10 Fast Facts About Masturbation

Masturbation can be a bit of a taboo subject, but why should it be? There is no time like the present to explore your own body and learn more about masturbation. Do you know these facts about masturbation and how to make it even more enjoyable?

Published May 14 2020 7 min read

Masturbation can be a bit of a taboo subject, but why should it be? There is no time like the present to explore your own body and learn more about masturbation. Do you know these facts about masturbation and how to make it even more enjoyable?

1. Masturbation can actually increase your sex drive.

Some people--women, in particular--fear that masturbation will cause them to feel emotionally distant from their partners, or that they shouldn't masturbate if they have low sex drive, because they ought to be "saving" that drive for their partners.

In reality, masturbation doesn't cause you to desire your partner less. In fact, it can cause your sex drive to increase substantially, especially over time. When your body gets more sexual stimulation, it naturally wants more stimulation. Masturbation can be an incredibly healthy way to increase your desire for your partner.

2. 84% of people between 18 and 49-including women-have watched some type of pornography.

There are plenty of materials out there that can offer suggestions and help heighten your fantasies--and you shouldn't be embarrassed if you use pornography to enhance your sexual relationship or to contribute some spice to your solo time. If you don't enjoy watching pornographic movies, you may consider looking at magazines, reading sexual fiction, or simply indulging in some of your own fantasies. Many people also choose to listen to audio porn, enjoying steamy recordings of books and stories while masturbating.

3. High-quality lubricant can help make your masturbation session more pleasant. 

Lubricant, including choices like Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant, can substantially enhance your next masturbation session. For men, lubricant can help prevent uncomfortable friction. It's also necessary to help slip your Tenuto comfortably into place. 

Many women may mistakenly think that they have to already be aroused to masturbate--or that they will produce more than adequate lubrication on their own. Adding a personal lubricant, however, can help you enjoy longer masturbation sessions, decrease friction, and even help enhance arousal. Choosing the right lubricant can actually enhance both your sexual desire and your experience. 

4. Around 52% of women have used a vibrator in the past. 

Vibrators can substantially enhance your masturbation session. If you use a quality vibrator, you don't have to worry that excessive use will "deaden your nerves" or cause you to stop enjoying sex as much (though you might just discover something new about your personal preferences that has you reaching for that vibrator more often, both when you're flying solo and when you're in bed with your partner)! Instead, using a vibrator can substantially enhance your overall sexual experience.

If you're looking to get started with a vibrator, try Crescendo. Not only does it offer numerous settings, including six powerful motors that can be set to use different intensities or different patterns, but it can also be shaped to fit your personal ideal position. That means you can deliver stimulation exactly where you want it most! Crescendo delivers satisfaction to many different people--men and women alike--with a range of preferences simply because it's so adaptable. And that makes it the perfect product, whether you're looking for your first vibrator or want to try something new. 

For men, Tenuto is an excellent masturbation choice. It's a great solo, hands-free masturbation option that can allow men to lie back and enjoy. You can control it via your phone or simply set it to your favorite pattern and intensity, then sit back and enjoy the experience. 

5. Masturbation has a number of health benefits.

No, it's not a myth that masturbation can actually benefit your health. Masturbation can

Reduce stress and tension. If you're struggling with work-related stress or dealing with ongoing tension, you don't have to wait for your partner to be in the mood to use sexual pleasure to release that tension and help you feel a little more like yourself. A good masturbation session can leave you feeling more relaxed in the moment, as well as provide important mood enhancements that can last well into the next day. Regular masturbation can also, in general, help you feel more relaxed. 

Lead to better sleep. Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Frequently wake in the middle of the night and struggle to go back to sleep? Masturbation can make it easier to fight off those sleep disturbances and get a healthy night's sleep. The hormones released during orgasm can make it easier for you to relax and settle in for that much-needed sleep at night, and they can help you relax and lead to a better, more solid night's sleep. 

Masturbation can help relieve menstrual cramps. Not only can the pleasure from masturbation help disrupt the nerves that are sending the pain of those cramps through your body, but many women also discover that they have fewer cramps when they engage in regular masturbation sessions. 

Masturbation can help elevate your overall mood. It's not just about an immediate mood boost. The mood-lifting effects of masturbation can often last well beyond that immediate moment, leaving you feeling better all day. 

6. Masturbation is one of the most effective ways to learn what you like in bed.

may is masturbation month

Do you want to have better sex? Are you struggling with so-so sex, but not quite sure how to describe the problem or why it's occurring? Masturbation could be the solution you're looking for.

When you masturbate, you'll get to explore with different types of touch to get a better feel for what, exactly, you like in bed. You don't have to focus on another person's desires or worry about hurting their feelings; instead, you can experiment and explore to learn what you like. A vibrator like Crescendo or Poco can be adapted to help you enjoy penetration along with external stimulation. As you explore what you like for masturbation, you'll be better positioned to communicate that information to your sexual partners. That can, in turn, help improve your sex life. 

7. Many people--both men and women--continue to masturbate even when in a committed relationship.

Even if you're in a committed relationship, there's nothing wrong with masturbation--and, in fact, it's a great way to satisfy your sexual urges when you and your partner have mismatched desire, or to explore and relax on your own when your partner is busy. You may even find that masturbation helps relieve some of the tension between you and your partner, especially if you're struggling to find time for regular sex sessions. 

8. Mutual masturbation is a great way to feel connected to your partner even when you're far away from one another physically. 

Do you have a partner who has to travel for work? What about a partner who has to be away frequently, often for long periods of time--a member of the armed forces, for example? Staying connected during those times when you have to be apart can be incredibly difficult. 

Mutual masturbation, whether you choose to call one another up or use a video chat method, can help you feel closer together. You can encourage your partner to try out some of your favorite techniques or just enjoy the visual as you each pleasure yourselves--and ultimately feel more connected to one another. Set up an appointment for some solo time together and watch how the sparks fly, both while you're separated and when you come together again. 

Even when you're not separated, mutual masturbation can deepen your sensual connection. Watching your partner masturbate--and vice versa--can be an incredible turn-on for many couples--and it's a great way to learn what your partner enjoys most. 

9. There are plenty of strategies and tools available for masturbation.

Many women, in particular, use a wide range of tools and toys to aid in masturbation. While your MysteryVibe vibrator can be a great tool to aid in masturbation, you can also take advantage of the tools you have on hand. Some women like to use pillows to aid in finding the perfect position or to help provide external stimulation. Others like to get in the shower and let the water from a handheld showerhead or a faucet run over their genitals.

In general, if you plan to use a toy internally, it should be a certified sex toy--sometimes, things can disappear or get stuck! Instead, choose a toy like Crescendo, Tenuto, or Poco, which can deliver an amazing sexual experience safely. 

10. Popular culture is creating a shift in the way people view masturbation, especially female masturbation.

For years, masturbation was viewed as a primarily male occupation. No one wanted to talk about women engaging in self-stimulation or the benefits that could go along with it. As popular culture changes, however, the public perception of masturbation is changing along with it. Increasingly, shows like Sex in the City are creating enhanced awareness of female sexuality.

What does that mean for you? It means that, whether you're male or female, masturbation isn't a dark secret that you need to hide in the closet and be ashamed of. Masturbation is a normal, healthy part of your sexual expression. If it's not interfering with other daily activities or your relationship with your partner, you can masturbate to your heart's content!

May is Masturbation Month. Not only does that make it the perfect time to learn more about masturbation, it makes it the ideal time to purchase a brand new vibrator that will enhance your masturbation experience.

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