The Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toys For A Sustainable Sex Life

More natural and sustainable options have come to light to keep our planet green and us sexually satisfied. So the real question is can we save the planet all whilst having sex?

Published Dec 29 2020 5 min read

It’s quite likely in your day-to-day life you make an effort to looks after the planet - from reusable shopping bags to ditching plastic bottles we are all actively trying to make the world a greener place. 

But did you know that we can make our sex life more sustainable too? From ditching batteries for rechargeable ones to eco-friendly sex toys - we really do have it all if you just know where to look. More natural and sustainable options have come to light to keep our planet green and us sexually satisfied. So the real question is can we save the planet all whilst having sex?

Eco-friendly vibrators and sex toys

Why not try reaching for an eco-friendly vibe? Swap out your batteries for rechargeable batteries, or even better invest in a quality rechargeable device that will last you for years to come. By carefully thinking about which vibe you want you can find an internal or external vibrator that will be a lifelong friend. And if you gave some oldies that have seen better days check out a sex toy recycling program near you to responsibly dispose of your vibrator.

We like:

MysteryVibes Crescendo. A vibe made for pleasure, this rechargeable toy will keep you satisfied for many years to come. With its bendability Crescendo can act as many toys in one which means more bang for your buck and less need for cheap plastic vibrators that end up in landfills!


Alternative sex toy materials

Next look at what materials your sex toys are made from, more sustainable materials such as wooden toys, glass dildos and even biodegradable vibrators, which can offer you earth-shattering orgasms without heating up the planet. It is very important to prioritize the body-safe materials, as to not cause any long term damage to yourself or others. 

Check out this article on sex toy materials to learn more about what to look out for.

We like:

NobEssence wooden dildos. These wooden dildos are made from non-endangered hardwoods and hand-sculpted. They are totally safe to wash with warm water and toy cleaner, so no build-up of bacteria or nasty bits. If you are thinking of trying an alternative sex toy material that may benefit the planet then we think a wooden dildo isn’t a bad start.


Eco-friendly condoms

Eco-friendly condoms

If you are a condom user - keep using them. They protect and keep you safe from STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. This is the most responsible thing you can do for your sexual and reproductive health. However, not all condoms are created equal, some are responsible for much more waste than others. So why not try out some that have a positive environmental effect to make you feel even better?

We like:

HANX condoms. These vegan condoms are not only vegan but also biodegradable and cruelty-free but they even look good in your cupboard. A win all around for the planet and your sex life.


Vegan lube

We love lube, it enhances every delicious sensation and just makes it feel oh so good. But did you know some lubes are worse for the environment than others? By using water-based lube or phthalates free lubricants you look after your body and the planet.

We like:

Good Clean Love. Good clean love sells an abundance of organic and vegan lubes with a strong environmental policy. Containing only certified organic and clean ingredients such as aloe vera, using recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging. What’s not to love?


Bedroom setting

Sustainable bedroom

Since sex usually starts in the bedroom why not revamp the space to be more eco-friendly. Think washable cloths for the inevitable clean up and ethically made bedsheets to help you get in the mood. You can even create a sensual atmosphere with a soy or beeswax candle -  all whilst minimizing your energy usage with artificial lighting! 

We like:

Rise and fall bedsheets. Sustainably sourced and ethically produced enjoy heading to the land of nod on good conscience and luxury bedding.

Begin your journey for a more eco-friendly sex life and feel good about yourself in more ways than one! 

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