How The Seashell Sex Position Adds A Huge Impact To Missionary Sex

Unlock the enticing secrets of the seashell sex position as we explore how it can invigorate and transform your missionary sex encounters with passion and excitement, guided by a sex-positive mindset.

Published Jul 17 2023 4 min read

The tried and true missionary position has long been a staple of sexual experiences, but with time, predictable routines can leave us craving a fresh twist to revive the passion and excitement. This is where the sultry Seashell sex position comes into play, bringing a new dimension of pleasure and intimacy for partners eager to rekindle the spark in their lovemaking. 

The Seashell position is a magnificent variation of the typical missionary, involving the receiving partner crossing their legs while the giving partner penetrates. By adopting this unique stance, the experience of penetration shifts dramatically, allowing for enhanced stimulation, deeper connection, and a captivating new perspective for both parties involved. 

The aim of this article is to familiarize you with the Seashell position, diving into the benefits, tips on execution, and insightful advice on how to seamlessly incorporate this thrilling addition into your sexual repertoire.  

So, let us embark on this enticing journey together as we uncover the tantalizing secrets of the Seashell position, expanding our perspective, and embracing the opportunity to elevate our intimate experiences.  

The benefits of seashell sex position 

A critical factor that differentiates the Seashell position from the standard missionary lies in the potential for heightened stimulation for both partners. As the receiving individual crosses their legs, the angles and positioning change, creating a snugger fit that can intensify sensations during penetration. Meanwhile, the giving partner encounters a fresh grip, heightening their pleasure as well. Moreover, the Seashell position is an excellent opportunity for adding eye contact, tender touches, or sweet whispers to enhance intimacy and emotional connection between partners. 

Tips and techniques for mastering the seashell position 

1. Warm-up with foreplay

Like with any new sexual activity, it is essential to ensure both partners feel relaxed, comfortable, and excited to try the Seashell position. Engage in some preparatory foreplay, communicate openly about your desires, and make sure consent is transparently established before embarking on this new adventure. 

2. Get into proper position

To execute the Seashell position, the receiving partner should lie down with their back on the bed, legs bent, and feet flat. Next, they cross their ankles and slightly lift their legs, while the giving partner kneels between the receiving partner's thighs, aligning themselves for penetration. By lacing their hands under the receiving partner's hips, the giving partner can maintain better control during penetration. 

3. Experiment with variations

As you grow more comfortable with the Seashell position, experiment with subtle tweaks to find the most satisfying angles and depths for both partners. For example, the receiving partner can adjust the width of their crossed legs, while the giving partner can experiment with different speeds or lengths of movement. 

4. Use sex toys

Don't shy away from using sex toys to help fulfill your desires. The giving partner can hold a vibrator or sex toy against the receiving partner’s clitoris and help them reach a blended orgasm in this sensational postion.  

How the seashell position strengthens intimacy  

A crucial and enchanting aspect of the Seashell position is its ability to breathe new life into existing relationships by inspiring novelty and delight. As expressed earlier, the modification of angles and penetration depths can significantly impact partners' sensations and satisfaction, while adding essential variety to intimacy practices. 

Additionally, the Seashell position is an excellent opportunity for emotional bonding among partners, as it encourages constant eye contact, physical closeness, and tender exchanges. When executed mindfully and wholeheartedly, the Seashell position can create an atmosphere of trust, vulnerability, and love, fostering deeper emotional connections. 


The Seashell position is a seductive and captivating variation on the classic missionary that can rekindle passion, excitement, and emotional intimacy in relationships. With its plethora of benefits and potential for exceptional pleasure, the Seashell position is truly a gem to be explored and appreciated.

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