A Sensual Sunday At Lady Liquid Love

“I bring the liquid, you just bring the love”. “Lady Liquid Love is for women, female bodied or identified people (women of all flavours, trans and cis women).

Published Apr 24 2018 4 min read

“I bring the liquid, you just bring the love”

“Lady Liquid Love is for women, female bodied or identified people (women of all flavours, trans and cis women). It is a collective journey exploring playfulness and the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact using warm olive oil…” – Jessica Parker, Lady Liquid Love

After a friend’s intense googling of “touch therapy treatments”, I was invited along to what was going to be one of the most surreal, sensual Sunday afternoons. And, aside from the ladies, and the liquid (and the love), we were mostly uncertain of what to expect.

As the first to arrive, we had first dibs on refreshments. We excitedly nibbled on strawberries and sipped the ginger beer. Gradually others filtered in and we were invited to come upstairs – up to where the magic happens.

A large black sheet covered the floor of half the room, and in its centre, a mini unicorn blow up pool toy held a small glass of oil next to a candle.

A Sensual Sunday at Lady Liquid Love

The room was pleasantly warm with overhead heaters and atmospheric lighting. We were given hotel-style slippers and a bottle of water, which we labelled with our names.

Clothed, about 25 of us sat in a circle around the unicorn. Our host began with a warm hello and proceeded with a set of house rules when in the session. These were to respect each other’s boundaries – specifically with a double tap to indicate that you don’t want to be touched – as well as no talking and no emission of bodily fluids…

“I bring the liquid. You just bring the love.”

As an icebreaker we introduced ourselves and our intention – what we wanted to get out of the session – after stating it we had to lean over and “sprinkle” it into the glass of oil.

“My intention is… Groundedness… Love… Happiness… Curiosity… Connection… Creativity… Female energy… Spirituality.”

We were instructed to dress down to as little as we felt comfortable. Initially I had planned to wear underwear, but felt so at ease that – along with everybody else – I stripped nude. One of the other women felt similar and shared that…

…“in a non judgmental safe space I was surrounded by so many different female forms, and this allowed me to become more relaxed about my body.”

We stood in a circle, baring all to one another, nervous, excited, smiling. Jessica told us to begin by looking at the person to your left’s feet, and then the entire group’s. We then proceeded to work our gazes upwards slowly, till we got to our faces. This ended with us smiling and giggling at each other, anticipating the next step.

Drinking in everyone around me, I noticed such a diversity of body shapes, sizes and colours. Advertised as an inclusive event, the energy in the room was one of support and appreciation for the female form.

A Sensual Sunday at Lady Liquid Love

Blindfolded, lying on our backs, a soothing soundtrack began to play. A few gasps and uncontrollably contagious laughs erupted across the room as I awaited my turn. As the warm oil first trickled over me, I deeply inhaled the lavender aromas mixed in with the olive oil and relaxed into the slipperiness, feeling myself and those around me.

What happened over the next hour or so – though, time slipped away from consciousness – was a level of sensuality I’d never felt before. Something so special and so surreal that it is hard to describe in words.

Here, another attendee shares her experience:

“Being blindfolded and exploring the feel of being bathed in warming oil encouraged me to rely on my senses as I sought to connect with others.”

Our oily bodies moved in time, erotically sliding across each other to the rhythms of the music, to the giggling and the moaning. We freed ourselves from the limits of normal communication. No words, just touch, sounds, smells.

It is safe to say that that Sunday evening I left feeling not only moisturised but energised, empowered, emotional and empathetic to all life around me.

So, if you are into oil massage, have found yourself pleasantly aroused by this, or just keen to experience something entirely new, then you can enquire further through the Lady Liquid Love website. And while Lady Liquid Love is reserved for female-identifying people, you can also find mixed and non-gender specific Liquid Love events too.

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