The Amazon Sex Position: How to Try the Intense and Powerful Sex Position

We'll dive into the features that set this pose apart from its counterparts, providing  instructions on how to incorporate this position into your repertoire.

Published Aug 02 2023 4 min read

Among the abundance of sex positions, the Amazon sex position stands out as an intense, powerful, and exhilarating option for couples. In this article, we'll dive into the unique features that set this pose apart from its counterparts, providing step-by-step instructions on how to skillfully incorporate this position into your erotic repertoire.   

What is the Amazon sex position?   

The Amazon sex position is a woman-on-top position that can be a fun and exciting way to shake things up in the bedroom. In this position, the receiving partner is in complete control, and the penetrating partner is in a more submissive role. The position is named after the powerful female warriors in Greek mythology, adding a layer of empowerment to the experience.    

The position involves the man or penetrating partner lying on their back with their legs raised and bent at the knees, similar to the missionary position but with the roles reversed. The woman or receiving partner then positions themselves over the other partner, holding the bottom partner’s legs up and controlling the movement. This position allows for deep penetration and can give both partners a new vantage point sexually.    

How to try the Amazon sex position   

The Amazon sex position can be a bit challenging initially, but with a bit of practice, it can become a favorite for many couples. Here's how to try it: 

  1. Start by having the person with a penis or strap-on lie on their back on a comfortable surface. They should lift their legs, bend them at the knees, and pull them into their chest.  
  1. The woman or receiving partner should then sit on top of bottom partner. The top partner should hold onto the bottom partner's legs for depth control and stability. 
  1. The bottom partner can raise their hips off the ground, allowing the top partner to control the depth and speed of penetration. They can also use their hands to support the top partner’s hips and help guide their movements.  
  1. The top partner can control the pace and depth of penetration. This position allows for a great deal of clitoral stimulation.  
  1. Communication is key in this position. Make sure both partners are comfortable and enjoying the experience. If you're trying this position for the first time, take it slow and make sure to communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn't.  

Why try it?   

The Amazon sex position offers numerous benefits. It provides deep penetration and can stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, potentially leading to intense orgasms for the receiving partner on top. It also allows the receiving partner to take control, which can break up monotomy and be a turn-on for both partners.    

Additionally, the Amazon position can be a great way to build intimacy and trust in a relationship. Because it's a bit more challenging than some other positions, it requires communication and cooperation. This can bring a couple closer together and enhance their sexual relationship.  

Keep in mind that the Amazon sex position requires a certain level of flexibility and strength, and some people may not find it comfortable. However, for those willing to give it a try, it can provide a new and exciting sexual experience. 


The Amazon sex position is an intense position that offers an exhilarating sexual experience. It allows for deep penetration, increased intimacy, and the opportunity for both partners to be equally active. Despite its initial complexity, its benefits far outweigh its challenges, especially with proper communication and mutual consent. Patience, flexibility, and strength are key to doing it right. 

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