The Best Breast Focused Sex Positions

The sensations produced from a gentle nipple touch, or possibly a harder tug can be orgasmic. Enhance your nipple and breast play and wonder why you ignored them for so long.

Published Oct 19 2020 5 min read

Universally; most people love breasts, and why wouldn’t you? Regardless of shape, size, plumpness they hold a lot of potential for pleasure as an erogenous zone. Some women can even orgasm through nipple stimulation, so why shy away from having a play? 

Give your boobs some extra loving and incorporate breast play into a bedroom session for better sex.

The sensations produced from a gentle nipple touch or possibly a harder tug can be orgasmic. Enhance your nipple and breast play, with or without penetration, and wonder why you ignored them for so long.


Breast play techniques


  •  Touch your nipples yourself

Show your partner exactly what you want by playing with those beauties.


We recommend a water-based lube to add some extra delicious sensations! Sensually massage yourself or have your partner lend you a hand. 


    • Foster extra closeness

    Press your chest against your partner, rubbing yourself all over them. This can be really sexy and amp up that sexual tension before engaging in a well-deserved bedroom session.


      • Incorporate toys

      If you want a little extra stimulation try a vibrator, those targeted vibrations will have you feeling all kinds of ways. 


        • Take your time

        Let your arousal build with intensity, as your partner varies pressure as they lick and suck your nipples.


          • Love yourself

          Be proud of your boobs, boobs are fantastic in all their varying shapes and sizes. Put on that sexy lingerie and ooze confidence. You will soon see how your relationship with your body improves and you learn to love every curve.

            Black lingerie

            5 of the best breast-focused sex positions

            Doggie style with a (nipple) twist

            Just like a traditional doggy, your partner plants themselves behind you, taking control of your body with a selection of thrusts. However, let’s not forget we are focusing on giving all our love and attention to the breasts, so logically we urge your partner to place their hands on your boobs to steady themselves as they find a rhythm. Give them a squeeze, cradle them, and show them some love. 

            If you prefer your doggie style on the rough side, let them know you want it a little harder, deeper, and faster. Let him mimic his thrusts with his hands by tightly pinching your nipples, whilst you concentrate on every pleasurable sensation.

            Eye candy

            If you have ever watched your boobs jiggle and bounce in the mirror you know how great they look. Now imagine this view, whilst having someone pay special attention to your genitals. That’s exactly what your partner sees when you climb aboard. 

            Now as you’re on top, you can take charge (perfect for those with a dominant streak through them). Tell them what you want. Have them reach up and play- licking, sucking, and kissing your nipples as you bounce up and down.

            Equally, who says you can’t give your breasts and nipples some attention yourself. Arch your back and play with your breasts, teasing them with what they can’t quite reach. 

            Lap dance

            Have him sat on a chair, or against the wall in your bedroom. Climb on top and lower your boobs to his mouth, teasing your nipple against his lips. This will awaken that primal bonding instinct, making you feel closer than ever to your partner. Equally, switch it around, turn away from your partner, he will be able to easily reach and caress your generous bounty, whilst you control the pace and deepness. 

            Playful spoon

            Spooning sex is great for physical closeness, the skin-to-skin contact is unparalleled for intimacy as you both lie on your sides with every inch touching each other. This is the perfect position for some extra boob-loving. Have your partner stroke your nipples and maybe even give the clitoris some special attention.

            Extra-oral stimulation

            Have your partner build-up to some good old oral sex through juicy nipple kisses, licking and lightly touching down the body, teasing your body until you’re shuddering with pleasure. Then have them release all that build up by indulging in some cunnilingus. Have them reach up and play with your breasts for a holistic orgasmic experience. You can guide their hands to where you want to be touched whether that’s a playful squeeze of the breast or a brush of the nipple.


            Now go and unlock another world of pleasure as you navigate breast play.

            Have better sex