Top Lesbian Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Discover these iconic and innovative lesbian sex positions to elevate passionate encounters in WLW relationships.

Published Nov 03 2023 10 min read

Are you looking to spice up your relationship with some iconic and intimate sex positions? From oral sex to strap-ons and everything in between, these lesbian sex positions will ignite your passion and deepen your connection with the woman you love.

5 best positions for lesbian sex

We've compiled a list of the 5 best positions for lesbians that focus on comfort, pleasure, and intimacy. Let’s dive into each position suggestion, considering the potential benefits and essential factors for a truly satisfying time; after all, that’s what we’re here for, right?

1. 69 sex position: The mutual

The 69 position is a classic and super pleasurable sexual experience that most WLW couples love. You and your partner lie head to toe, enjoying simultaneous oral sex. You can get in this position the classic way with one partner on top or try it side-by-side, which can be more comfortable and reduce strain. One of the best things about the 69 sex position is the reciprocal pleasure it offers, bringing you closer and the possibility of having a couple’s orgasms at the same time.

If you want to spice up the 69 pose, adding sex toys can take pleasure to a whole new level. Grab the bendable vibrator Crescendo 2, bend it into a U-shape, and gently insert one end into one partner’s vagina, leaving the other end to tantalize their clitoris, or act as a handle to leverage movement during penetration. The other partner can do the same. Using a vibrator in this way frees up your hands for further exploration. Let your mouth and tongue work their magic on her clitoris, perineum, and other erogenous areas so the two of you can have mind-blowing blended orgasms.

2. Spooning sex position: The intimate

The Spooning position is all about getting cozy and close with your partner. You both lie side by side, with one partner (the big spoon) behind the other (the little spoon). This position allows for easy access to the clitoris for the little spoon and can be a great way to explore each other's bodies. Enhance this position with Crescendo 2 or Poco on the little spoon’s clitoris. Meanwhile, the big spoon can tease the little spoon's nipples or gently bite her neck during penetration. This setup simultaneously stimulates multiple pleasure points, resulting in a more intense and satisfying experience.

Top Lesbian Sex Positions - Crescendo position 5: Entwined embrace

Crescendo position 5: Entwined embrace 

3. Doggy style sexual position: The primal

Doggy style is a super dynamic and visually appealing position, offering many stimulation options. In this position, one partner gets on all fours while the other, on their knees, stimulates the partner from behind. It's visually appealing and allows for clitoral, vaginal, and even anal stimulation from a different angle. The receiving partner can get on all fours, and the penetrating partner can use a strap-on or a vibrator like the powerful G-spot vibrator Poco to stimulate their partner leading to an incredible blended orgasm.

Top Lesbian Sex Positions - Poco position 1: Hit the H-Spot

Poco position 1: Hit the H-Spot 

Here's another idea: try using the Crescendo 2 vibrator while having sex in doggy style. The person receiving can put it inside their vagina or hold it against their clitoris and squeeze their thighs together to amplify the sensation of the vibrations while the partner behind can penetrate with a strap-on, fingers, or another vibrator for dual pleasure.

Best positions for lesbian sex-Crescendo position 11 Titillating Tilt

Crescendo 2 position 11: Titillating tilt 

4. Face sitting: The dominant

Face sitting, also known as Queening, is a sexual position that's all about control and pleasure for the receiver. One partner sits or squats on the other's face to receive oral stimulation. The receiving partner can face their partner’s head or feet to choose different experiences and levels of dominance. You can also enjoy breast and nipple stimulation simultaneously for added pleasure. Get creative with angles and try incorporating fingering to make it even more exciting.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can introduce elements of anal play such as perineum stimulation or a rim job. If you're new to face sitting, remember that comfort and communication are key. The partner on top should be mindful of their weight to ensure the partner below is comfortable and not suffocating.

To take your face sitting experience to the next level add a vibrator like Poco or Crescendo 2 for some dual clitoral stimulation. As the receiver sits on their partner's face, the combination of oral pleasure and the focused vibrations from Poco or Crescendo 2 can create an incredibly intense and pleasurable experience. Alternatively, the partner on top can insert Crescendo 2 inside of them and bend it into a U-shape towards the perineum to leverage two different erogenous zones while the bottom partner stimulates their clitoris.

Lesbian sex poses-Poco position 9 Royal Service

Poco position 9: Royal service


5. Cowgirl: The empowering

The Cowgirl position is a super empowering and exciting sexual position that gives the top partner control. One partner straddles the other, who's lying on their back, and the top partner gets to call the shots regarding speed, intensity, and depth of stimulation. This kind of control can lead add an element of power play to sex and result in a new sexual experience. In this position, one partner wears a strap-on dildo or holds another sex toy while the other straddles and rides it, allowing for all sorts of angles and depths of penetration.

Adding sex toys like Crescendo 2 can bring extra stimulation. Place one end of Crescendo 2 inside the top partner while the other end is bent between both partners legs for shared clitoral stimulation. This setup frees the hands to caress each other’s breasts, buttocks, and arouse other erogenous zones for a steamy experience.

WLW sex positions-Crescendo position 21 Shuddering Straddle

Crescendo position 21: Shuddering straddle

Other lesbian sex poses to try

There are many other exciting sex positions for lesbians to explore and play with. Each has unique dynamics and sensations that can add variety and excitement to your sex life. From sweet and intimate to wild and passionate, these sexual poses offer a range of experiences that you won't want to miss out on.

Missionary position: The classic

In this position, one partner lies on their back while the other partner positions themselves on top, facing them. The top partner can use her hands or a sex toy to pleasure the partner beneath her, while both can enjoy passionate kissing and touching. The strap-on missionary position is similar where one woman wears a strap-on and penetrates the other woman, who is lying on her back. The partner on top sets the pace and depth of penetration, while the partner on the bottom can adjust their hip angle for comfort and pleasure.

Scissoring: The iconic

In the scissor position, both partners lie on their sides with their legs intertwined, and their genitals pressed together and then they move and grind. It's a great way to maximize clitoral stimulation and can lead to intense orgasms for both. Lubrication is your friend for preventing friction during scissoring.

Stand and deliver: The adventurous

In this close and personal position, both partners stand facing the same way. One partner leans over a surface while the other embraces and pleasures them from behind. It's perfect for those spontaneous moments of intimacy, offering a quick and easy way to connect. And let's not forget the bonus of easy clitoral access! With the help of sex toys, both partners can experience mind-blowing orgasms together, taking the pleasure to a whole new level.

Amazon: The assertive

In the Amazon position, one partner lies on their back with their legs bent and raised nearly over their head. The other partner, using a strap-on dildo, squats down on top. This setup allows for deep penetration and gives the top partner better control over the rhythm and depth. It's a unique and exciting experience that requires some flexibility and athleticism, but don’t let that deter your exploration!

Lotus: The harmonious

In the lotus sex position, one partner sits on a bed or another comfy surface with their legs bent and crossed in a yoga lotus posture while wearing a strap-on dildo. Then, the other partner straddles them, sitting in their lap and mounting the dildo while facing them. Once in this position, the top partner wraps their legs around the other's waist and either grind, thrust, or rock back and forth. For even more intimacy and closeness, both partners can wrap their arms around each other, enhancing the connection of the encounter.

Enhance WLW sex positions: Sex toys and strap-on sex

Trying out different sex positions and techniques can be fun and satisfying. And while fingers and mouths might be enough, adding sex accessories like strap-ons and vibrators can really amp up the experience. Vibrators offer a wide range of stimulation and patterns options that can be customized to create different sensations, leading to mind-blowing blended orgasms.

Strap-on sex is common in lesbian and WLW relationships. One partner wears a strap-on dildo to penetrate the other, allowing for exciting power dynamics and intense pleasure. Alternatively, there are double-sided strap-on dildos for mutual pleasure for both partners. Just remember to get the right size and fit for a strap-on and use plenty of lube if necessary.

If you're looking to expand your sexual repertoire, check out the MysteryVibe Playbook that features beautifully illustrated sexual positions and techniques that seamlessly incorporate vibrators into the mix. This playbook can be a valuable guide for partners who want to explore new levels of intimacy and pleasure together.


Trying out different lesbian sex positions can heighten pleasure and deepen the bond between partners. Whether it's the closeness of spooning or the intimacy of the missionary position, open communication and mutual consent are vital for a satisfying sexual experience. Remember to prioritize mutual pleasure to enhance your sexual journey together, and if you need help, check out award-winning vibrators that can help give you both the orgasmic experience you crave.

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