9 Ideas For Staying In Bed All Day

Spending the entire day in bed sounds like a forbidden pleasure to much of modern society. We're so often on the go that it's frequently difficult to justify a day of luxury and enjoyment. An entire day in bed, however, is a great way to reconnect with your partner and try out something new.

Published Mar 26 2020 7 min read

Spending the entire day in bed sounds like a forbidden pleasure to much of modern society. We're so often on the go that it's frequently difficult to justify a day of luxury and enjoyment. An entire day in bed, however, is a great way to reconnect with your partner and try out something new. Are you thinking about spending the entire day in bed, simply enjoying one another? Add some of these great ideas to your plans. 

1. Read to each other.

You can choose erotic material that you know will appeal to both of you or turn to more romantic content, including poetry. Write and read love letters to each other. Get creative! Erotic material will help turn you on, while romantic material will help you express yourself and feel closer to your partner--it's a win either way. Take turns reading to one another. Let your partner's voice roll over you. Reading together is a highly intimate activity that can bring you closer together, especially as you discuss what you've read, how it makes you feel, and what ideas it helps you come up with.

2. Discuss your fantasies. 

You're going to be spending the day in bed together, which makes this the perfect time to cuddle up and talk about your fantasies. Discuss the things you'd like to indulge in together--especially the things that you might not ordinarily be able to enjoy due to time constraints. If you often find yourselves rushing through sex because there are other things that have your attention, your day in bed is the perfect opportunity to try out some of those things you might not otherwise be able to try. 

3. Try out something new. 

Some of your favorite sex toys, including Crescendo and Tenuto, require some experimentation in order to learn what you like the most. With multiple vibration settings to choose from, including several levels of intensity on each device, it may take time to learn exactly what you like the most. 

Now is the perfect time to find out! Experiment with different settings. Use the MysteryVibe app to explore all the options available on your device or let your partner experiment on you. Draw out your pleasure and tease, entice, and play for as long as both of you like. Then use your favorite settings to help you reach an earth-shattering orgasm. 

4. Try out playcards or experiment with positions or suggestions in a new book. 

If you're planning to spend the entire day in bed, but don't have suggestions for exactly what you and your partner want to do, use a little outside guidance. MysteryVibe's playcards are an excellent resource: work your way through the deck, experimenting with each position or suggestion along the way. You could also try out a book with positions that you've been meaning to try.

Even better? Create your own playcards. Sit down ahead of time or in the early hours of your day in bed and discuss the things you'd most like to try. Write each one down on a separate notecard, then shuffle them and use the deck to decide what you're going to do next. 

5. Explore a sex game.

Like playcards and books, sex games can add a little spice to your day in bed as well as helping draw out your arousal and excitement. Sex dice, for example, will instruct you in specific actions to take with your partner: kiss here, caress there, stroke this spot. If you don't already have sex dice at home, you may choose to explore your own possibilities. Take a standard dice set and assign a specific action and location to each number on the dice. Then, roll and see what comes next! For example:

  1. Kiss
  2. Caress
  3. Touch
  4. Lick
  5. Suck
  6. Blow

On the other dice, you might assign:

  • Nipple
  • Ear
  • Stomach
  • Butt
  • Genitals
  • Neck

If you have a Crescendo, get it in on the action! Swap out one of the action dice results for "vibration." Then, roll your dice and see what comes next! You can assign a specific time limit to engage in each action or continue until you're ready to move on. Roll the dice again and see what happens next. You'll have a chance to explore your partner's erogenous zones, learn more about each other, and ramp up the delight. The regular shifting from one activity to another will also help enhance arousal and keep both of you engaged longer. 

6. Trade sensual massages.

couples massage

Spending the entire day in bed with your partner can be wonderful, but that doesn't mean that you have to maintain that sexual arousal all day. Keep in contact and continue ramping up your sensual enjoyment by trading sensual massages. Invest in Sliquid Escape Organics Massage Oil, then treat your partner to a full-body massage. This is an excellent activity either to begin the fun or after you've both reached orgasm once and want to relax and enjoy one another's bodies. Treat one partner to a full massage. Remember to:

  • Let your hands linger. This is your chance to appreciate every bit of your partner's body.
  • Focus on the areas that bring the most pleasure to your partner. This may not necessarily be the places that turn your partner on. It could, instead, be the places that bring the most relaxation or elicit a few moans of pleasure.
  • Ask for feedback. Invite your partner to tell you what they enjoy. You may discover new erogenous zones or discover something that you never knew your partner liked.

Once you're done, cuddle up and relax for a little while together. Once that partner is ready, trade places and let the other partner enjoy a massage. You can end a sensual massage with orgasm or simply enjoy coming together and treating one another, depending on your levels of arousal.

You can also try using Crescendo or Tenuto to add an element of purely sexual pleasure while you treat your partner to a full-body massage. Both vibrators can be used to tease and tantalize, keeping the vibrations low enough that your partner will experience arousal and pleasure without reaching orgasm until you're ready.  

7. Nap

In today's busy society, many people push themselves too hard and run on short sleep most of the time. Since you're spending the day in bed anyway, take advantage of it and catch up on a little bit of that missing sleep! Cuddle up with your partner--naked, of course!--and simply fall asleep.

If one of you wakes before the other, enjoy the peace and the cuddles, or gently wake your partner by stroking their body. This simple action can improve your mood and increase your sensual connection. The hormones associated with orgasm can make men, in particular, sleepy, so you probably won't have any problem drifting off for a few minutes--and since you're planning to spend the day in bed anyway, there's no reason you can't indulge!

8. Share your dreams.

There's something about cuddling in a dimly-lit room together, close under the covers, that makes it easier for both partners to share their hopes and dreams. Take this time in bed to really reconnect with your partner. It's not just about sexy or sensual sharing, though that's certainly a benefit. Discuss the things you'd like to accomplish over the next few years. Talk about your plans: how you would like to see your family grow, what work opportunities you're hoping will come your way, and what long-term goals you have with your partner. As you talk together, you may discover new dreams to strive for or new things that you want to try.

9. Share what you appreciate about your partner.

When was the last time you really looked at your partner? If you've been together for a long time, that face and body may have become incredibly familiar. While you're in bed together, look at your partner's body. Tell them what you really appreciate about them: the curves that turn you on as you caress them with eyes and hands, the smile that makes you feel warm inside, the body part that you love to see--not just the ones that your partner doesn't share with anyone else, but the ones that you love the most. Trade compliments with one another. You'll give your partner a boost of confidence that could just lead to enhanced fun while you're in bed together as well as enhancing your connection to one another. 

Spending the day in bed with your partner is an incredible way to make the most of your time indoors together. By taking advantage of these tips, you can enhance your connection to your partner and feel happier, safer, and more comfortable with one another than ever. Want more tips about how the MysteryVibe products can enhance your day in bed together? Contact us to learn more about the products we offer and how they can enhance your overall experience. 

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