Crescendo Reveals Your Most Orgasmic Christmas Jingle

What is the most recognisable Christmas song… on a vibrator? DECEMBER 7, 2017 Christmas is Coming!

Published Dec 07 2017 3 min read

What is the most recognisable Christmas song… on a vibrator? 

Crescendo Reveals Your Most Orgasmic Christmas Jingle


DECEMBER 7, 2017

Christmas is Coming! MysteryVibe’s Crescendo Will Reveal Your Most Orgasmic Christmas Jingle

MysteryVibe launch world’s first festive themed vibration patterns

Crescendo gives users a new way to enjoy their favourite Christmas song

“Give an orgasm this Christmas!” — Stephanie Alys, Founder of MysteryVibe


“What is the most recognisable Christmas song… on a vibrator?”

That’s the question pleasuretech pioneers and makers of Crescendo, the year’s most awarded vibrator, MysteryVibe, asked dazed Christmas shoppers this year. Engineers at MysteryVibe secretly programmed the device’s vibration pattern to match popular holiday carols.

To discover the most orgasmic Christmas song, Stephanie Alys, Chief Pleasure Officer and Co-Founder of MysteryVibe, took the newly programmed Crescendo to the streets and invited the public to play a simple guessing game.

Jingle Bells? Silent Night? Rudolph? How many jingles could you recognise by the vibrations alone? And which vibration pattern best matches your own pleasure needs?

On December 7, MysteryVibe will release a new set of vibration patterns exclusively designed for the festive season.

Crescendo users who have downloaded the app will get an automatic update, featuring the new carol-themed vibration patterns. We’re inviting those to give us feedback on their favorite vibration jingle using the hashtag, #ChristmasIsComing. 

“We wanted to have a little fun this Christmas,” said Alys. “Love them or hate them, Christmas songs ignite a sense of excitement and joy in us all. So we thought, imagine if we coupled that with the feeling of an intense orgasm?! Crescendo is the most advanced smart vibrator on the market, and we wanted to showcase its endless possibilities.

 “Our mission has always been empowering people through pleasure, and I hope this will give everyone a naughty new way to enjoy their favourite jingle. Why not give an orgasm this holiday! Christmas is coming!”

See reaction clips from Alys’s on the street encounters here.

Find out more about Crescendo.

Select pre-programmed Crescendos are available for press evaluation prior to the official release on Thursday, December 7.


About MysteryVibe:

MysteryVibe is an award winning British sextech company that designs luxurious pleasure products. Founded in 2014, their flagship product, Crescendo, is the world’s first body adapting vibrator designed to give the user a completely personalised pleasure experience.

In 2016, they became the first pleasure brand to win the Startup Sesame Event Accelerator award, the Young Guns Award and to be showcased at the Virgin Voom Awards.

Featured by BBC, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Guardian, Vice and Wired, they’ve quickly become one of the fastest growing sextech brands.

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