How To Hide Sex Toys: Shhh, Keep Your Pleasure Private

Need tips on how to hide sex toys? Explore our clever storage solutions and discreet hiding spots to maintain your privacy.

Published Nov 03 2023 8 min read

Sexual wellness and self-exploration can be a pretty exciting journey. But here's the thing - we all want to avoid any awkward encounters involving misplaced sex toys, right? Whether you're sharing a living space, always on the go, or value your privacy, you may want to know how to hide your sex toys. This guide offers creative and practical solutions to keep your intimate items safely stashed away without compromising their functionality and longevity.

How to hide a vibrator: Special considerations

If you're wondering how to hide a vibrator, it’s not just about keeping them out of sight, but also taking care of their material and preventing bacterial buildup. To ensure your vibrator lasts longer and stays in top shape, find a discreet, clean, dry, and easily accessible spot at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. To keep them safe and clean, wrap your sex toy in a soft cloth or place it in a bag. You can also use dedicated cases or pouches, which may be helpful if you have multiple adult sex toys as it can prevent silicone sex toys from sticking together. And remember to give your vibrator a good cleaning before hiding it. This way, your vibrator will be ready whenever you need it.

Best places to hide sex toys

Now, let's check out some of the best places to hide sex toys that provide both privacy and accessibility. The key is to get creative with DIY concealed storage and think about those often-overlooked spaces in your home.

The bedroom

Your bedroom has an abundance of secret hiding spots! You can stash sex toys in the drawers of your bedside table, underwear and sock drawers, under the bed, at the top of your closet, in the back of your closet, or even in storage for out-of-season clothing. These spots are rarely checked by anyone other than you and possibly a significant other, giving you ample privacy.

The bathroom

The bathroom offers sneaky hiding places, too! Consider keeping your sex toys under the sink, in cosmetic bags or shower totes, or in bathroom drawers and closets. These personal spaces are unlikely to be casually inspected by anyone other than intimate family members or partners.

The garage

If you're looking for unconventional options, the garage is exactly that. Unique spots like tent bags, toolboxes, or storage bins can be perfect hiding spots for sex toys. Just remember to keep them clean and protected from the rougher elements typically found in a garage.

The home gym

For those with home gyms, you've got plenty of options for hiding sex toys, from rolling them up inside a yoga mat to tucking them in the pockets of a gym bag. Just make sure to keep them clean and separate to maintain their condition.

The home office

The home office is a gold mine for hiding spots. Think about your filing cabinet, desk drawer, or even that lockable box on a shelf. These personal and private spaces are perfect for storing sex toys out of sight.

The bookshelf

Bookshelves can be great hiding places for sex toys. Create a secret compartment behind your book collection or inside hollowed-out books. If you have children that you don’t want to find your sex toys, keep them on higher shelves or a shelf that has less traffic.

The safe

If you prefer more secretive methods, a safe might be the ultimate hiding spot for you. Your pleasure is kept private behind lock or key. It might seem extreme, but if privacy is a big concern for you, it's worth considering.

The kitchen

Believe it or not, kitchens offer plenty of hiding places, too. Think about rarely used pots, plastic storage containers, the pantry closet among dozens of condiments that have long collected dust, baking tins, or the back of your highest cupboards. Choose a spot that won't be discovered during a lively dinner party or family gathering!

Remember, when determining the best spot to hide sex toys, consider the accessibility and cleanliness factor because your pleasure products deserve the same care and thought as any other valuable possession.

Where to hide sex toys: Storage options

Now that you've figured out where to hide sex toys, choosing a storage method that fits seamlessly into your daily routine while ensuring the longevity of your sex toys is equally important. Below are some ways to store your sex toys in a discreet manner.

Inside a bedside table drawer

Convenient yet discreet, it offers a practical storage solution that's always within reach. Perfect for those spontaneous moments and keeping your privacy intact, especially if you share your living space.

Inside other drawers

If a dedicated bedside drawer seems too obvious, think of more inconspicuous spots like underwear, socks, or out-of-season clothing drawers. These are fantastic places to hide pleasure products. For added security, consider using a padlock on any drawer you choose to ensure your sex toys remain safe and secure.

Inside decorative boxes

Decorative boxes on your bedside table can also serve as a clever disguise. They blend with your room decor while providing a hidden place for your sex toys, adding a stylish touch to keep them out of sight.

Under-bed storage

Make use of the space under your bed for sex toy storage. Wrap your sex toys in a towel and place them in a box or bag under the bed. For a more inventive option, consider cutting a discreet hole in the box spring for hidden storage.

Under furniture

The spaces under dressers or chests of drawers can also serve as great hiding spots. Slide your sex toy wrapped in either a cloth or bag through decorative openings to keep it hidden from sight.

Inside the closet

Closets offer various secret hiding spots. You can hide your sex toys inside shoes, clothing pockets, luggage, or sports bags for seamless storage.

Inside shoe boxes

For an easy and accessible solution, shoe boxes can serve as inconspicuous storage spots for your sex toys. They are uninteresting to children and can blend seamlessly with your room decor. Just place the shoebox on the top shelf of your closet for added convenience and to keep it out of reach of small hands.

Inside a coat pocket

The 'hiding in plain sight' concept can work well with coat pockets. This unassuming spot can serve as a temporary hiding place for smaller sex toys. Just remember to check the pockets before wearing the coat to avoid any awkward situations.

Inside personal safes or lock boxes

For a robust and secure option, use a personal safe or lockbox. Available in various sizes, they can be tucked away in closets, under beds, or garages. Equipped with a combination of key locks, they offer increased security and ensure your sex toys remain clean, protected, and out of sight, giving you peace of mind.

Inside a Tupperware

Non-transparent Tupperware containers are an excellent choice for discreet storage. Tuck them away among out-of-season clothes in your closet or even in the pantry of your kitchen

Inside travel bags and luggage

Travel bags or luggage compartments provide ample space for concealing your sex toys. They are rarely checked by prying eyes, making them an ideal hiding spot. However, if you travel frequently, having a secondary hiding place is advisable.

Inside gym bags

Thanks to their private nature, gym bags make excellent hiding places. Make sure your bag has a discrete pocket or compartment for better privacy and hygiene. Chances are no one is going to want to rummage through your sweaty gym accessories, so your secret is safe!

Inside socks

Your sock drawer offers a simple and secure storage solution. Small sex toys can be stored inside socks, providing an additional layer of concealment.

Inside a tissue box

A tissue box serves as a convenient and discreet storage spot, with the bonus of easy clean-up.

Inside specially-designed containers

Consider investing in storage containers specifically designed for sex toys. These containers often feature locks for added security, ensuring clean and clandestine storage.

Inside a tampon box

Leveraging the general aversion to tampons, these boxes can be a strategic hiding place for smaller sex toys.

Inside a poster tube

Poster tubes, due to their size and shape, can be an ideal spot for storing long, slim sex toys.

Inside a stuffed object

Stuffed animals, pillows, or duvet covers with hidden pouches provide creative storage options. By making a small incision and removing some stuffing, you can create a secret compartment for your sex toys. Just make sure it isn’t a stuffed toy that is beloved by children or other relatives.

Inside hanging storage slots

Hanging storage slots in closets, initially designed for shoes or clothes, can be repurposed for storing sex toys.

Inside household products

Products like book safes, stash cans, or disguised wall clocks with secret compartments can provide quick, discreet access to your sex toys. They blend in with your decor, maintaining both privacy and convenience.

Best way to hide sex toys based on collection size

When it comes to hiding your sex toys, the size of your collection determines the best storage solution. Vibrators, with their different shapes and sizes, add an exciting twist to the storage challenge. Regardless of size, every sex toy needs extra space for must-have accessories like lubricants, condoms, and chargers.

To store individual sex toys, consider pouches or Ziploc bags to keep them separate and clean. This simple and effective method ensures your sex toys are ready for your next playtime. If you have a small collection, get creative! Specialized sex toy storage cases not only provide security for your stash. If you own a small arsenal of 20 or more sex toys, consider under-bed storage solutions with wheels and locks for easy access and security. If you could be your own sex toy store and have 50 or more sex toys, go for larger storage options like furniture with ample space, such as drawer setups. They seamlessly blend into your decor, keeping your collection hidden and discreet.

No matter the size of your collection, there's always a clever way to keep your sex toys out of sight, ready for when you need them.

How to hide a vibrator in different living situations

Living alone allows you to be flexible with how you store your sex toys. However, unexpected visitors or maintenance might call for clever solutions like a bedside drawer, a private closet, or a decorative box on a shelf. When you have roommates, you can make do with personal spaces like a wardrobe, a pillowcase, or a locked drawer. And when you're living with family, it's all about being discreet with spots like a personal bathroom cabinet, hidden compartments in a bag, or a lockable box in your room.

Where do women hide sex toys?

Women have some clever tricks to hide sex toys. For book lovers, a sneaky hollowed-out book on the bedside table does the trick. Beauty enthusiasts can use an old skincare box or a cosmetic bag that blends with their vanity or bathroom shelf. Frequent travelers might tuck away their intimate items in a locked suitcase or toiletry bag. Gym-goers can go for a lockable sports bag, while tech-savvy ladies might consider a disguised charging station. Just choose spots that respect your privacy and don't attract unnecessary attention.

Where do parents hide sex toys?

As a parent, find a storage solution that keeps your privacy intact from the prying eyes and hands of children. Go for spaces that are out of reach, like top shelves or high cabinets. Also, consider using lockable storage boxes or childproof containers in your wardrobe or under the bed. It's essential to educate your children about privacy, so they understand the importance of respecting personal spaces and belongings.

How to hide sex toys from parents?

When it comes to hiding sex toys from parents, get creative! In your private room, stash them in your pillowcase, mixed in with your socks, or in a drawer under your undies. Avoid the usual hiding spots and go for ordinary places less likely to be discovered. And hey, consider getting a lockable storage box that fits right in with your room decor. It's all about finding that perfect balance between easy access, discreetness, and keeping your privacy intact.

Remember, the key is to prioritize accessibility without raising eyebrows in any living situation. Keep your intimate items clean and cleverly disguised for worry-free enjoyment.


Hiding your sex toys has never been easier with this line-up of different and practical ideas. When you're living with parents, kids, or roommates, it's essential to keep your intimate accessories private. Find a discreet hiding spot that respects your privacy, is easily accessible, and keeps your sex toys in good condition. And remember, cleanliness is vital for sex toy longevity and your health!

We've got your back when navigating intimacy with confidence and responsibility. If you value discretion, our beautifully designed, discreet sex toys are just what you need. They're not only inconspicuous but are easy on the eyes. Plus, we've got you covered with discreet packaging and delivery so you can maintain your privacy from start to finish.


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