How To Give An Orgasmic Breast Massage

Coaxing an orgasm out from nipple and breast play can be rather difficult without the knowledge and techniques. That's where Susan Bratton, intimacy and wellness expert can help.

Published Oct 20 2020 4 min read

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Breasts. We love them. Big or small, perky or pendulous, breasts are wonderful in all their shapes and sizes. Play with them skillfully and you have the ability to send orgasmic shock waves through your partner’s body.

However, coaxing an orgasm out from nipple and breast play can be rather difficult without the knowledge and techniques. That’s where Susan Bratton, intimacy wellness expert, can help with her Breast Massage Game Plan that will provide you with everything you need to know about breast play, and enhance your overall sexual experience. 

Why try breast massage?

A breast massage can be truly breathtaking if the correct kind of touch is used. Lovingly massaging the breasts is a fun way to give intense amounts of pleasure and send you or your partner into a deep state of relaxation.

Nipple play has the potential to be orgasmic due to the hundreds of nerve endings that makes them extra sensitive to touches, licks, or kisses. When they are stimulated they light up the same part of the brain that genital stimulation does, so you don’t have to save that orgasm for only genital stimulation.

With 84% of women reporting that breast play enhances their sexual experience, there are more than enough reasons to indulge in some sensual boob attention, including enhanced libido, orgasms and perky breast tissue. 

If breast stimulation is something you’d like to try here are a few techniques and tips to whet your appetite before diving into the comprehensive guide to breast massage.


How can you stimulate the breasts?


  • Massage

Gently massaging the breasts can provide a sensual and sexual experience. Unfortunately, most people fall into the trap of going straight for the nipple, sucking and tweaking the most sensitive part of the breast too fast. This can undermine arousal, so instead try starting from the bottom and sides, increasing attention toward the nipples as you find what you or your partner enjoys. 

  • Lather them up

Soapy boobs not only look hot but the soapy lather can also make for a sensuous touch. Set the mood with candles and soft music whilst you and your partner enjoy some naughty bath time together.

  • Treat your taste-buds

Whipped cream, melted chocolate, strawberries… whatever takes your fancy. Lace the breasts with your chosen indulgent and enjoy the tantalizing delights as they are slurped and licked off the breasts.

Temperature can be a wonderful way to stimulate the nerve packed breasts. Run a cold ice cube over the nipples and watch them stand to attention, or suck on an ice cube to make the mouth extra cold before kissing and sucking the nipples. 

  • Breast-penis play

For those in a relationship with the opposite sex, lube up the breasts and have them encompass the penis, pushing them together for some added pressure. This may feel as if you’re trying out a porn fantasy but humans are visual and this sight is enough to get you hot under the collar. 

For a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to get the most out of breast play check out Susan Bratton’s Couples’ Breast Massage Master Plan. The step-by-step game plan that will have you understand exactly how to touch, caress and massage the bosom the right way to get you fully turned on for the sweet, slow, passionate lovemaking that’s to come. 

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