Healthy Changes That Can Improve Your Sex Life This Year

This year, what if you could make a few healthy changes and resolutions that won't just improve your overall health and energy levels, but that will boost your libido, as well?

Published Jan 05 2021 7 min read

This year, what if you could make a few healthy changes and resolutions that won't just improve your overall health and energy levels, but that will boost your libido, as well? Set yourself up for success this year with some of these key healthy changes that can help with sexual health, too. 

1. Get More Active

fitness class improve sex life

Regular activity doesn't just improve your overall health and help you have more energy. It can also improve your overall sexual health and your staying power. You'll get more enjoyment out of sex when you're gasping from pleasure, rather than lack of air. Find a form of physical activity that you genuinely enjoy. You don't have to lace up a pair of running shoes and go for a long run, though that's certainly a great way to get more active! As you work out, you'll also become more comfortable in your own skin, which can translate to confidence in the bedroom.

Want a sexually positive bonus from your athletic endeavors? Consider finding something that you can enjoy with your partner. Getting sweaty together can be an incredible turn-on!

Keep in mind that many athletic activities can have unexpected sexual benefits. For example:

Building strength can improve the range of positions you can use. Whether you're male or female, you'll discover that there are some definite advantages to many strength-building exercises, which can help you enjoy a wider range of positions and activities. Pick up those weights or try some bodyweight activities that will help build that vital strength.

Building endurance can help keep you going longer. Cardio isn't just great for heart health. It can also help keep you going longer in bed, whether you're looking for a long, slow solo session or a fantastic session with your partner. Go for a long walk or run, check out the elliptical at the gym, or try out a long bike ride. 

Building flexibility will allow you to remain more comfortable throughout your sex sessions. Flexibility is critical for reaching some of your favorite positions. If you lose that flexibility, you may find yourself struggling to get into some of the best positions. Luckily, both yoga and stretching can help rebuild that vital flexibility. 

2. Check Your Diet

You know that a healthy diet can help increase your energy, help you lose weight, and even make your skin and hair appear healthier. What many people do not realize, however, is that a healthy diet can also improve your sex life. Onions, garlic, chili and hot peppers, and bananas can all help improve blood flow. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can, overall, increase your energy levels, which could make you more eager to engage with your partner. Of course, a little chocolate in your diet can also act as an aphrodisiac! 

3. Masturbate More Often

If you're struggling with sexual health, including struggling to get or stay aroused, masturbation could be the secret to a healthier sex life. Masturbation has a number of key advantages:

  • The more often your body gets sexual stimulation, the more likely it is to want it--which means that solo masturbation can set you up for increased desire for and pleasure with your partner.
  • Through masturbation, you will develop a better idea of what you like, which can help improve your enjoyment in the bedroom. 
  • Masturbation can help reduce stress, making you feel better as you go about your other daily activities--and as you head into the bedroom with your partner. 

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4. Find Ways to Reduce Stress

When you're stressed out, it's hard to focus on bedroom activities. It doesn't take much before stress starts to chip away at your sex life--not to mention leaving you with raised blood pressure, decreased enjoyment of life, and a sharper temper, which could make you more likely to snap at your partner. Try some of these strategies to reduce stress.

Remove unnecessary activities or requirements from your schedule. Have you developed a habit of saying "yes" to everything, even when it's no longer enjoyable? Are you busy every night of the week? Clear your schedule of things that you no longer enjoy and do not wish to do. You may instantly feel some of the stress lift off of your shoulders--and you'll make more time for your partner at the same time. 

Go to bed a little earlier. A good night's sleep has its own health benefits, which we'll discuss in a moment. By going to bed a little earlier, however, you'll also stop scrolling social media or mindlessly staring at the television while you still have a little energy left--which could spark a little extra activity once you're actually in bed.

Set aside a little time for yourself. You'll find that, when you're relaxed, it's much easier to handle the sources of stress that, some days, seem to be coming at you from all sides. Choose something that helps you relax and that you enjoy doing, whether it's taking a warm bath, going for a long walk, or spending time with a good book. Being more relaxed can also help you be more open to sexual activity, whether that's experimenting with something new or just cuddling up with your partner for a steamy session. 

5. Check Your Sleep Schedule


Around 1 in 3 adults regularly fail to get enough sleep at night. As a result, they walk around chronically sleep-deprived, feeling as though any disruption to their sleep schedule could be enough to push them over the edge. They're tired. They're stressed and short-tempered. The more time goes on, the more that lack of sleep wears on most people.

You may be surprised by the simple benefits of getting enough sleep. With adequate sleep, your immune system and heart function improve. Your blood sugar stays better regulated. Just as importantly, you may find that you're sharper and more energetic throughout the day, with improved cognitive processing ability. 

Equally beneficial is the change that a good night's sleep can make in your libido: when you get enough sleep, you're more likely to be in the mood for either solo or partner sexual play. You'll be more responsive to your partner, more creative, and more ready to enjoy time together, rather than simply wanting to fall off to sleep as soon as you get in bed. 

6. Commit to Trying Something New

If you want to achieve new results for your health and fitness, commit to trying something new this year. Not only is it a great way to shake things up in your exercise routine or to find something new to try for your diet, it's the perfect way to keep your mind engaged and excited. This year, commit to trying something new on a regular basis. You might want to:

Try out a new type of exercise each month. Visit a new exercise class, either alone or with your partner. Shake up your routine by going to run or walk at a different location. Play a new exercise video. It's easy to get stuck in a rut--but variety is the spice of life in more ways than one!

Try a new sexual position or activity. Check out a new toy with your partner (Crescendo or Tenuto could bring something amazing to the bedroom!). It will bring a new level of excitement to the bedroom while encouraging both of you to learn more about exactly what you like and how you like it. 

Experiment with cooking new foods. Check out the latest health trend. Take a cooking class to learn how to prepare something new. Watch a video online together. Not only will it add variety to your life, you may discover that it adds a little extra spice to more than just your cooking. 

As you try out new things in other areas of your life, you'll find that it becomes easier to remain more adventurous and try out many of the other opportunities in front of you. Sometimes, that rush of adrenaline is an aphrodisiac of its own. Other times, it will help make you more creative and engaged when you do come to bed with your partner. 

This year, it's time to shake up your health and improve both your physical and sexual health. Ready to try something new in the bedroom or add an increased level of pleasure? Contact us today to learn more about the MysteryVibe sexual health products, which can help improve both sexual pleasure and function--not to mention bringing something new to your bedroom for the new year. 

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