The Definitive Guide To Female Erogenous Zones

Now technically ANY pleasurable area is an erogenous zone, some will feel so much better than others. With so many erogenous zones to uncover and discover, you will certainly find a couple of untapped hotspots on the list.

Published Oct 02 2020 5 min read

What are erogenous zones?

The pleasure zone, or more accurately pleasure zones. Erogenous zones are parts of the body that can produce a sexual response when stimulated. We all know the basics, the OBVIOUS bits that feel good when touched (hello clitoris!). Yet what about the not so obvious ones, the extra-sensitive areas that feel so delicious. These often overlooked areas have unlimited unlocked potential, that will have you gently moaning as you experience all new sensations. 

Now technically ANY pleasurable area of the body is an erogenous zone, some will feel so much better than others. With so many to uncover and discover, you will certainly find a couple of sweet spots on the list. We have given you the definitive guide to erogenous zones that will have you wondering why you haven’t explored them earlier.


The obvious hot spots

These are those erogenous zones that you might find yourself thinking - well, obviously I already knew that. But, we’d be silly to not mention them in our list of female erogenous zones so dive in and reminisce about the moans associated with these areas.

1. Clitoris

With more than 8,000 nerve endings at the tip alone, there is no wonder this little part of your anatomy feels OH so good.
Clitoral stimulation can be vital in achieving orgasm, as most people find those sensations are the easiest way to experience orgasm.
Stimulate the clitoris with the fingers, tongue, or sex toys by gently rubbing in a circular motion. Make sure the clitoris is adequately lubricated as this will increase those tingly sensations. 

Not everyone can orgasm through clitoral stimulation, so no pressure. Just go with what feels good and remember to communicate if it’s someone else down there! 

2. G-spot

That mythical, magical X marks the spot of female sexual pleasure - some of us know the exact spot whilst others can’t seem to find it. The G spot is located about an inch inside the vaginal opening, on the vaginal wall closest to the belly button. Stimulating the g-spot can lead to powerful orgasms and even female ejaculation. Combining clitoral stimulation with g-spot stimulation can result in a heavenly blended orgasm. 

3. Nipples

Pinch, stroke, twist, lick, kiss, blow… having someone play with your nipples can have an orgasmic effect. With concentrations of nerve endings and the possibility of nipple orgasm, nipples are a serious pleasure zone that is so often overlooked!

Nipples are extremely responsive, and can withstand stronger stimulation the more you get in the mood! However, everyone’s sensitivity is different- some nipples are highly sensitive, whilst others can withstand a hard squeeze. The tenderness of the breasts and nipples can change throughout the menstrual cycle, so always start with light touches, and gradually build up the intensity and pressure.

If you like a lot of stimulation, talk about investing in nipple clamps to teeter that line of pain and pleasure. As ever, it is important to communicate what you are comfortable with and what feels good. 

4. Perineum

A well known male erogenous zone but a lesser-known female hot spot. The little area of skin that sits between the vagina and anus. This is the lowest point of the wider clitoral system and can cause arousal through gentle massage or touching.

Incorporate touching this area when indulging in oral sex, with a gentle lick, you’ll be surprised how good this feels.


The not so obvious hot spots

These erogenous zones you are likely to have gently explored, realizing that having your back tickled can send shivers down your spine. Although stimulating these areas are unlikely to result in orgasm they can add to your sexual journey.

1. Ears

Massaging your earlobes can often relax you, so why not try a gentle stroke, pull or twist to deliver some extra endorphins. For something a little more sensual, a light lick, nibble, or suck can leave you in the mood with those tingly feelings.

2. Stomach

This hot spot is great for teasing, sitting right about the vulva this spot is often kissed and licked in the build-up to oral stimulation. 

Try some temperature play, that will leave you breathless with sexual tension in the air. Drip candle wax over the stomach or try rubbing an ice cube along the stomach and navel - the contrast between temperatures will awaken some delightful sensations. 

The area between the belly button and the pubic area can often trigger a pleasure response. Another area that is often tied to oral sex. By stimulating this area with your hands or mouth, you can actually stimulate the G-spot from the opposite side.

3. Inner thighs

This erogenous zone is great for teasing within the build-up to oral stimulation just like the stomach. 

Gently kiss the inner thighs, tracing your tongue up getting closer and closer to the vagina. With consent, gentle bites can increase sexual arousal whilst sending you into the pleasure zone.

4. Lower back

Light touches and tickles along the lower/small of your back can leave you feeling close to your partner through the sensual nature of the touches. 

This spot is perfect for a little sensory stimulation, try a feather or an ice cube for some delicious sensations. 

5. Armpits

Your armpits are really sensitive. Remember that time you kicked someone for touching you under them? Well if something is this ticklish it’s unsurprising that it’s packed full of nerve endings. This is probably an unsurprising erogenous zone and won’t be pleasurable for everyone so be gentle, and see if those touches elicit a pleasurable response.

6. Scalp 

Scalp massages are wonderful, alongside the tingling, pleasurable sensation you feel they also decrease stress and boost your mood. The act of simply running fingers through your hair can evoke a positive response, sending you into a deep state of relaxation. That relaxing head massage that sends tingles through your body does it for a reason. Through simply running fingers through your hair, this can evoke a soothing response, relaxing you further. 

7. Neck

By giving the neck some loving, the make-out session can become a more holistic experience. Gentle neck kisses and licking can be such a turn on due to the high concentration of light-touch receptors.

8. Fingers

Holding hands is very intimate alone, it can make you feel connected to your partner. Or make this more sensual and sexual by sucking on someone’s fingers. A light sucking feeling can produce a pleasurable feeling as the gentle waves of sensation.

9. Bum

Increase arousal with some kisses and squeezes. The bum can provide endless fun for teasing and pleasure. If full-on penetration scares you a little, then try some light touches and caressing of the outside skin. Remember, if you do want to amp things up further with some ass play then use plenty of lube.

10. Mouth

Kissing is a powerful tool and by paying some special attention to the mouth you can turn up the heat, and intensity. Build intimacy and a deeper emotional connection to your partner, through gentle kisses. Escalate this further by varying pressure and intensity, to spark passionate feelings. Not only does giving special attention to the mouth feel really good, but it is a vital part of foreplay.

11. Inner wrist

The ability to feel the pulse in this area means it is one of the most vulnerable intimate areas on your body. By lightly caressing, and kissing you will feel like your soul is bared to your partner.

12. Feet

Stimulate and pleasure feet with objects such as a feather, or just a light tickle. This area can be sexually arousing for some people, if you want to delve into the world of foot foreplay then have a look at our foot foreplay ideas.

13. Knee

This area is incredibly sensitive to touch, focus on this spot during a massage building pressure. Careful, as this area can be incredibly ticklish for some.

14. Brain

Ok, so not technically an erogenous zone, but the most important part of pleasure. Getting in the mood is often psychological, if your brain isn’t stimulated you may find it difficult to enjoy the pleasurable sensations. Stimulate this area through connection to your body or partner and you will feel all the better in the bedroom. 

Now you have the definitive guide to erogenous zones, get exploring, and discover how those waves of sensation can contribute to a more enjoyable pleasure journey.

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