How To Store Sex Toys: Best Ways

Learn how to store sex toys properly from pro tips to discreet storage ideas that will keep your collection clean and functional for years to come! Your body (and wallet) will thank you!

Published Apr 05 2024 5 min read

Owning sex toys can be fun and thrilling, especially when you’re thinking of all the exciting things you can do with them, whether on your own or with a partner. However, people who have sex toys, especially those who have a sex toy collection may face the challenge of figuring out where and how to store sex toys both for privacy and safety reasons. (Not the worst problem to have…).

If you recently bought a vibrator, cock ring, or any type of adult sex toy, and you share the same dilemma, we got your back with this comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about how to store sex toys, where to store them, and tips for storing sex toys so they last as long as you do.

How to store adult sex toys

Knowing how to store sex toys correctly is crucial for maintaining their functionality and keeping your health in check. Here are some tips and steps to help you store your sex toys for everlasting pleasure!

Clean and dry your sex toys before storing them

Hygiene is healthy! Before you put them away, always clean your sex toys and allow them to fully dry; this helps keep them so fresh and so clean, and keeps you and your partner safe. Foregoing a proper cleaning before storing sex toys can lead to infections, skin irritation, or even problems with the products themselves.

Preserve the battery life of your sex toys

Most of us have joined the 21st century and have rechargeable and electric sex toys. If this is you, just remember to charge them every six months if you aren’t using them regularly to keep the motor functional and in good condition. A handy tip is to set up a discreet charging station in your storage area for rechargeable sex toys.

If you are still wielding a relic from the Smithsonian, aka battery-powered sex toy (just kidding, these are still popular) take the batteries out before storing them. This helps save battery life, so they're ready to go when you want to use them. Removing batteries also prevents corrosion and leakage that can damage the internal mechanisms of your sex toys.

Consider the material of the sex toy

When considering how to store a vibrator and other sex toys, the materials matter. Ever pull out your collection only to find your “jelly” dildos melted all over each other? No? Great, don’t let this be you. Here is a breakdown of the most popular materials and important things to consider when storing them:

How to store porous sex toys

Sex toys made from materials like PVC, TPR/TPE, and jelly are considered porous, meaning they can undergo chemical reactions when stored together, as well as collect bacteria and mold easily. These chemical reactions can lead to discoloration and a 'melting' effect. Not only does this ruin the sex toys, but it also poses health risks as the degradation makes them more porous, increasing the risk of harboring bacteria. Jelly sex toys, in particular, are often made from cheaper materials that can be potentially unsafe due to the seeping of phthalates.

To prevent these “seeping” and “melting” issues, store porous sex toys separately. Options include using breathable bags or wrapping them in microfiber cloth. Household alternatives like towels or socks can also work as practical barriers. Specially designed storage containers with individual compartments can also keep sex toys dry and safe while preventing contact between them.

How to store non-porous sex toys

Glass, metal, stainless steel, ABS plastic, glazed ceramic, and pure silicone sex toys can be safely stored together without chemical reactions. Mixing and matching these non-porous materials in storage bags, containers or boxes is generally safe, as they won't harm each other.

How to store silicone sex toys

Silicone is a super durable and stable material, however, there's a common misconception that you can't store silicone sex toys together, but that's not true. High-quality silicone sex toys can be stored together without any worries of melting. People often confuse silicone with lower-quality materials like "jelly" and certain types of PVC, which can degrade silicone. However, if your sex toys are made from premium silicone (especially medical-grade silicone like that used in MysteryVibe’s vibrators), they won't affect each other. But if a sex toy isn't entirely made of silicone or if you're unsure about its material, it's best to be safe and store it separately. And remember, as stable as silicone can be, it’s best to keep silicone sex toys cool, dry, and away from extreme heat, which can affect their flexibility and quality.

Where to store sex toys?

When thinking about where to keep your sex toys, it's essential to think about space, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. These factors will help you maintain and preserve your collection in tip-top shape.

Think about the size of your collection

Take a look at the size of your collection, including sex toys, lubes, chargers, and accessories, to see how much space you'll need. Measure your space and the items themselves - some storage boxes and bags can only fit sex toys up to 7 or 8 inches long. For small vibrators like Poco, a pouch might be enough. But if you have a more significant collection, like wand vibrators or a complete BDSM kit, you'll need a bigger storage solution. Consider investing in an expandable option that can grow with your collection over time.

Keep them in a cool and shaded place

Store your sex toys at a reasonable room temperature, avoiding extreme heat or cold. Any extreme temperatures can degrade materials like silicone, rubber, plastic, or latex over time. Also, be mindful of direct sunlight, as it can damage or fade sex toy materials over time. To protect them, keep your sex toys in a shaded place.

Select a dry, well-ventilated place for long-term storage

Wetter is better, but not for sex toy storage! Store your sex toys in a low-humidity, well-ventilated place to avoid any moisture buildup, mold or bacteria growth, especially common with porous sex toys. If you live in a humid area, you can use moisture removers like silica packs or calcium chloride near your sex toys to keep them dry and free from unwanted bacteria, mold, or fungus. Additionally, consider swapping out airtight containers or non-breathable plastic bags for breathable storage bags made from cotton or polyester.

Best Ways to Store Your Sex Toys

When thinking about the best ways to store your sex toys, consider factors like materials, privacy, and space to help you pick the perfect storage solution to maintain and preserve your sexy-time collection for whenever you’re in the mood.

Take advantage of sex toy storage bags

Bags are a popular storage choice for sex toys due to their flexibility and convenience. They come in different materials and sizes, catering to various items from small and delicate to larger, oddly shaped ones like rabbit-style vibrators.

To ensure adequate storage, opt for simple cotton or polyester drawstring bags. These are breathable, economical, and suitable for travel as they easily fit into an overnight bag or car for discreet transportation. Cosmetics pouches, pencil bags, and similar soft pouches are excellent alternatives. Smaller items like cock rings and nipple clamps can be kept in small bags too, which are convenient for storage and transport.

If you want to get fancy, consider specifically designed sex toy storage bags that are water-resistant, easy to wash, and have antimicrobial linings, providing extra protection.

Use sex toy storage boxes

Storage boxes come in various sizes, designs, and materials to cater to different needs. Discrete choices like lockable wooden boxes or decorative chests are ideal for those with limited living space or who want to hide their collection in plain sight. Stackable storage boxes provide convenient access and organization for larger sex toy collections. Consider options with built-in ventilation, such as those with small air holes.

To store sex toys of different materials, opt for cushioned and compartmentalized boxes with adjustable dividers for organization. If using a regular box without dividers, individually bag each sex toy to prevent material degradation.

You can find specialty storage boxes for sex toys with cool features like antimicrobial coatings, adjustable trays for sex toys of different sizes and shapes, compartments and handles for easy handling, and even USB ports for charging. Plus, some models are even waterproof.

Utilize sex toy storage cases

Hardcover cases are way sturdier and more protective than other options, making them perfect for keeping your sex toys and accessories all in one place. With hard-shell cases, you get the ultimate protection for your fragile items. On the other hand, soft-sided options offer flexibility for fitting different sizes of sex toys. They're fantastic for traveling with vibrators, ensuring your precious products stay safe even when your luggage gets tossed around. Specialized sex toy storage cases can include features like padded compartments, waterproof exteriors, and antimicrobial linings.

Use plastic containers

You can invest in lockable and dishwasher-safe plastic containers if you want a practical approach to storing your sex collection. If you like things more organized and pleasing to the eyes, you can color coordinate the plastic containers to determine which types of sex toys are in each container.

Keep them in their original packaging

If you received your vibrator in a suitable bag or box, you can use the original packaging to store them. Some sex toys come in boxes making them easy to stack and that way, even if you end up chucking your sex toys in a bedside drawer somewhere, they're in their bag or box and free from the dust and bacteria that can accumulate when you store multiple sex toys together.

Invest in UV boxes

UV boxes are specifically designed for cleaning and storing sex toys, ensuring they're not only stored away but also kept hygienic. A UV box for sex toys uses ultraviolet light to sterilize your collection, killing germs and bacteria.

Pro tips for how to organize your sex toy collection

Organizing your sex toys may not be as appealing as the actual sex itself or foreplay, but it’s an important part of post-play.

Get your sex toy collection organized for easy access and an even better experience with these pro-tips:

  • Sort your sex toys by how often you use them or by type (vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, floggers etc.) to quickly find what you need when the mood strikes.
  • Consider using labels or color-coded bags to identify and prevent material mishaps quickly.
  • Keep the charging cables with their corresponding sex toys, or store all the cords together to save space. To avoid any cable mix-ups, label each cable.
  • Avoid tight wrapping, sharp bends, or twists to prevent damage to the charging cords. Instead, try the "roadie wrap" technique for longer cords to keep everything neat and functional.

If you're looking for more ideas for storing sex toys discreetly when privacy is a concern, there are plenty of places to hide your sex toys creatively.


Whether your sex toys have been with you for years or you just upgraded to an award-winning vibrator, you will always need a place to store them. While storage solutions are not as glamorous as the playtime itself, proper storage and organization of your sex toy collection can make a huge difference in increasing their shelf life (and who doesn’t want that!).

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