Best Sex Positions For All Shapes And Sizes

Uncover a world of pleasure with the best sex positions designed to accommodate diverse body types, sizes, and preferences. Continue reading to learn more!

Published Jul 24 2023 3 min read

Our bodies are wonderfully diverse, each with unique features and preferences. A fulfilling sex life should celebrate this variety, allowing everyone to feel comfortable, confident, and pleasure-filled while having intimate experiences with their partner(s). Exploring sex positions that cater to all shapes and sizes is an essential way to honor this diversity, value your partner's individuality, and foster a positive, inclusive environment in the bedroom. 

In this post, we will discuss various sex positions designed for people of all body types, embracing the beauty that lies within our differences. Through these suggestions, you will discover that comfortable, pleasurable, and connected experiences are not limited to a particular body type or size. Remember, the key to indulging in these positions is open communication, consent, and mutual comfort. Remain attentive to your partner's needs, adjust the positions to suit both preferences and don't hesitate to express your desires and boundaries. 

1. The Lotus position - comfort and closeness for all

The Lotus position is characterized by its emphasis on comfort and close physical contact, making it an ideal sex position for people of all shapes and sizes. In this position, the giving partner sits cross-legged while the receiving partner sits on their lap, facing them. Both partners can wrap their arms around each other, further enhancing intimacy and connection. 

The weight distribution in the Lotus position alleviates potential discomfort, allowing people of all body types to feel relaxed and present during the experience. This position also permits both partners to control the pace, movement, and depth of penetration—offering endless opportunities for pleasure, regardless of body size or shape.  

2. The Tabletop position - adaptability and accessibility

The Tabletop position is a versatile and adaptable sex position that caters to various body sizes and types, making it a fantastic option for those looking to explore new sensations. In this position, the receiving partner lies on their back on a sturdy, elevated surface such as a (preferably wide) table, bed, or counter. The giving partner stands between the receiving partner's legs and enters them while supporting their hips or thighs. 

This position allows for diverse penetration angles, providing pleasure tailored to your unique preferences. By adjusting the height of the surface or positioning the receiving partner's legs in multiple ways, the Tabletop position caters to the needs and comfort of both partners, irrespective of their size and height differences.  

3. The Cowgirl/Cowboy position - control and confidence

The Cowgirl and Cowboy positions give the spotlight to the receiver, offering them control over depth, rhythm, and pacing while catering to all body types. In these positions, the giving partner lies on their back while the receiving partner straddles them, facing either towards or away from them (classified as Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy).  

These positions provide an empowering and comfortable experience for the receiving partner, allowing them to express their confidence and pleasure openly. The Cowgirl and Cowboy positions accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, granting the opportunity to take charge of their intimate encounters and attuning the experience to their specific desires and preferences.  

4. The Leg Glider position - embracing body diversity

The Leg Glider position takes accessibility and adaptability to new heights by demonstrating that pleasurable experiences can be achieved through simple positioning techniques. In this position, the receiving partner lies on their side, extending their bottom leg straight while their top leg is bent at the knee, resting on the bed, or another stable surface. The giving partner kneels, straddling the extended bottom leg, and enters the receiving partner from the side. 

This position is conducive to all body shapes and sizes, as it eliminates the need for significant flexibility or acrobatics while ensuring deep, pleasurable penetration. With the Leg Glider position, couples can immerse themselves in passionate moments, focusing on one another's pleasure rather than any physical limitations. 


The beauty of human diversity is something to be celebrated, and our sex lives should mirror this celebration by offering inclusive, pleasurable experiences for people of all shapes and sizes. Positions like the Lotus, Tabletop, Cowgirl/Cowboy, and Leg Glider show that fantastic intimacy is not reserved solely for those of a specific body type. Instead, these positions embrace body diversity and prioritize comfort, connection, and pleasure universally. 

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