The Ultimate Guide To Nipple Toys

Nipples can provide some pretty intense sensations if stimulated correctly. With the possibility of reaching the big O it’s a wonder why they don't receive more attention. If a lick, kiss or suck sends shivers down your spine these nipple toys are guaranteed to take you all the way.

Published Oct 20 2020 5 min read

Nipples are under-rated and under-utilized. They can be a potent form of pleasure if stimulated just right, with a lucky bunch of people being able to reach the big O through nipple stimulation… and although a lick, kiss, or suck from a partner can send those shivers down your spine these nipple toys are guaranteed to take you all the way.

What to know if you’re new to nipple toys

Test the water

Using nipple toys can provide some pretty intense sensations so before you jump in feet first try some light nipple play. The pleasure-pain line is one that often blurs with nipple play, for some people this can drive them wild but for others, it’s just plain painful. Try out pulling the nipples and light biting to see if intense pressure is something you enjoy.


Remember consent can be taken away at any point, this is why it’s important to have a safe word in case things get too painful or you change your mind about what you want. Pay attention to your partner, checking regularly they are enjoying the sensations. If this is your first venture into the world of BDSM, thoroughly discuss your desires and fantasies to create a safe and open environment. Remember to communicate throughout your hot and heavy bedroom session.

Why try nipple play?

Nipples are potent pleasure zones, with hundreds of nerve endings they are sensitive to touch in the best kind of way. A study even found that nipple stimulation shoots off signals to the same region of the brain as genital stimulation. 

With so much unlocked potential - why has it taken us this long to show them some love? 

From a component in a sexual experience (have a look at these breast-focused sex positions) to purely nipple stimulation (hello, nipple orgasms!). These toys are designed to enhance your pleasure and have you wondering why you gave them no attention for so long. 

The best nipple toys that will take your nip game to the next level

  • Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps have the capability to send you into a heated frenzy, the small devices are used to pinch the nipples. They cause endorphins to flood the body as they apply pressure and restrict blood flow, they will have teetering between pain and pleasure. Which for many can really get them going - or even orgasm!

With so many options out there for nipple clamps, it’s important to do your research.

Metal or silicone coated? Weighted or Non? Rubber ends or something more hardcore? Vibrating or static?

If you’re trying nipple clamps for the first time, go in at beginner level. Try out metal nipple clamps with rubber casing, these can often be adjusted through a small screw to change the amount of pressure on the nipple. Giving you the option to start off with some light pressure and gently increase this as you discover how your mind and body react. 

The heavier the chain connecting the clamps the more intense the feelings. Weighted chains can make you feel extra sensitive as you move around or give them a gentle tug, for some this may be too much so try a lighter weight for a less extreme experience. If you find you can’t get enough venture to a heavier chain for more advanced play.

If you aren’t ready to make the purchase, try out a clothes peg... 50 shades of grey style.


  • Nipple suckers

Nipple suckers are a lesser-known toy that increases the blood flow through suction and acts in a similar way to a pump or vacuum. The increased blood flow causes the nipple to become engorged, increasing sensitivity, so the usual nipple kisses and flicks will feel all the more intense.

Nipple suckers are easy to use; simply squeeze and place over the nipples, the suction toy does the rest. Once you have taken them off, that’s where things really start to cause some delicious sensations through nipple play.

  • Vibrator

Your vibrator isn’t just for your genitals, with so many multi uses why not stimulate other pleasure zones. Use your favorite vibrator to give you buzzy vibrations all over, run the vibrator around the nipples playing with different patterns and intensities until you find something that sends shock waves through your body.

  • Watenberg pinwheel

Pinwheel toys have sharp teeth that deliver sensations that hurt-so-good. This BDSM toy can be painful so make sure this is something that you and your partner want to try out before grabbing it from the draw. Trying it out on a less sensitive area such as the leg may be a good way to gauge the kind of pressure you want before running the toy delicately over the nipples. 

  • Suction vibrator

Suction vibrators have become a staple in sex drawers everywhere, as they create a unique sucking sensation on your genitals. Who's to say this sensation won’t also feel delightful and your pert nipples.

Now you’ve got the goods - go forward and never forget about nipples again.

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