Best Sideways Sex Positions

Break out of the routine and discover the pleasure of the sideways sex positions. Spice up your intimacy and enjoy a new perspective on physical connection.

Published Jul 18 2023 4 min read

Variety is an essential ingredient for maintaining a fulfilling and exciting sex life. Exploring new positions, angles, and experiences can reignite that initial spark and strengthen your intimate bond with your partner. Sideways sex positions offer a unique and unconventional perspective on physical connection. Not only do they provide you with a refreshing change of scene, but they also present numerous advantages, such as reduced strain on joints and increased pleasure through deeper and more varied penetration angles. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best sideways sex positions for you and your partner to experiment with in the bedroom—or any other space that accommodates your desires. 

1. The Spooning Position - comfort meets intimacy

One of the most popular sideways sex positions is the Spooning Position. The receiving partner lies on their side in a fetal position, with the giving partner nestled snugly behind them, also lying on their side. This position allows for deep penetration while providing a sense of closeness and security as both partners are embracing each other.  

Spooning is an excellent option for couples in search of a more intimate and relaxed experience and can be a gentle awakening as part of "morning love." It is also a fantastic position for those dealing with back pain or strain in other joints, as it distributes weight evenly and minimizes pressure on the body. 

2. The T-Square - a playful exploration of depth

The T-Square position is an adventurous sideways sex position, providing unique angles and sensations to explore. The receiving partner lies on their back extending their legs in a wide, happy baby type pose, with their knees slightly bent. The giving partner lies on their side and enters from the side. 

This position enables deep penetration and eye contact, ensuring that both partners stay connected throughout the experience. It also allows the giving partner to have control over the thrust's depth and speed, offering the potential for varied and exciting sensations. 

3. The Sideways Straddle - a balance of power and pleasure

The Sideways Straddle position is a more advanced variation of the T-Square position described earlier. In this position, the giving partner sits on the edge of the bed with their legs extended in front of them while the receiving partner straddles them sideways, facing the giving partner's thigh. The receiving partner can stabilize themselves by placing their hands on the bed, and the giving partner can support the receiving partner's waist. 

This position allows both partners to have a degree of control over speed, depth, and rhythm, making it ideal for couples seeking a balanced and interactive experience. Additionally, the side entry allows for different penetration angles, catering to unique sensations that may not be achieved through other positions.  

4. The Modified Doggy - a sensation-filled twist on a classic

The Modified Doggy position is a sideways variation of the classic doggy style. In this position, the receiving partner lies on their side, with their top leg bent at the knee and their foot resting on the bed. The giving partner kneels behind the receiving partner, guiding their top leg over the giving partner’s thigh to allow for penetration from behind. 

This position provides the giving partner with control over the depth and speed of thrusts while allowing the receiving partner to enjoy the sensation of being taken from behind. It also offers a unique degree of comfort for both partners compared to the classic doggy style, as there is less strain on the knees and wrists.  


Sideways sex positions offer a unique and refreshing perspective on physical intimacy. By experimenting with positions like Spooning, T-Square, Sideways Straddle, and Modified Doggy, you and your partner can explore new sensations, deepen your connection, and find renewed excitement in your love life. 

As you delve into new territory, remember that communication, consent, and mutual comfort are fundamental to ensuring a positive and pleasurable experience. Sexual exploration should be exciting, fun, and enjoyable for both partners. By maintaining open and honest communication, respecting boundaries, and adapting to your partner's preferences, you can create memorable and satisfying experiences that bring you closer together and invite fresh waves of passion into your relationship. 

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