How To Anal Train For Painless Anal Sex

Putting in plenty of time, practice and patience mean you’ll reap the pleasurable rewards.

Published May 25 2021 5 min read

Every great athlete has to train for optimal performance, putting in the time, practice, and patience. And this is no different for those wanting to try anal play. Anal training is there to help you get the most pleasurable experience out of anal sex, and the more you play the more your body becomes used to the sensations.

Now obviously there are steps you should take to prepare for anal sex such as cleaning and lubing up but anal training helps you get prepared in an entirely different way. Rather than the prep you do moments before anal sex, anal training is about the time you put in weeks and months before your anal adventure to ensure you are physically prepped for backdoor sex. 

Your anus is surrounded by very strong muscles which are known as the two sphincter muscles: an inner one that you can’t control, and an outer sphincter that can be taught to relax. Like with any muscle you need to continually work it out to get it where you want it to be. As your body becomes more accustomed to various sizes of sex toys you can move on to bigger sex toys or body parts. Engaging in anal penetration with the first thing you find might not be the best idea - as you don’t want to feel sore the next day, and the anal sphincter needs to relax.

Everybody is unique and what one person's end goal is might be another's starting point. People enjoy different sensations - for some, it's the feeling of being filled, for others vibrations. Just know that just because your optimal pleasure is achieved differently to someone else, doesn’t make you weird, and what feels good for you might not feel good for someone else. 

If you are looking to try out the best anal sex toys then make sure they are specifically made for anal play. This usually means the sex toy has a flared base to prevent your sphincter from pulling the anal toys in. With the right training, your sphincter gradually relaxes to allow larger sex toys in there but it is always best to start with small butt plugs and work your way up so you don’t cause any damage such as tearing. 


How to anal train

How to anal train with butt plugs

1. Start small

Using butt plugs is the best way to stretch yourself as they come in a variety of sizes perfect for building yourself up to larger toys such as dildos. Start with a smaller butt plug based on what you feel comfortable with. Lube up your fingers and start circulating and inserting them into your anus - depending on how many you can comfortably fit, choose a plug that seems a similar size.

2. Size up slowly

Size up in increments of up to 1” in circumference. This should be a doable stretch but as ever listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel pain or are in discomfort then you might want to take it down a size, don’t push your body too far as you can seriously injure yourself. 

3. Increase duration of wear

Not as useful as sizing up but still has an impact as your body becomes used to the sensation. Try wearing your butt plug for a few hours and gradually increase the time you wear it. You might feel a little achy after but it’s another great way to anal train.

4. Thicker neck to base ratio

Use butt plugs with a thicker neck as the sphincter is the area that needs stretching most as it is the tightest part. It can be difficult to relax your sphincter on command so by anally training your sphincter it becomes used to having sex toys/hands/genitals inserted into it.

5. Thrusting is a different experience

Using plugs is an amazing way to anally train yourself however, dildos and penises will cause a very different sensation to a butt plug or vibrating plug. So you need to take this into account before making the leap. Thrusting can be very stressful and put your body under greater duress - meaning you might not feel as relaxed and in turn, your sphincter tightens up causing you discomfort. This makes it extra important to practice with dildos alongside plugs, ensuring you can insert and thrust a dildo of equal length and girth as your partner.

6. Lube yourself up

Anything to do with anal sex including anal play and anal training means you need to use as much lube as physically possible - unlike the vagina, your anus isn’t self-lubricating so apply lots of lube. The type of lube you should use depends on what you are using it with, for example, silicone lube's silky texture makes it great for preparing for anal sex but should never be used with silicone-based sex toys, as it can cause them to break down over time. Oil-based lube lasts a while but is messy and can’t be used with latex condoms, whilst water-based lubes are easy to clean up and perfect for exploring yourself with or without sex toys. However, it does tend to dry out quickly so reapply often and generously if this is your lube of choice!

7. Get your partner involved

Try anal training with your partner and get them involved to learn what you like and don’t like. This way they aren’t going to completely mistreat your backside when it gets to it. Communication is key throughout this whole process, so make sure your partner knows what your limits are and discuss the experience and expectations together.  

8. Slow it down

Take it slow, you don’t want to injure yourself, whether it takes weeks or months you’ll be grateful for the pleasurable feelings and the slower you take it the less likely you are to injure yourself or put your butt out of action. 

Putting in plenty of time, practice and patience mean you’ll reap the pleasurable rewards.

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