A Solo Female Traveller’s Road To Sexual Independence

It can be hard finding someone to enjoy sex with while you’re travelling, especially as a solo female traveller with all the added precautions of putting safety first. Why wait for a man to sweep you off your feet to enjoy certain pleasures?

Published Oct 19 2017 5 min read

It can be hard finding someone to enjoy sex with while you’re travelling, especially as a solo female traveller with all the added precautions of putting safety first.

Why wait for a man to sweep you off your feet to enjoy certain pleasures? Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t have a healthy sexual appetite or sexual desires.

After all – you’ve set off on an adventure of independence, so why not discover your own sexual independence as well?

That’s what one of our MysteryFans, Sol, did taking her vibrator with her to South America on a journey of self-love and sexual independence.  

We asked Sol about her experience travelling with a vibrator and her advice for other travellers that want to be more sexually independent on the road.

This is what she had to say:

What made you decide to travel to South America with your vibrator?

The year before I travelled, I had gone through a really hard break up. Knowing myself and my sexual energy, I wanted to be sexually independent – to depend on myself and myself only! I knew I was going to travel in order to heal myself, and for me, healing happened from inwards first.

How did using a vibrator make you feel more empowered?

It’s all about not having to depend on anyone else but myself for my own pleasure.

I’ve gone through some sexual trauma which meant I couldn’t open myself up to anyone that easily. But I still had desires and all kinds of feelings, especially around the time when I’d be ovulating… oh, and a good orgasm not only helps with empowerment, but also sleep, stress, headaches and so much more!

A Solo Female Traveller’s Road to Sexual Independence

Why would you recommend taking a vibrator with you whilst travelling?

I’m the kind of traveller that leaves for months and months, even maybe years (I’m on my third year now!). So, it’s not like I’ll be back to my lover or boyfriend in a week or two. I’ll be on the road for a while. Sometimes going weeks without meeting anyone new… I found being sexually independent essential for my travels.  

(It’s also hard and takes very long for me to pleasure myself with just my hands..!)

So if you’re like me, bring one!!

Which kind of vibrator would you recommend travelling with?

Find one that is versatile enough for all your needs (like this one – Crescendo rocks!) Or just one that is highly effective and compact. You won’t want to carry around something too bulky or too heavy or that’s not discreet enough (not many rooms are soundproofed!). I’ve found Crescendo satisfies all my needs.

Did you take any other sex toys with you whilst backpacking?

Actually, I didn’t. I did bring lube and some enhancing pleasure gel, but no other sex toys. Bringing only the minimum backpacking!

I love that the minimum includes a pleasure product! Are there any interesting or unusual places you’ve ended up using your vibrator?

Hmm…In the jungle!!!

I lived up in the mountains for two months, while in Costa Rica, an area that was pretty secluded, as well as my little home – which was pretty much a mat on some wood and covered with plastic tarps, pulled up by string and sticks.

Let’s say the sunsets and the sunrises were pretty gorgeous… and so gorgeous and inspiring for some well deserved self-love!

A Solo Female Traveller’s Road to Sexual Independence

Have you ever been caught with your vibrator whilst travelling? What happened?

Oh gosh. Yes…

One time my vibrator started vibrating in my backpack while being in a car with other people.  At some point, they were like… “uhmm.. what is that sound…?!!”

I  finally admitted it was my vibrator and that it was in the trunk in my backpack. They were relieved it wasn’t their car dying!

Another time, I got pulled aside at the airport in Mexico  and they searched through EVERYTHING I had!

My cries and telling them I had nothing to hide didn’t help… at some point one of the searching guards (a male of all people – there were three: two males, one female) asks me in Spanish:

“What is this?”, while holding my vibrator in his hands.

I became red and furious at the same time, so with my devious wit but still furious that he was touching my personals, I replied in Spanish:

“That’s my vibrator! It goes into my vagina!”

Not even a second later, he became tomato red and without saying anything else, he put it right back where he found it.

Going through airport security must be nerve racking (especially after that experience!) – do you have any advice on where to hide your vibrator?

To be honest, there’s no hiding in airports – if they’re going to look through your stuff, they’re going to do it thoroughly. And if it’s hidden and looks weird with mechanics, then they might even look further.

I like to travel with it in my personal luggage that goes with me on the plane, as there are no rules about it. That way they don’t take apart my checked luggage and go through all my things! It goes in my hand bag or small backpack and if they have any questions, I tell them directly what it is, without making a big scene throughout the search.

What other tips would you give backpackers travelling with a vibrator?

Make sure it’s charged, but also make sure it won’t go off in your backpack while you’re travelling… or you’ll have to deal with some embarrassing situations!

Definitely wrap your vibrator as well. I pack my Crescendo in the fancy pouch  it came in and I make sure it sits well and is cushioned in between fluffy things (like clothes or blankets).

How do you manage to be discreet in a hostel or when you’re somewhere without much privacy?

If I have my own space, I put some music on (before 10-11PM to be respectful).

If I don’t have my own space and there’s people around, I’ll admit, I won’t go that way. I just can’t feel the sexy vibes if there’s others around me (like in a dorm).

Have you ever used your Crescendo with anyone that you’ve ended up having sex with whilst backpacking?

I haven’t. For me, my vibrator is kind of a lover… if it gets introduced, it’d have to be a pretty solid relationship, since it’s such a fragile and delicate subject for me.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Sol!

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