Nirvana Sex Position: The Surprising Sex Pose You Need to Try

Uncover the excitement and allure of the Nirvana sex position, and learn how this unique pose can unlock new levels of pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction.

Published Jul 25 2023 3 min read

Amongst a myriad of sex positions, the Nirvana sex position emerges as a surprising gem: an intriguing blend of intimacy, sensuality, and delightful stimulation, perfect for exploring new realms of pleasure and desire. In this article, we'll introduce you to the Nirvana sex position, illuminating its unique characteristics and revealing the reasons it stands out as a must-try pose for all lovers.  

What is the Nirvana sex position? 

The Nirvana sex position is a variant of the classic Missionary position, which involves the receiving partner lying on their back with their legs closed, while the penetrating partner rests on top, their legs straddling the receiver's thighs. The receiving partner can also hold onto something behind them, like a bed post, for more leverage.  

The primary alteration involves the receiving partner closing their legs versus keeping them open like in classic missionary. This subtle yet impactful adjustment allows for a different angle of penetration, more clitoral stimulation, and an adventurous twist on a classic favorite position. 

Benefits of the Nirvana position 

  1. Different angle of penetration: The closed leg position of the receiving partner's legs allows for a different angle of penetration from missionary, while keeping the familiarily of a favorite pastime position.  
  1. Increased intimacy: The face-to-face nature of this pose creates an atmosphere of closeness and emotional connection. Gazing into each other's eyes, partners can exchange tender kisses, whisper sweet nothings, or engage in passionate verbal affirmations.
  1. Pleasure for all: The Nirvana position is incredibly versatile and accessible to individuals of varying ability levels, body types, and sexual orientations. This pose can be enjoyed in same-sex couples or during the use of strap-ons, ensuring that all lovers can reap the rewards of this stimulating position. 
  1. Clitoral and g-spot stimulation: The unique angle of penetration achieved in the Nirvana position allows for more clitoral stimulation while also stimulating the G-spot, bringing immense pleasure to the receiving partner. 

Tips for the Nirvana sex position  

  1. Adjust angles: Communication is essential while exploring the Nirvana position. Adjust and experiment with the position of the legs and arms to find what feels best for both partners. If it’s not exactly as described, that’s okay, it’s about what works for you and your partner. Take the time to listen to each other's feedback and make any necessary adjustments to maximize pleasure and comfort.
  1. Use pillows for support: Placing a pillow under the lower back of the receiving partner can provide additional comfort and support, promote the perfect angle for penetration, and enhance the sensations experienced by both individuals. 
  1. Incorporate sex toys: Introduce sex toys to your Nirvana adventure in order to amplify the sensations for both partners. Experiment with vibrating couples sex toys for heightened clitoral stimulation, or explore sex toys designed for prostate stimulation to enhance the experience further. 
  1. Practice and patience: As with any new sexual position, practicing and refining the pose will yield the most beneficial results. Take your time exploring the Nirvana position and have patience as you discover the most pleasurable angles and nuances for you and your partner.

How to adapt Nirvana for all bodies 

  • Try different leg placement: If closing the legs is uncomfortable or challenging, have the receiving partner open and bend their knees or rest their legs on the penetrating partner's chest or upper arms. This modification provides similar benefits to the classic Nirvana position while accommodating different comfort levels.  
  • Use knee support: For individuals with knee issues, consider using pillows or soft supports to cushion the knees during penetration. These supports can help alleviate pressure and enhance comfort during the Nirvana position. 


Embarking on the journey to sexual exploration and discovery is essential for maintaining a healthy, satisfying, and passionate intimate life. The Nirvana sex position is an exceptional addition to your sexual repertoire. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the enchanting world of Nirvana, and enjoy the endless possibilities of pleasure, intimacy, and sensuality it has to offer. The Nirvana position awaits those who dare to explore, so embrace your adventurous spirit and set the stage for passionate, unforgettable encounters. 

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