What Goes Into The World's Most Advanced Vibrator?

At MysteryVibe we bring together the best of humanity and technology to make products for your personalised pleasure. But have you ever wondered what makes our sextech distinct from the plethora of vibrators out there?

Published May 31 2019 5 min read

At MysteryVibe we bring together the best of humanity and technology to make products for your personalised pleasure. But have you ever wondered what makes our sextech distinct from the plethora of vibrators out there?

Well, we spoke to our CTO, Robert Weekly, for some exclusive insight into what really makes Crescendo’s tech so unique. How has it been designed to personally adapt to your different bodies, your fluctuating desires and your sensual needs?

Hey Rob, please tell us as the Chief Technology Officer, what makes Crescendo’s technology so unique?

To start, Crescendo is built to last. Not just the quality of design or the quality of manufacture, but really to keep giving you new pleasurable experiences.

It’s not a device that will lay collecting dust in the drawer with you thinking “yeah I know what that does”. No, you can download a new vibe, or even create your own to hit all of your erogenous spots!

We already know that Crescendo is built with 6 motors, unlike other vibrators with one or two, but what does this actually mean?

This means you can customise each vibe individually – personalising your pleasure depending on your mood or the situation. The possibilities of creating your own patterns are infinite. We did this because not only are you unique, but we know that your desires change. What feels good can change.

How we experience pleasure is influenced by so many factors. Which is why we developed the app, for you to choose the vibrations you want.

I’d recommend users begin by trying some of our pre-made content from the vibe store on our MysteryApp. Once you have explore the 12 pre-set vibes, you can take the time to add to those, be creative and even name them!

Each vibration created by yourself can be as long as 5 minutes, and then can be looped continuously for undisturbed stimulation.

We regularly upload new patterns… so stay connected to the MysteryApp for those updates.


What about Crescendo’s bendable body, can you tell us more about that?

What Makes Crescendo’s Tech So Special? An Interview With MysteryVibe’s CTO

The ingenious (if I may say so) internal skeleton design, complete with custom flexible printed circuit board, allows Crescendo to achieve its revolutionary bend and holding function.

No other product on the market competes or comes close. Ok – there are some bendable products out there, but most don’t hold their shape or provide stimulus around the bend joints.

Some products rely on a bendable wire core, and we all know that’s going to eventually break after a few bends… Let’s not even think about those consequences.


No thanks, we’d rather not. You mentioned before that Crescendo is built to last…?

Batteries – now that’s the last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re good to go. Crescendo comes fully loaded with a built in Lion Battery.

Oh okay – nothing new you say! Well hey, we’ve got you over 1.5hrs of play time, when fully charged – and that’s on max power. If you use a vibe which cycles more through individual motors, don’t be surprised if you get 3 hours play time.

As Personal Life Media seduction expert, Susan Bratton, explains:

“Arousal takes all genders at least 20-30 minutes to achieve. And that helping your genitals get fully engorged before rushing into sex of any kind is one of the best things you can do to have more sexual pleasure and satisfaction.”

For those who don’t know, “crescendo” is a musical term that means to increase in intensity. So using Crescendo to build up the sensation in the genitals without it running out of battery makes for a more powerful orgasmic release.


When switched off, Crescendo is in deep sleep mode, with the electronics only consuming about 80 microAmps, that means from fully charged without use, Crescendo should still have some battery life even after sitting in the drawer for 6+ months.

Crescendo and its charger are fully certified for most regions including CE, FCC, CHINA. This means our customers can purchase with complete confidence they are getting a safe and legally compliant product.

Oh, and just to add, if your Qi compatible iPhone is dying while you’re using Crescendo – just pop it on our Crescendo Dock Charger. It will top up the battery for you and you can keep you mind focused on the task in hand...


How have you made Crescendo totally waterproof and why?

Well we’ve utilised the latest Qi charging technology. No dodgy holes to put charging leads into for Crescendo – thats unlikely to keep water out im afraid. Wireless charging allows us to have a completely sealed outer sheath.

We tested the waterproof seal down to 1 meter, so although wouldn’t suggest you go deep sea diving with it, you can stick with wet play in the bath, shower, jacuzzi or outside on a rainy day. It also means washing before and after use is super easy.

You might want to check out our guide to sex toy materials to learn all about cleaning our high quality medical grade silicone properly, and which lubes it is compatible with.

The high-grade medical quality silicone makes Crescendo totally compatible with water-based lubes too.

What other features of Crescendo have you adapted to making pleasure personalised?

In the early stages, we also discovered the potential for it’s double ended feature (the waterproof sheath makes it dual insertable for couples to try). This was adapted through customer demand, personalising the customer’s pleasure. Though we didn’t see the original use case here, after testing we couldn’t resist implementing the change.

Crescendo’s adaptability makes it a great vibrator for dual play! You can get some inspiration from downloading our Mystery Playbook.

We have even had some fantastic feedback on how Crescendo was great for threesomes too!

What Makes Crescendo’s Tech So Special? An Interview With MysteryVibe’s CTO

We now have a lock feature. This came about through customer feedback on the first round of testing because customers were getting frustrated with vibe changing during use if they accidentally hit a button.

The beauty of our design allows us to add new features and deploy firmware updates via the app – so customers don’t need to worry if they have an older device. They can still benefit from our newest features!

Additionally, we designed the wings to provide more stimulation for the clitoris, as they are softer to touch, carrying the vibration for a different sensation. Particularly when you bend the tip Crescendo to hit the G-spot, the wings nestle onto the clitoris, or even stimulating the perineum – the most underrated pleasure point. For couples play you can place the wings on the base of the penis during penetration too!


Thank you so much for that juicy inside scoop Rob! Don’t worry, we will be back for more on what makes Tenuto’s technology so special.

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