4 Non-Penetrative Sex Moves You Will Love

We’re big fans of non-penetrative sex. Not only does it mix things up in the bedroom, it’s also a great way to enhance orgasms, get there quicker and improve intimacy in relationships.

Published Nov 23 2017 4 min read

We’re big fans of non-penetrative sex. Not only does it mix things up in the bedroom, it’s also a great way to enhance orgasms, get there quicker and improve intimacy in relationships.

But what exactly does non-penetrative sex mean? What does it involve?

Generally, when people talk about sex they’re referring to penis-in-vagina sex. Instead, we like to think about sex as a combination of stepping-stones towards pleasure.

Pleasure encompasses more than just intercourse. It involves kissing, caressing, touching, sucking, biting, licking… all of those lovely things.

A lot of people ask us how they can improve their sex lives and if there are new, exciting forms of intimacy they can introduce into their bedrooms.

So, to celebrate non-penetrative sex in all it’s glory we wanted to share some of our favorite moves. We hope you enjoy them!

1. Good ol’ fashion kissing

We all underestimate the power of a good kiss. Kissing often symbolizes the first step of foreplay, and is not to be taken for granted.

We kiss our partners a lot. When we wake up, when they leave for work, when they get home from work, when we want to make them feel better, when we’re happy… but because we’re doing it all of the time, we tend to desexualise the act.

A passionate kiss is one of the best ways to get turned on. Sucking on your partner’s lip, and feeling their fingers running through your hair can leave us gasping for more.

So, try not to underestimate how sexy kissing can be.

Try kissing your partner, but really kissing them. On their lips, on their neck, collarbone, nipples, thighs…. You know where this is going.

4 Non-Penetrative Sex Moves You Will Love

2. Tease, tease and tease some more

There’s nothing quite like the titillating anticipation of our partner’s touch, and this is especially true when they’re teasing us.

Teasing doesn’t necessarily have to lead to penetrative sex. In fact, some of the most intense orgasms can come from long periods of teasing.

There are lots of ways you can tease, and be teased.

Nipple teasing is one of the most practiced teasing techniques, and one that can actually lead to climax – hello nipple orgasms!

But there are also lots of other tease techniques. Next time you’re getting sexy with your partner(s), ask them to tease your clitoris slowly with their penis.

Using lube to increase the wetness, slide your partner’s fingers, their penis or sex toy across your clitoris and angle so it runs the length of your labia. You can then rub up and down for an intense thrill.

If you’re a woman in a heterosexual relationship, this is a great way to give genital-to-genital contact without penetration.

You could also try teasing your partners penis with your breasts. Take the tip and run it across your erect nipple or if you can, place the penis in between your breasts and slide it up and down.

Trust me, you’ll have your partner begging for more!

4 Non-Penetrative Sex Moves You Will Love

3. Did somebody say dry hump?

Dry humping often reminds us when we first began exploring our sexuality by rubbing our genitals against anything we could get our hands on!

But what about now we’re adults?

Dry humping feels good. The friction and pressure you feel on your labia and clitoris will stimulate you and leave you feeling intensely sexually excited.

Your partner will also enjoy it as the pressure builds and their erection presses against you.

4. Dual oral

Yes, oral sex counts as non-penetrative sex. Hallelujah!

We wrote an article about why women aren’t getting enough oral sex last week, so in true ‘women need more cunnilingus!’ fashion, we suggest dual oral.

Do this by both lying on your side, facing each other’s genitals. Now you can kiss, lick and suck until your heart’s content (or at least until you both climax!).

This is a great way to ensure you both experience pleasure simultaneously. Plus giving and receiving oral at the same time is exhilarating – the more you get turned on, the more your partner will be turned on. It’s a win-win situation!

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