What Are Spreader Bars And How To Use Them

Learn the purpose of spreader bars, the various types available, and how to use them responsibly in your intimate adventures. Continue reading to learn more!

Published Aug 03 2023 3 min read

An intriguing accessory for spicing up your bedroom play is the spreader bar. Spreader bars are designed to create an alluring and captivating element to your intimate experiences by offering a form of restraint and exposure, allowing for deeper connection and enhanced pleasure. These bedroom accessories are exciting and versatile, catering to an array of desires, comfort levels, and adventures. 

In this article, we offer insight into their purpose, usage, and the variety of styles available. Join us on this exhilarating expedition to discover the untapped possibilities spreader bars can present and learn how their integration into your intimate experiences can open the door to new realms of shared pleasure, connection, and creativity. Embrace the excitement that awaits as you delve into the extraordinary world of spreader bars. 

What are spreader bars?  

Spreader bars are pleasure-enhancing bondage accessories designed to, well, keep limbs spread apart to provide a mixture of restraint, vulnerability, and erotic appeal. They are long pieces of metal, wood, or other sturdy material that are fixed or retractable in length. They have cuffs or straps on their end to secure the wearer's limbs, keeping them in a fixed position to heighten the sense of anticipation and arousal. These bedroom accessories come in different forms, accommodating wrist-to-wrist or ankle-to-ankle restraints, allowing for many possibilities and positions during your passionate play. 

Different types of spreader bar   

Spreader bars caters to various desires and inclinations. Understanding the different styles available can be the first step in discovering how to integrate them seamlessly into your intimate experiences. Some of the most prevalent spreader bar styles include:  

  • Adjustable spreader bars: Offering flexibility and customization, adjustable spreader bars allow for tailored positioning, compatibility with various body types and sizes, and customizable restraint distances.  
  • Double spreader bars: By securing both the wrists and ankles simultaneously, double spreader bars deliver a heightened sense of restraint and exposure, contributing to intensified anticipation during play.  
  • Spreader frames: Extending beyond the traditional bar design, spreader frames provide a more elaborate and supportive structure, allowing partners to explore suspensions or more intricate bondage dynamics.   

How to use spreader bars: a step-by-step guide  

Embracing the addition of spreader bars into your intimate ventures can be an exciting and rewarding experience—as long as the process is approached responsibly and with open communication. Follow these steps to ensure your spreader bar journey is mutually enjoyable:  

  1. Research and discussion: Share your desire to incorporate spreader bars with your partner, discussing preferences, expectations, and limitations to establish a mutual understanding of the experience. 
  1. Explore and select: Familiarize yourselves with the different spreader bar styles and choose one that suits your desires and comfort. 
  1. Preparation and set-up: Prepare the space where you will be using the spreader bar, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for both partners. 
  1. Engaging in play: Begin your intimate encounter slowly and sensually, maintaining communication with your partner as you explore the various positions and sensations the spreader bar elicits. 
  1. Reflection and growth: Share your thoughts and feelings about the experience with your partner, allowing for growth, understanding, and the potential development of new scenarios or fantasies using spreader bars. 

Additional considerations when using spreader bars 

As with any intimate accessory, ensuring consensual and responsible use is paramount. When integrating spreader bars into your bedroom play, keep the following guidelines and precautions in mind:  

  • Consent and communication: Always discuss the potential incorporation of a spreader bar with your partner, ensuring that both parties are comfortable and willing to engage in such activities. Establish boundaries and mutual understanding, implementing safewords if necessary. 
  • Patience and comfort: Begin with comfortable and straightforward restraints to help adapt to the experience, taking the time to ease into more elaborate scenarios and positions.  
  • Awareness and monitoring: Continuously monitor your partner's physical and emotional state during play, ensuring they are comfortable, safe, and experiencing pleasure rather than discomfort or distress.  
  • Escape plan: Have an escape plan or release mechanism in place should emergencies or unforeseen discomfort arise.  


Navigating through uncharted intimate territories and embracing the world of spreader bars can offer a new dimension to your sensual experiences, unlocking the potential for deeper connection and heightened pleasure. By understanding the diverse possibilities spreader bars present, communicating openly with your partner, and ensuring mutual consent and enjoyment, you can explore this intriguing realm of passion with curiosity and excitement. 


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