Best Sex Toys For Men

From strokers to P-spot stimulators - there is something for everyone no matter how much experience you have.

Published May 21 2021 5 min read

The best sex toys for men can take great sex to a whole new height or provide a luxury solo session. The taboo that all too often surrounds male sex toys is outdated at this point, and you shouldn’t let that limit your solo pleasure. Whether a special treat or to spice up your usual routine incorporating sex toys into your male masturbation routine or sex life can help you learn more about your body, improve performance and discover new sensations that really get you off. 

From strokers to P-spot stimulators - there is something for everyone no matter how much experience you have. Get an idea of the types of sex toys for men that are on the market right now.

Cock ring/penis ring

Cock rings are both a pleasure enhancer and a tool to ensure fuller, longer and more intense erections. Cock rings are completely safe and easy to use - bringing new sensations and excitement they can add vigor and playfulness to your solo session or sex life.

A cock ring enables you to retain more blood flow in the penis for a longer duration by compressing blood vessels and restricting blood flow. Producing firmer, longer-lasting erections in men which can result in more intense orgasms for the wearer and the receiver alike (especially if it vibrates).

Best sex toys for men: cock ring

Best Sex Toys For Men Tenuto 2

MysteryVibe’s Tenuto 2

The world’s only adaptable wearable vibrator for men that has a comfortable fit around your penis, whatever your shape, size, design or anatomy so you can experience stronger, longer-lasting erections. This sex toy is perfect for exploring both partnered and solo sex as Tenuto stimulates your penis, perineum and partner's labia, for the ultimate couple climax. With 4 motors and 16 different vibration settings, the pleasure options are infinite - experiment with new sensations and get the ultimate erection for increased pleasure.



Masturbation sleeve

Strokers, penis sleeves, fleshlights and pocket pussies - masturbation sleeves have a few different nicknames but they all offer hands-free pleasure. These textured devices are designed to put your penis into, and the textured area helps to stimulate the genitals. The hollow tube is lined with material that feels as close to a vagina, mouth or anus as possible, mimicking the feelings of partnered or oral sex, for a pleasurable experience. You can even purchase customized masturbation sleeves that are designed to match your favorite pornstar’s vagina. Masturbation sleeves can be as high tech as you want them - from the old faithful silicone pocket pussy to the modern, high-tech masturbation sleeves that provide an extra immersive experience.

Best sex toys for men: high-tech masturbation sleeve

Best Sex Toys For Men Lelo Masturbation Sleeve

Lelo F1s Developers Kit Red

Instead of simply stimulating the nerve endings this masturbation sleeve uses sonic technology to resonate pleasurably all-around your penis for an intense orgasm. This powerful masturbation sleeve will have you feeling all kinds of ways in your solo session. 



Best sex toys for men: masturbation sleeve

Best Sex Toys For Men Hot Octopuss

Pulse Solo Essential

Make hands-free orgasms achievable with this male masturbator. Dubbed the ‘Guybrator’ let the Pulse Solo do all the work for you - you don’t even need an erection to use this! No stroking required.



Egg masturbator

An egg masturbator is made from a very stretchy material that covers the penis just like a condom would. It can create different sensations for masturbation or foreplay and come in the shape of an egg making them discreet, compact and great for travel. 

Best sex toys for men: egg masturbator

Best Sex Toys For Men Tenga Egg

Tenga Egg

With seventeen varieties these eggs bring some serious excitement into your masturbation game. At a wallet-friendly price, these sex toys are single-use for enhanced sensations with an unforgettable experience. 




These sex toys for men are some of the smartest on the market helping long-distance couples experience sexual intimacy from afar. Combining sex toys with the latest technology, these long-distance sex toys can help couples feel closer and ease sexual tension that may arise due to distance. Although these sex toys are suited to long-distance couples, you are also able to use them solo.

Best sex toys for men: teledildonics

Best Sex Toys For Men Kiiroo Teledildonics

Kiiroo Onyx+

This teledildonic sex toy is perfect for solo use or long-distance couples. Use alone as a male masturbator that contracts and expands for an ultra pleasurable experience. Or connect with the Pearl2 for an interactive sexual experience with your female partner.



Prostate massager 

The benefits of prostate massage (a.k.a the P-spot) are under appreciated and under utilized in its sourcing of male pleasure. Especially when paired with penis stimulation, prostate toys can provide exciting sensations to your usual masturbation routine or give extra powerful sensations during sex.

Vibrating prostate massagers usually provide constant stimulation through targeted stimulation to the P-spot and/or perineum (the skin between the testicles and anus), which vibrates against the prostate. With orgasms possible from using the prostate massager alone, just imagine pairing this with penis stimulation.

Best sex toys for men: prostate massager

Best Sex Toys For Men Prostate Crescendo

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Crescendo’s slim design and bendability make anal play smooth and indulging, even for those new to P-spot stimulation. Feel orgasmic bliss as the 6 motors stimulate all the right spots and experiment with new vibration patterns with the MysteryVibe app.



Butt plugs

Butt plugs are great for experimentation and prostate stimulation. For people with prostates, butt plugs can hit the P-spot for pleasurable sensations and create the feeling of fullness anally. Butt plugs come in all shapes, sizes and materials but it’s recommended to start with something small as you train your sphincter to increase its flexibility and always use plenty of water-based lube! 

Best sex toys for men: butt plugs

Best Sex Toys For Men Novice Butt Plug

B-Vibe Novice Butt Plug

This set is perfect for anal beginners, with varying levels of vibrations and remote control, this plug can kick your solo masturbation up a notch by stimulating an erogenous zone you may not have previously paid attention to. 



Anal beads

Anal beads fall into the same ‘family’ as butt plugs and prostate massagers but are very different, usually a string of spheres varying in size on a silicone wand. Perfect for novices and anal play connoisseurs alike, these small beads can provide seriously strong P-spot stimulation.

Unlike butt plugs, anal beads are not designed to stay put, but rather pleasure is gained from moving them in and out, stimulating various spots within the anal sphincter. Remember to lube up generously whenever experimenting with butt play to avoid any discomfort.

Best sex toys for men: anal beads

Best Sex Toys For Men Anal Beads

BASICS Anal Beads

With anal beads the simplicity of them is what works - so if you’re starting out this teasing string of 10 graduated anal beads with a safety handle at the end are perfect for exploring.



Penis pumps

Penis pumps are great for a variety of reasons, from dealing with erectile dysfunction to pleasure play. These sex toys can often add length and girth temporarily whilst also increasing sensitivity. Penis pumps generally either use air pressure or water to help with the suction that helps your erection grow and help with bedroom confidence.

Best sex toys for men: penis pumps

Best Sex Toys For Men Hydromax Penis Pump

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Blue 5-7 Inches

This penis pump is one of the best sex toys for men looking for more sensitivity and help with getting an erection. The hydraulic penis pump uses water to power suction designed for use in the bath or shower - this sex toy will boost performance and sexual confidence. Through regular use, you can enhance your erection size and stamina in the bedroom. 



Now you’ve got the low-down on the best sex toys for men, begin your pleasure journey with MysteryVibe’s award-winning sex toys for men.

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