How To Store Sex Toys: 5 Best Ways

If you’re trying to figure out how to store your sex toys properly, don’t worry. We’ve created a cheat sheet for you in this article.

Published Nov 12 2021 5 min read

Getting sex toys can be fun and thrilling, especially when you’re thinking of all the exciting things you can do with them, whether on your own or with a partner. However, people who have pleasure products, especially those who have many of them, may face the challenge of figuring out where and how to store sex toys both for privacy and safety reasons.

If you recently bought a vibrator or a cock ring and you share the same dilemma, do not fret. We’ve created a cheat sheet on some of the best ways to store them.

Why is it Important to Store Your Sex Toys?

Organizing your sex toys may not be as appealing as the actual sex itself or foreplay, but it’s as important as cleaning them before and after each use. Since your sex toys touch or get into your genitals, storing them properly can help keep you and your partner safe from skin irritation, infection, bacteria, and viruses. Genital tissues are sensitive and are extremely absorbent, especially in the vagina.

Proper storage of your vibrators, cock rings, dildos, and other sex toys can also make a huge difference in their shelf life, allowing you and your sex toys to share more exciting times together.

Why Do You Have to Clean Your Sex Toys?

During sex or masturbation, some microorganisms in your genitals or anus may attach themselves to the vibrator, dildo, butt plug, or cock ring. Bacteria, when left behind on your sex toys, can multiply fast and enter your or your partner’s body, which may also lead to certain health consequences. Always clean and dry your sex toys before storing them, as well as before and after intercourse or solo play, to prevent this from happening.

If you want to double the precaution, you may put a condom on your vibrator, cock ring, dildo, or butt plug. Just be sure to remove and replace the condom after sex or masturbation to prevent infection. Also, we highly discourage sharing your sex toys with anyone to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

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How to Clean Your Sex Toys So You Can Use Them Safely

The way you should clean your sex toys may vary depending on the materials they’re made of. But to keep things simple, you can divide your sex toys into two categories: (a) made of porous materials and (b) made of nonporous materials.

A. Cleaning Sex Toys Made of Porous Materials

Sex toys that are made of porous materials can harbor more bacteria and fungi than nonporous variants. You will know if your sex toy is made of porous materials when you find elastomer varieties in the label, such as thermoplastic rubber (TPR), thermoplastic elastomer (TRE), and jelly rubber. Another indication that your sex toy is made of porous materials is when you find polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials on its label, such as latex and UR3.

A general rule of thumb is not to boil soft, porous sex toys and anything that turns on or vibrates. Sex toys made of elastomer or latex are sensitive to temperature so it’s best to simply wipe them with a warm, damp, and soapy washcloth. Using a mild soap or alcohol and a perfume-free sex toy cleaner is also ideal for females and those with vaginas to keep their genital’s natural pH balance.

B. Cleaning Sex Toys Made of Nonporous Materials

Meanwhile, you will know that your sex toy is made of nonporous materials when you see acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, borosilicate glass (e.g., Pyrex), soda-lime glass, silicone, and metals on its label.

For these sex toy materials, including 100% silicone, glass, and steel sex toys, liquid soap and water can be used to clean them. If you have a non-motorized sex toy made of nonporous materials, you can boil it for not over 3 minutes, or run it through the dishwasher. Don’t forget to dry before keeping them in your storage box.

Also, remember to remove the batteries of battery-operated sex toys before cleaning and before storing them to avoid leaks or damage to the products.

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Other Commonly Used Materials in Cleaning Sex Toys

Here are some other things you can use when cleaning your sex toys aside from mild soap and water:

  • Wet Wipes

    Wet wipes may come in handy when you do not have enough time to go to the bathroom to clean your sex toy before action (e.g., you’re having sex outside your home). However, we do not recommend this, especially after using your sex toys, as some bacteria and particles may still get left behind.

    • UV Light

      Using UV sterilizers for cleaning sex toys are becoming more popular lately. But the thing is, UV light can help with disinfection, but it does not wash your sex toy. UV sterilizers make a great supplement in your cleaning routine as they provide additional protection, but we do not advise cleaning your sex toys using UV light alone.

      • Sex Toy Cleaner

        You can also use sex toy cleaners for rushed sexcapades or a quick fix. Some women use them when masturbating before sleep after a long tiring day, or when doing naughty things in unconventional areas with a partner (e.g., walking around a public area with a vibrator inside you that’s being operated by your partner through a remote control).

        How to Choose Your Cleaning Method

        As mentioned, you should use a cleaning method based on the materials your sex toys are made of. It doesn’t really matter which strategies or techniques you use as long as you deep clean your sex toys and properly dry them before and after use.

        Some sex toys come with cleaning instructions in their packaging. Do check and follow them accordingly to use the best cleaning method for your sex toy.

        Best Ways to Store Your Sex Toys

        There are three things to keep in mind when storing your sex toys: dust, accessibility, and temperature. Choose a storage option that will help protect your sex toys against dust, from getting wet, or from getting damaged. Additionally, you must store your sex toys in a cool, dry place as too much heat and moisture may damage your sex toys over time.

        Before creating a storage system, first determine how much storage space you need based on the quantity and sizes of your sex toys. This can also help you buy the right products, and invest in a storage option that provides room for your sex collection to grow.

        It’s best to avoid leaving your sex toys together with other things you regularly use in your bedside drawer, closet, or under the bed as these may collect dust, lint, and germs. Here are some of the best ways to store your sex toys instead:

        1. Use plastic containers

        You can invest in lockable and dishwasher-safe plastic containers if you want a practical approach to storing your sex collection. If you like things more organized and pleasing to the eyes, you can color coordinate the plastic containers to easily determine which type of sex toy is stored where. Plastic containers are widely available, and can also be bought online.

        Note: If you have non-silicone sex toys, we recommend storing each of them separately since they can melt when kept together for a long time.

        2. Keep them in their original packaging

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        If you received your cock ring or vibrator in a suitable bag or box, you can use the original packaging to store them. After using, cleaning, and drying your sex toy, you can easily place it back in its original packaging for storage. This strategy may be a practical option for people who just bought their first few sex toys, but may not be ideal for those who have a huge sex toy collection.

        3. Use storage sacks

        If you want to get a little creative, you can place your sex toys in colorful satin sacks and stack them in a nice storage box. You can also use cotton or polyester drawstring bags for a more economical option. Be sure to regularly wash the bags though since they can also absorb germs and bacteria over time.

        4. Get special sex storage boxes

        Storage boxes specifically made for sex toys could be a better option for larger sex toys or those unconventionally-shaped ones (e.g., animal-shaped sex toys). Unlike regular plastic storage boxes, sex storage boxes may come with antimicrobial interior coatings, USB ports for charging vibrators, and adjustable or removable trays to accommodate various shapes and sizes of sex toys. These boxes can also be reliable for keeping condoms, lubricants, handcuffs, remote controls, chargers, and other accessories in one place.

        5. Take advantage of bags for sex toys

        Just like sex storage boxes, you can also find bags for sex toys that use washable fabric with lint lock technology. These bags are usually coated with a special formula that can help keep your sex toys safe from bacteria while at rest.

        The Bottom Line

        Cleaning, disinfecting, and drying your sex toys before and after masturbation or sex, and storing them properly, can help you continue living a healthy and pleasurable sex life. 

        Whether you just got them recently or they’ve been with you for years now, it’s important to have a storage and cleaning system for your sex toys.

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