MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 Reviews

Read these Tenuto 2 reviews and discover why people are singing the praises of the wearable male vibrator. Hint: It’s doctor-recommended, award-winning, and FDA-registered.

Published Nov 21 2023 10 min read

Are you ready for the most buzzworthy bedroom vibes every couple needs? Just when you thought the vibes couldn't get any better than the award-winning Tenuto, they have! The world's first flexible and wearable vibrator for men has had an upgrade since it wowed users and changed the sexual wellness landscape for men and couples.

Tenuto 2 is a male vibrator designed to improve sexual pleasure while being clinically proven to combat erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety, whilst also helping with vaginal dryness. It's the first of its kind ultra-flexible male vibrator with 4 powerful motors designed to fit different penis sizes and shapes and sit comfortable at the base of the penis. With 3 motors dedicated to arousing the clitoris and vulva, it's no wonder doctors and relationship experts alike love to recommend Tenuto 2 as the perfect sex toy for everyone's bedroom. Check out these highly rated reviews and discover why people are obsessed with this male vibrator.

Tenuto 2 Review: We're In A Bold New Era Of Smart Sex Toys And Wellness Companies Like Mysteryvibe Are Here To Prove It

"Without going into too much detail, we can say that the orgasm that followed was the kind that goes all the way down to your toes and then back to your brain before trailing out one neuron at a time.

Of course, once you get that rhythm going, you may very well uncover some of the best sex of your life. With the extra vibrations comes a shell of pleasure that you can both share as you build toward a mind-blowing mutual orgasm."

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This Male Vibrator Is The Tesla Of Multi-tasking Penis Toys

"There are plenty of vibrating cock rings and butt plugs out there, we've never seen a toy quite like the Tenuto 2: it's a hybrid C-ring, clitoral and perineum stimulator, and remote-controlled sex toy packed into one apparatus.

Whether you're seeking a new partner-play toy or want to experience the solo joys of a combined P-spot and shaft-strokin' orgasm, it seems like the Tenuto 2 is worthy of a spot on the nightstand."

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This Toy Is Just Wow-For Your Partner And You

"While its primary purpose is to enhance pleasure with a penis, the Tenuto 2 wearable vibrator stimulates all around. That means it targets all their multiple pleasure points, from shaft to testicles and perineum, at the same time. Since this toy is wearable, they can keep it on during sex so it can rub against your clit, too. This way, you can both experience vibrating pleasure with the same intensity and rhythm. The gift that keeps on giving, right?"

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Ladies, This Vibrator May Be Geared For Men, But You Definitely Won't Be Disappointed

"Tenuto 2 also sends vibrations to the clitoris and labia, maximizing pleasure for you, too. After all, sex is the most fun when everyone is having fun. And the Tenuto 2 makes sure that that's the case.

Does the Tenuto 2 promise mind-blowing orgasms? You bet. But does it also offer other benefits? Most definitely.

This ingenious device doesn't replace intimacy with your partner; it enhances it. The shared stimulation brings both parties together for a closer, more satisfying experience."

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Tenuto 2 Is The First All-In-One Vibrator And Erectile Dysfunction Fighting Toy For Men

"During my testing, I found that using the Tenuto 2 during times I would normally experience performance anxiety significantly improved the quality of my erections.

Is the Tenuto 2 a must-have for penis owners? Damn straight it is. Welcome to the magic of the Tenuto 2.

Playing with it solo is a delight, particularly if you're into edging. The motors are powerful and when coupled with Bluetooth customization, it's easy to get lost in your own pleasure while using the device. Plus, it technically counts as exercise since you're improving the blood flow to your penis."

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Good, Good, Good, Good V..V..V..Vibrations

"The vibrations are powerful but not overwhelming, even at 100% intensity. The app is worth downloading and using with the Tenuto 2 as there are so many different variations of the vibrations that enhance the vibrator experience.

Overall, this wearable vibrator is extremely comfortable and stays in position once it's on. Unlike a cock-ring which can be restrictive and uncomfortable to newbies, the Tenuto 2 is easy to get on and off your penis when the time comes.

If you are in the market for a male vibrator that gives you a powerful erection and keeps you hard while masturbating or having sex, then the Tenuto 2 is worth a look."

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MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 - Test & Review: "Once I Started The Vibrations, I Was Instantly Erect"

"One of my favorite features of the MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 is the app and it's custom vibration pattern creator. I have had some amazing vibrating toys that would have been perfect if I could get exactly the combination of vibes that I want. I always seem to find one that I like only to find out that it's only part of a much longer pattern that I don't like as well. The MysteryVibe app allows you to customize each of its vibrations to your liking. There is a separate setting for each motor and you can tap out the rhythm that you like and give it a test before saving it to the Tenuto 2. This, for me, is a game changer. If more companies offered this customization, I absolutely feel that they'd sell more toys."

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Sex Toy Review: MysteryVibe Tenuto - "The Verdict: Five Out Of Five"

"The MysteryVibe Tenuto is an amazing, innovative penis toy that's in a very specific category. It's more than a cock ring, but it's not "so much more" that it interrupts any other sexual activity.

It slides onto the penis and around the testicles to provide surround-sound pleasure to the entire penile erogenous zone while leaving the butt and penis entirely open for even more pleasure. Essentially, it just adds more pleasure and an easier erection with very little downside. It's hard to argue with that!"

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MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 Customer Reviews

Tenuto 2 Customer Reviews

This innovative male sex toy wowed not only the media, but real people and couple's just like you. Here's what they had to say:


"Thank you all for this revolutionary device! It is incredible. It really has helped in more ways than you can imagine - it's like I had a new penis replaced. You turned a 47 year old back into a 17 year old kid with testosterone flowing through his veins again." - Frank


"Happy wife thanks to the tenuto product. Normally I don't write these things but the tenuto device really gave me and my marriage a new boost of life . Thank you!" Beckett


"Tenuto is... HEAVEN... Thank You Very Much! The sensation of the vibrations and their strength are incredible! Experimenting with creating my own vibes as well is a lot of fun and the app has been easy to use - thank you!" Kris


"Tenuto cured my age related delayed ejaculation. I purchased the Tenuto to help with a loss of sensation issue that is related to aging and being circumcised (delayed ejaculation). My urologist advised me to get a vibrator for the perineum to enhance sensation. The Tenuto has successfully enabled me to consistently climax once again." Ed


"My first impression of Tenuto is very positive. I've never used such a device before; I purchased Tenuto to see if it would help improve some minor men's health concerns that I have and I think that I got way more than I expected. Domo arigato, Mr. Tenuto! And thanks to MysteryVibe for creating such a revolutionary product!" Thomas


"I was looking for a good cock ring and came across Tenuto. It's such a good snug fit. Before, I have had mix luck with cock rings as some fit well while others didn't. Tenuto is so stretchy that it can fit a huge range of penis sizes... definitely fits me well!" Ignacio

What's New In Tenuto 2

While the original Tenuto vibrator was a success, we received feedback from you - the user - that there were some areas that could be improved, and since we are a user-driver company, we decided to make some adjustments to introduce a new and improved Tenuto 2.

  • Stretch, flex and adapt to even more body shapes: Thanks to cutting-edge material science, Tenuto 2 is even more flexible than the previous version with the ability to maintain its integrity over thousands of bends. Even the internal electronic components are also upgraded to bend and flex with the product.
  • Extra comfort for the scrotum: The previous version of Tenuto boasted 6 powerful motors, however, the 2 motors near the perineum caused some users pain in the scrotum. Tenuto 2 only has 4 motors leaving a wider gap area in the middle to accommodate scrotum and avoid potential discomfort for those with sensitive scrotum.
  • More powerful vibrations: While 2 motors were removed, that doesn't mean we sacrificed power! 4 strategically placed motors received a big leap in motor power from an improved internal design and a noise reduction at the same time! It's a win/win all around here.
  • Improved accessibility especially for users suffering from dexterity issues: Thanks to bigger, more tactile buttons and separate remote-control compatibility, operating and handling Tenuto 2 has now become easier for those who may have found the previous version difficult.

How To Use Tenuto 2

Tenuto 2 is in a league of its own and may not look like any male vibrator you've seen before. Unlike traditional cock rings that go only sit at the base of the penis, Tenuto 2 has two gaps – one for the penis to fit through, and another for the scrotum to fit through one at a time. However, the scrotum can also rest on top, so there are options based on your preference. Tenuto 2 takes a generous amount of lubrication to slide it over your penis effortlessly, so make sure to lube up before you stretch open the wings and put it on. Once in place, get a firm grip and enjoy stronger, longer-lasting erections during sex, foreplay, or masturbation. 

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 Review Playbook Image
Turn up the heat on the classic Missionary sex position by wearing Tenuto 2. Get your blood pumping from powerful motors giving you a stronger erection to hit her G-spot while dedicated motors vibrate against her clitoris. Reach climax as a couple and revel in this shared orgasmic experience.

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 Reviews Playbook Image
Watch her ride waves of rippling pleasure in this variation of Cowgirl using Tenuto 2. Put it on, turn it up, and let her find the rhythm to grind and thrust against robust sensations stimulating her clitoris and vulva. Meanwhile, you feel every inch of your penis aroused - from your partner to Tenuto 2's exciting vibrations.

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 Review Playbook Image

Reach new heights of arousal by using Tenuto 2's live control feature to flirt with submission and domination. Give your partner control of your pleasure with the MysteryVibe smartphone app. While wearing Tenuto 2, they can remotely tease you with slow and steady or fast and intense vibrations, and even create a special vibration pattern for you that'll have you begging for more.

If you want more inspiration on how to use the product, then check out our ways to play page with beautifully illustrated examples of all the different ways to use Tenuto 2 by yourself or with a partner.


Whether you're looking for a way to spice up your sex life, improve intimacy, or combat erectile dysfunction, Tenuto 2 is the perfect addition. This vibrator is clinically proven to provide pleasure plus health benefits. That's why it's doctor-recommended and FDA-registered. So, before you get it on, get it on and try Tenuto 2 today! You'll wish you'd discovered this sooner.

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