to climax. By exercising discretion, you can elevate your experiences without becoming overwhelmed by the intensity of constant eye contact. 


Embracing eye contact during sex is a journey that requires patience, practice, and open communication with your partner. It's essential to approach this endeavor with a positive attitude, remembering that it's meant to enhance your shared intimacy, not cause discomfort or anxiety. By implementing the tips and insights, you and your partner can confidently explore the transformative power of eye contact, leading to a more profound emotional bond and deeply satisfying sexual experiences. The eyes truly are the window to the soul, and when harnessed correctly, they can unlock a whole new level of connection and pleasure in the bedroom. 

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