6 Tips For Men To Take Masturbation To A New Level

Masturbating is a great way to pleasure yourself when you do not have a partner. Here are 6 masturbation tips for men.

Published Jan 19 2021 5 min read

Masturbating is a great way to pleasure yourself when you do not have a partner. Even guys in relationships will still masturbate because they enjoy the alone time and pleasure of masturbation. Aside from bringing pleasure, masturbation is a great way to alleviate stress, sexual tension, and relax. Plus, when you take the time to enjoy masturbation it can be loads of fun!

Tip #1: Don’t rush and take time to enjoy yourself
Some guys will rush through and be done in a few minutes. Slow down, take your time, and truly enjoy the experience. When you allow yourself time to play, you will find masturbation can be more pleasurable.

Tip #2: Explore your body
Don’t limit your masturbation to just your penis. It is perfectly normal to touch other parts of the body. You could slowly tease yourself, rub your nipples, or even touch your anus, if that turns you on. By exploring your entire body, you will discover erogenous areas that can enhance your masturbating.

Tip #3: Switch positions
There’s no reason you have to masturbate in the same position every time. If you typically lay down, try leaning against the wall. You could try sitting on your knees. Some guys like getting down on all fours. By trying out different positions, you can find new ones that can lead to even more satisfaction during masturbation.

Tip #4: Add some toys for enhanced pleasure
There are all sorts of sex toys perfect for masturbating. You could try a “fleshlight,” vibrators that stimulate the penis, prostate, testes, and more. Some guys like using nipple clamps that apply varying degrees of pressure on the nipples. Other guys like using anal beads to stimulate the prostate. Just remember to have fun no matter what sex toys you use!

Tip #5: Don’t neglect the prostate
A lot of guys never discover the added pleasure they can gain during masturbation by massaging the prostate. The prostate is commonly called a guy’s “G-spot.” The easiest way to massage this gland is using a vibrator and inserting it into the anus. There are all different size vibrators for men to choose from, so you can find one that enhances your masturbation the most.

Tip #6: Extend your pleasure with edging
Edging is a great way to extend your masturbation pleasure by starting and stopping. Doing so often results in a more intense and longer orgasm later. Edging is easy to do – masturbate up until you feel like you will ejaculate, then stop. Allow your body to “cool” down. Then repeat the process again and again, as much as you like for as long as you like until you are ready to climax. There are even toys you can use for edging that bring you right to the edge.

By trying out these masturbation tips, you are sure to take your solo orgasms and experiences to the next level. To find sex toys to use when masturbating, please feel free to shop online at Mystery Vibe today! Feel free to contact us if you have questions using our online Contact Us form.

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