The Ultimate List Of DIY Sex Toys

Your home is filled with a whole host of items that if used creatively can double as DIY sex toys. So, how do you make DIY sex toys from your household objects?

Published Mar 09 2021 5 min read

Still need a little convincing that buying a sex toy is one of the single greatest self-care purchases you can make (it will literally change your life)? Whilst you are putting on hold the best decision of your life, you might decide to try DIY sex toys to fill the sex toy-shaped hole in your life.

Your home is filled with a whole host of items that if used creatively can double as DIY sex toys. So, how do you make DIY sex toys from your household objects? From the obvious back-massager to the not-so-obvious sex-accessories, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy… All you need is a little imagination.

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    DIY Sex Toy Safety

    Before delving into the joys of DIY sex toys, it’s important to note that homemade sex toys may put you at risk of infection and certain objects have the potential to damage internal tissue. We would always recommend using a product designed to be used as a sex toy, as unlike these household items they are made from body-safe materials and are 100% safe to insert.

    This post does not make any representations about the safety, likely result, or reliability of the use of these materials, however to ensure safe play at all times below are some general guidelines to consider when using DIY sex toys:

    • Cover objects with a condom to prevent the transmission of bacteria
    • Clean items properly to avoid any irritation or infection
    • Don’t use objects with sharp edges or pointy bits
    • Don’t use anything that could shatter, splinter or break
    • Objects with electrical currents are for outside use only 
    • Do not use anything that isn’t yours
    • Do not use electric objects in the tub or shower

    Now the health and safety bit is out the way, see how many of these DIY sex toys you have lying around your home! 

    DIY Dildos

    DIY Sex Toys Dildos


    Or any phallic-shaped vegetable will do, the produce section can be seriously sexy if you think about it. Just like penises they have plenty of variety, shapes, girth and length to choose from! Remember that this one is a must for wrapping in a condom to avoid any bacterial infection, and we would strongly recommend not serving up cucumber sandwiches after...

    Hairbrush handles

    A girthy hairbrush end can simulate a penis - if you close your eyes and think hard enough. Make sure you wrap the hairbrush in a condom to stop any irritation.

    Make-up brushes

    Anything with a handle will do. This is another to cover with a condom as make-up brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 


    DIY Vibrators

    Showerhead or faucet

    Mind the temperature but by aiming a handheld showerhead or bathtub faucet on your clitoris you can experience some fantastic sensations that’ll have you feeling all kinds of way. 

    Electric toothbrush

    Buzzy vibes always - hold the external base against your clitoris for a make-shift vibrator. Or use the circular motion of the bristle-y end to pleasure yourself. Just remember not to brush your teeth after using...

    iPhone or Android phone

    Did you know you can turn your iPhone into a vibrator with one simple app download? iVibe Vibrating Massages can be used to “massage” the stress away. 

    Electric razor

    Another make-shift vibrator - remember to take the head off as you REALLY don’t want any accidents with this. Then let the base vibrate on your intimate bits.

    Face cleansing brush

    Cleanse your face or give your clitoris some loving, massaging vibes… enough said.

    Game controller

    Just like with your iPhone - gaming controllers just take one simple app to make them into your very own personal vibrator. iVibrate is free and compatible with your Xbox One, PlayStation, or any gamepad! 

    Back massager

    An obvious one - and arguably one that has always doubled up. Those vibrations don’t just feel good getting those pesky knots out your back. 

    Washing machine

    Make sure your washing machine is a sturdy one and sit atop for a vibe-y ride. 


    DIY Sex Toys For BDSM

    DIY Sex Toys For BDSM

    Wooden spoon

    Great for exploring impact play without opening your wallet. This utensil is realistically already in your home - just remember to still use safe words as you should with any BDSM-related play. 


    Get all fifty shades of grey with wax play by dripping candle wax over your body. Body-safe candles made from soy or paraffin are best for temperature play as they won’t burn your skin causing lasting marks.

    Scarves and neckties

    Scarves and neckties are far more versatile in the bedroom than out. Use that soft silky feeling to evoke pleasure sensations, deprive your partner of sight by using it as a blindfold or limit your partner’s movement with some carefully planned knots. Tie up wherever you feel fit and enjoy DIY bondage and blindfold play. Be careful not to cut off your circulation by tying these too tight.


    Wanting to try out more sensory deprivation? Let the feelings of anticipation wash over you as the lack of control drives you wild. 

    Sleep mask

    Another one to make your sex life more multi-sensational, deprive yourself or your partner of control whilst they eagerly await your touch. 


    Use a metal spoon to experiment with temperature play - the cold or hot metal will cause your partner’s skin to raise with goosebumps.

    Ice cube

    Run an ice cube over your partner’s warm body for a temperature contrast that will awaken delightful sensations or place an ice cube in your mouth before oral play. 


    Another spanker to add to the collection, a rubber spatula’s soft texture makes it perfect for beginners.


    A belt makes great makeshift handcuffs to limit your partner’s movement, or give them a rougher spank.


    There is something really hot about having your underwear shoved in your mouth to muffle your moans. If you don’t ask - you don’t get.


    DIY Sex Toys For Penises

    DIY Sex Toys For Penises


    Warm the pearls up by wearing them close to your body all day long, then when you are ready for a night full of fun take them off and cover them generously with lube. Coil the pearls around the shaft of your partner’s penis. Then move the beads up and down his shaft in a fancy wank kind of way.


    Make yourself an old-school pocket pussy by filling up your sock with lube and masturbate with it. If you are looking for partnered fun then have your partner give you a hand job with the lubed-up sock - just remember to throw it straight in the washing machine to avoid a stiff and sticky situation. 


    A hair tie can encompass the penis as a make-shift cock ring. Give them a handjob with a difference, but be careful to make sure the scrunchie isn’t too tight on those who are girthier.


    That soft fleshy texture could be pretty great to put your penis inside, just make sure to get rid of the suspicious-looking evidence.


    DIY Sex Accessories

    Yoga ball

    More of a sex enhancer, these inflatable balls are perfect for positioning yourself to hit just the right spots. And the added bounce may mean less work for you during sex, win-win. 

    Shower curtain

    No need to worry about ruining your sheets with your very own sex blanket. Try all kinds of messy play this sex is great for water-sports, squirting and splooshing! 

    DIY Sex Toys Nipple Clamps

    Clothing pegs

    Nipple play is a seriously under-rated and under-appreciated form of foreplay - but if you don’t want to shell out on the best nipple toys then why not dip your toe by using clothing pegs as nipple clamps. Just be careful they aren’t too tight as they can tread the line between pain and pleasure very finely.

    Feather duster

    Tease your partner with a light stroke from an unused feather duster.


    A gym roller can help relieve muscle tightness but can also be used as a prop to lean on during penetrative sex.


    Minty fresh feeling on your private bits, have your partner suck a mint before giving oral sex for an added cool tingly sensation.


    You can buy sex pillows designed to angle you for deep penetrative sex, but you can get the same results by positioning some of your regular pillows on your lower back to angle you upward.


    Household Lubricants

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil makes your hair glow, dishes taste delicious and can even be used as a lubricant. We always recommend using a specially designed lubricant as this one can be messier, harder to wash off, stain clothing and can not be used with latex condoms, but used carefully coconut oil can be an effective lube for longer-lasting, enjoyable intercourse. 

    Baby oil

    If you want to experience a silky sensual massage without emptying your wallet on massage candles, then getting oiled up can be an erotic moment for your sight and touch.


    How To Make Homemade Sex Toys

    There is more than one way to create sex toys! If you want a personalized DIY dildo then check out these DIY sex toy kits! 

    Clone-A-Willy Kits

    One of the most popular kits on the market - this DIY kit is more than just a gimmick as you create a replica of your penis or your partner’s in silicone! They even come with a small bullet vibrator to insert for added vibrations. Check out this how-to Clone A Willy Kit from the comfort of your own home. Half the fun of this is the making, so get ready for some laughs!

    Clone-A-Pussy Kit

    From the creators of Clone-A-Willy how about creating a replica of a vulva for your very own masturbation sleeve. Perfect for long-distance relationships when you’re missing that special vulva in your life. Check out this video with a set of instructions before purchasing - to answer some of your hows and whys. 

    DIY fleshlight

    Want to try to make your very own fleshlight from objects lying around your house? Then follow this step by step for a fleshlight made from a towel:

    • Roll out a fairly small towel flat on a surface
    • Lay the latex glove or condom inside it
    • Roll it uptight 
    • Pull the extra inch of glove/condom back over the outer edge of the towel, making a vagina like hole - the inside of the glove/condom being the vagina 
    • Apply plenty of lube and thrust away

    Now you have a whole host of creative uses for household objects why not look into creating your very own DIY sex dungeon the perfect setting to try out your DIY sex toys.

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