How To Have Great Period Sex. Period.

Shake the stigma that period sex isn't enjoyable with our tips on how to make the most out of that time of the month.

Published Jun 04 2018 5 min read

Last Reviewed: 28th October 2020

[It is important to note that not all people who menstruate identify as women, and not all women have periods.]*

Following the benefits to period sex in our article on 5 Bloody Interesting Things About Period Sex, we wanted to help you get it going, if you’re both in the mood while it’s flowing!

First, here’s a few of your sexy period sex stories…

“One time I had sex with a girl who didn’t tell me she was on her period – I only found out when I noticed a weird taste! Turns out she had a moon-cup in and thought it would be fine – but my bedroom ending up looking like a murder scene and I was coated in blood! It wouldn’t have been so bad if she had just told me first…”

“I once drew a heart with our initials in it on my wife’s tummy in her menstrual flow…”

“I once had skype sex with someone with Haematophilia (blood fetish) in the day or two following my period. I often find when I have an orgasm shortly before or after my period, I start spotting a little. This happened that time, and I unexpectedly started bleeding all over my (light fleshtone) dildo. I didn’t even notice at first and it got totally covered in my blood.”

“I’ve never had sex whilst (knowingly) on my period but the third or fourth time I had sex with my current partner, I started my period whilst he was going down on me. I had just come and was relaxing in bliss when I heard a small ‘um’ and I looked down to see his face between my legs covered in blood. I was mortified but he insisted it was fine and that he didn’t mind. I knew then he was a keeper.”

“Just the usual – having sex in the dark on my period and turning the lights on afterwards to find bloody handprints everywhere!”

So, if you aren’t too keen on finding bloody handprints everywhere, or you just don’t want to miss out on a week of sex (or maybe even two, if you’re in a same-sex bleeding partnership), don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

To ensure maximum pleasure during “shark week” we found a few products and tips for great period sex!


Here are a few products to help you on your voyage over the crimson waves…

  • Clue app – this tracks your period cycle. You can find out when your period should begin and end & you can even share your cycle with partners.
  • Ohne tampons – 100% organic tampons, that cater to the fact that all periods and cycles are unique. Customers can choose their tampon type, total tampon number per period, absorbency range & delivery cycle and delivery dates – 5% revenue goes towards improving menstrual health and education in Zambia!
  • Ohne Anti-Teardrops 1% CBD oil – this  “bottled chill” doesn’t just work a little magic on calming your period pains (either apply to lower belly, or dip in your tampon), but can also be used as a delicious lubricant to heighten pleasure sensations – and is totally body-safe.   
  • Adult Play Mat – “a lightweight & reusable mat to roll out anywhere before sex to protect surfaces and expensive sheets from period blood. Cleanup is as simple as using a wet wipe and the mat dries in minutes. It’s also Hypoallergenic and made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber.”
  • Sheets of San Francisco – fluidproof sheets, uniquely manufactured for liquid fun – machine washable. 
  • Flexfits – a disposable, flexible menstrual disc that comfortably forms to the shape of your body and can be worn during penetrative sex.

How To Have Great Period Sex. Period.

Tips on how to have great period sex:


Preparation is key!  

You can use the Clue App  plan the when the period sex will be taking place. Know when your or your partner’s period is coming so there won’t be any unexpected surprises. 

Maybe Invest in a dark coloured towel or some Sheets of San Francisco.

Pre-Period Sex

Having a shower beforehand is always nice, particularly when blood is involved. Lay down your dark coloured towel or your Sheets of San Francisco and make sure you have a box of tissues and/or wipes within reaching distance.

Remove tampon or menstrual cup if you’re planning on having penetrative sex. Or for less-mess-sex you can insert a sponge or menstrual disk. These sit just below the cervix and catches the blood, you can have penetrative sex with it in.

Putting a condom on the penis to help protect from pregnancy or STIs, especially as the cervix sits lower and more open during menstruation – making it easier for infection and conception to occur. Put a condom on your sex toys, and make sure you change the condom if sharing the toys to protect from the spread of STIs.

For the more faint-hearted (as 15% of the population are prone to fainting at the sight of blood) we’d recommend the phobic partner to wear a blindfold…which only adds to the mystery.  

How To Have Great Period Sex. Period.

During Period Sex

Take this opportunity to focus on foreplay – or as we like to call it “coreplay”. Try deep kissing with nipple stimulation. Clitoral stimulation over clothing or even dry humping is mess-free and can be incredibly hot.

Read here for some more Non-Penetrative Sex Positions You Will Love.

However, for penetrative sex we’d recommend being especially careful when changing positions to avoid any spillage.

Doggy position over the edge of the bed can be a great way to avoid getting any blood on the sheets.

Leah at Ohne says…

“spooning is a great position where you can control the depth and angle of penetration whilst really working out some of those nasty cramps.” 

For those who want to experiment a little further, you could incorporate anal play or sex toys. 

MysteryVibe’s Crescendo is a bendable vibrator used both externally and internally for maximum pleasure. 

“Just remember that your body may respond to certain positions and movements differently whilst on your period – so don’t be afraid to communicate what’s working (and what isn’t).” – Ohne

Post-Period Sex

Wipe up any blood that may have ended up in strange places, like this poor perioder: 

“There was blood everywhere – on my face, the white pillows, the wall, my armpit.”

Showering down after sex is especially great, as not only can you get super intimate and slippery washing each other, but it can also be another way to get some more sex in.

As both Crescendo and Tenuto are water-resistant and submersible, try bending over and kneeling towards the wall with the water dripping down your genitals. A partner can be penetrated with Crescendo – or a vibrating penis by wearing Tenuto – from behind while supporting the hips.

Read here for some more Shower Sex Positions That Actually Work when you want to get down n dirty on your period.   

If you need any more convincing on why you should (or shouldn’t) have period sex, read our 5 Bloody Interesting Things About Period Sex

For the bleeders and period-philes out there, make sure you prep your period sex and enjoy yourselves everyday of the month! 


*Trans men can still have periods; many trans women have also reported experiencing symptoms of periods without the menstruation; most cis women who have gone through menopause do not have periods; certain contraception methods can also inhibit periods.

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