6 Tips For Tapping Into Your Dominant Side In The Bedroom

By adopting these strategies, you can safely embark on an exhilarating journey of exploration, understanding, and personal growth. Continue reading on!

Published Aug 16 2023 3 min read

Embracing your dominant side in the bedroom can lead to a world of exciting new experiences, enhanced intimacy, and increased self-confidence. Stepping into a dominant role might feel intimidating or unfamiliar, but it can be an incredible journey of self-discovery and increased mutual satisfaction. By understanding your desires and learning the essential dynamics of respectful dominance, you can unlock a thrilling aspect of your sexual repertoire and create memorable experiences for both you and your partner.  

In this article, we delve into practical tips for tapping into your dominant side in the bedroom. By adopting these strategies, you can safely embark on an exhilarating journey of exploration, understanding, and personal growth. 

1. Educate and inform yourself 

The first step in embracing your dominant side is to arm yourself with knowledge. Take the time to research the dynamics of BDSM and understand the responsibilities that come with dominance. Educate yourself on the importance of consent, safety, and communication to ensure you are prepared to engage in responsible and enjoyable play. Read books, blogs, and articles, watch instructional videos, and consider joining online forums or communities dedicated to BDSM education and discussion.  

2. Communicate with your partner 

Clear and open communication with your partner is essential in establishing a healthy power dynamic in the bedroom. Share your desires and limitations, and encourage your partner to do the same. Discuss boundaries, consent, and safety measures before embarking on your dominant journey. Check in regularly with your partner during and after play to ensure their comfort, well-being, and satisfaction. Effective communication will build trust, creating a strong foundation for your dominant-submissive dynamic.  

3. Start with small steps 

Diving headfirst into the world of dominance can be overwhelming, so take it slow. Start with simple activities, such as blindfolding, light restraints, or role-playing scenarios. As you gain confidence in your dominant role and establish trust with your partner, you can progress to more advanced techniques and experiences. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination—enjoy the process of learning and growing in your dominant role.  

4. Embrace control and authority

Being a dominant partner means assuming a position of control and authority. This can feel intimidating at first, but it is important to remember that your submissive partner has granted you this power willingly and consensually. Channel your inner confidence, stand tall, and maintain eye contact with your partner. Use a firm, assertive tone of voice when giving instructions or commands. As you gain experience in your role, you will naturally grow more comfortable and self-assured in expressing your dominance.  

5. Understand safe, sane, and consensual play 

An essential aspect of BDSM is the principle of "safe, sane, and consensual" (SSC) play. This means that all activities should be conducted in a way that ensures the physical and emotional well-being of all parties involved. Establish a safe word or gesture that can be used by your partner to indicate a need to pause or stop the play. Regularly check in with your partner and monitor their reactions, making adjustments as necessary. By adhering to the principles of SSC, you can create an environment of trust and mutual respect in which your dominant-submissive dynamic can thrive.  

6. Explore role-playing and scenarios 

Role-playing can be an entertaining and effective way to tap into your dominant side. Immerse yourself in a character that embodies your vision of dominance, drawing inspiration from movies, literature, or your own imagination. Create scenarios that involve power dynamics, such as boss-employee, teacher-student, or police officer-suspect. Role-playing can help reduce inhibitions and provide you with a structured context for expressing your dominance, making it easier to engage in this new aspect of your sexuality. 


Tapping into your dominant side in the bedroom can be an exhilarating and self-affirming experience. As you develop your skills, knowledge, and confidence, you'll be better equipped to navigate the world of dominance, create unforgettable experiences, and strengthen the intimacy between you and your partner.  

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