Feed Your Sexual Appetite With These 6 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods

Tantalise your taste buds and bring the kitchen into the bedroom – or perhaps the bedroom into the kitchen – with these 6 natural aphrodisiac foods for a most scrumptious night in.


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Feed Your Sexual Appetite With These 6 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods

Tantalise your taste buds and bring the kitchen into the bedroom – or perhaps the bedroom into the kitchen – with these 6 natural aphrodisiac foods for a most scrumptious night in.

What makes food so sexy, you may ask? Well, aside from the obvious “sploshing” (wet and messy fetishism involving food), just take a moment to think about something that makes your mouth water.

Notice your pang of hunger. Your aching thirst. How your pupils dilate. Your sense of smell heightens. The tongue’s nerves stand to attention and the mouth salivates.

All you want to do is sink in your teeth and ravish… Sorry, are we still talking about food?


Whether you are cooking, eating, or feeding, food passionately ignites the senses and fuels your sexual appetite. Just check out feminist artist Stephanie Sarley’s literal food porn.

Authors of the fruitful book, The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac CookBook by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge, says that “your mind is your strongest aphrodisiac.”

Not only that, but once you have ingested the sumptuous treat, there are specific properties and nutrients inside that are amazing for boosting your libido.

Properties that increase your sex hormones, dopamine or testosterone, include Vitamin B, Vitamin E, zinc and potassium.

Scientific research has also found that properties Omega 3, folic acid, citrulline, and aid blood circulation to the genitals through the release of nitric oxide, which allows for arousal and lubrication.

Here are the top natural aphrodisiac foods that boost your sex drive Hopkins and Lockridge recommend:

#1. Asparagus


Not only is this long, firm vegetable temptingly phallic, but paired with some buttery garlic sauce it makes for a delicious starter to woo a lover with. Apparently in “ye-olde-France” the night before a wedding, the bride and groom would dine with asparagus.

Whether it has to do with the shape or the sexual energy it provides, we don’t know. However, with the miracles of science, today we do know that asparagus contains many properties good for stimulating the sex hormones, including potassium, phosphorous, folic acid, vitamin E and B6. The additional garlic sauce is beneficial not only for it’s drool-inducing aromas, but for being the world’s most powerful antioxidant, which is amazing for stimulating blood flow to the genitals.

#2. Honey


Sweet, succulent, sticky, sensual. Honey is not only the nectar of flowers, but is symbolic as the nectar of a woman. Amrita, female ejaculation, is known as the nectar of the goddess.

It has been advocated as a natural aphrodisiac food since the ancient times. The name “Honeymoon” dates back to the 5th century with a tradition of the wedded couple drinking mead, an alcoholic honey concoction, til the first new moon of their marriage.

In the ancient sanskrit text, Kama Sutra, it was written that the groom would receive honey on his wedding day.

Even the ancient Greek dubbed “father of medicine” Hippocrates prescribed honey from aphrodisiac flowers jasmine, orchids, marjoram as a food that increases the sex drive. Today we know that it is filled with Vitamin B, which is good for testosterone production. Additionally the fructose sugar will slowly release energy – great for keeping stamina in the bedroom.

You could try pouring it and licking it off of each other… But you may want to lay down your Sheets of San Francisco for an easy clean up.

#3. Pine Nuts


Perhaps a less messy food, but just as historically renowned as a natural aphrodisiac food that increases sex drive. Found inside the pine cone, pine nuts were prescribed by ancient Greek physician Galen, in the 2nd century for their sexual powers. Today people have nicknamed them the “kernel of love”, for its remarkable properties that aid with the sex hormones.

They make a great addition to many meals… sprinkle them on a pasta, salad, or maybe eat them as they are in all their deliciousness. Roasting them releases a delectable aroma – which will get you slurping in anticipation. The high amounts of zinc is amazing for lubrication. Also found to be high in L-arginine which helps with getting our blood flow where it needs to be!

#4. Grapes


An image of pure decadence. Feeding your partner grapes, could it get any steamier in here? These powerful aphrodisiac mouthfuls of juice, “squirt a fountain of aphrodisiac power and grape flavour” stimulating all your erotic senses. They are high in potassium, and antioxidants too – and we all know what that means by now.

Think about it…they also make the liquid of love, wine. This study found that drinking 2 glasses of red wine helps to boost testosterone and increase lubrication. But quit while you’re ahead, because with any more you will reverse all the good.

#5. Ginger

Feed Your Sexual Appetite With These 6 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods

Now this is where things start to get a little hot. Just look at a root of ginger… Its hands, and its fingers… a slice of this spice in any meal will be sure to get your juices flowing. The medicinal qualities of ginger are vast. Filled with potassium, magnesium and copper, it helped to increase blood flow.

You can make a fresh ginger tea, grate it over a dish for garnish, or perhaps for the more adventurous attempt a go at figging. Now if you are squeamish, I suggest you stop reading now.

Dubbed a “Dominatrix’s Secret Weapon”, ginger roots’ fiery qualities have been used in BDSM as an erotic form of punishment. Pleasure Mechanics explains that a “finger” of ginger (whilst kept on the “hand” so as to give it a base) it peeled to reveal its juicy insides and shaped to be inserted into the anus for a “pleasurable burning sensation” during a spanking session.

#6. Oysters


These soft, silky slippery morsels are often portrayed as our beautiful bits… their texture suggests a sexual connotation.

They embody seduction. It is well known that world-famous seducer Casanova loved eating oysters. What he loved more though was teaching his lovers how to eat them. Writing about his “oyster game” he used to seduce women:

“We sucked them in, one by one, after placing them on the other’s tongue. Voluptuous reader, try it, and tell me whether it is not the nectar of the gods!”

But does their aphrodisia hold true when it comes to the properties…?

Hopkins claims they do! Nutritionally oysters are high in proteins and zinc. So when you are wining and dining, take a tip out of Casanova’s book, and seduce with oysters for a ravishingly good night.

Just remember, it’s not just the foods that increase the sex drive…

Context is important. Take the time to prepare. After all it’s the entire journey that is the pleasure. Build up an eroticism around the food to initially get you and your partner in the mood. So how do you make these natural aphrodisiac foods sexy?

Start by making the time. Organise a date night. Preparation is sensual, and pleasure can be sought in all things before sex.

Why not cook together. Just the two of you, in the kitchen, spicing things up… Just be careful to put down the knife and turn off the stove if you end up getting side tracked.

Bring the food into the bedroom. Breakfast in bed? Or dinner under the duvets?

Bring sex into the kitchen. For those who can’t quite make it to the bed, the kitchen is a perfect place to get hot and steamy.

And when you get the munchies after all that frenzied passion, you won’t have to go far. Just reach for those grapes.

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