Pompoir: The Art Of Mastering 27+ Vaginal Techniques

Pompoir is this centuries best kept secret - discover the art of mastering 27+ vaginal techniques and what women can do with their vaginas to enhance their own pleasure, and that of their partners.

Published Dec 08 2021 5 min read

Guest post by Gohddess.

You’ve probably heard of Kegel training. The pelvic floor exercises developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel that help women prevent incontinence and prolapse. 

In recent years, these exercises have gained popularity among younger generations that are not seeking them for health reasons but are hoping to tap into the other benefits associated with the practice. 

Namely, the “tightness” and “sensitivity” that come with developing a stronger pelvic floor.

Even Cardi B references Kegels in her 2020 W.A.P. anthem – and we doubt it’s because they helped her prevent urinary incontinence!

Strengthening these muscles certainly helps increase vaginal sensitivity during sex, as well as the power of orgasm contractions.

But what if Kegel training was only the beginning of what women could do with their vaginas to enhance their own pleasure (and that of their partners’)?

What if, like any other muscle, the pelvic floor could be trained in a way that would allow it to perform all sorts of complex movements? 

Here’s a secret about your pelvic floor – it absolutely can.

In fact, what if I told you women can perform over 27 unique combinations through the different levels of their vaginal canal, paired with different speeds, regions, and durations?

This secret practice of mastering your pelvic floor to reach never-before-seen levels of pleasure has been around for a long time, and it’s called Pompoir.

And it’s remained an elusive practice to the Western world – until now.

In this article, we’ll cover. 

What is Pompoir?

The Benefits of Pompoir

How to Begin Your Pompoir Journey

Your Ally in Mastering Your Pelvic Floor

Pompoir: The Secret Art of Pelvic Floor Mastery For Better Sex

What is Pompoir

You might have heard stories of high-class escorts being able to manipulate their vaginas to perform all sorts of unique tricks. 

Some of these stories are funny, some are plain terrifying, and some can come across as inflated myths designed to make women feel insecure about their skills in the bedroom. 

Want to know the truth?

Your vaginal muscles are much more powerful than you might have been taught to believe. And they are capable of performing incredibly pleasurable movements. 

Want to hear the other truth? You already have this power within you.

No matter your age. No matter your status. No matter your body shape or fitness level. No matter if you’ve had kids or not.

Every vagina can be trained to be able to pull, squeeze, tilt, grip, twist, lock, suck & pulse.

These are the main movements taught in Pompoir.

The practice, also known as The Singapore Kiss or Playing the Flute, is a sex art believed to have originated in India amongst the Devadasi community. 

The Devadasis were high-class artists and worshipers, and some of them also performed sacred prostitution.

It is believed that as part of their education they had to master their pelvic floor muscles to give pleasure to male devotees of their temple.

There are also records of sacred prostitutes in Greece mastering these techniques, and even some traces of Pompoir in Taoism.

And though these stories might be controversial, our goal today is to show you all the benefits this secret practice holds for your sexuality. 

Long-story short, you can reclaim this innate sexual power, and use it for what it should’ve originally been designed for: female pleasure 


The Benefits of Pompoir

We mentioned Kegels at the beginning of this article, and that’s for good reason:

Because Kegels are the closest thing the Western World has come to the practice of Pompoir. 

What’s the main difference? 

Kegels were designed with the goal of reverting (and preventing) urinary incontinence and prolapse.

By strengthening your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, you’re providing greater support to your pelvic organs, therefore allowing for a healthy urinary flow and core stability.

To strengthen these muscles, Kegel exercises are based around simple contraction movements, similar to the contractions we use to hold in our pee. 

Kegels is only the beginning of Pompoir training

Pompoir takes the basic movements of Kegels and turns them up to 1000. 

It also covers the health benefits of Kegels, but because its goal is pleasure, it’s based around a deep understanding and mastering of the PC muscles and all the motions they can perform.

For example, Pompoir works on three different vaginal dimensions: the vertical levels, the horizontal walls, and the front and back walls.

Pompoir trains your vaginal muscles the motions of squeezing, sucking, pulling, pushing, tilting, locking, and gripping at different speeds, rhythms, and levels of intensity through each of these dimensions.

This results in a wide array of unique movements, each stimulating a different sensation throughout penetration.

This means that if penetration hasn’t been an orgasm-inducing experience for you in the past, the greatest benefit of this practice is its capacity to harness high levels of pleasure during penetration.

Now sure, your partner is going to benefit from this as well. After all, you’re basically training your vagina to perform a 5-star massage here.

But another phenomenal benefit this practice has for you is its libido-enhancing effect.

Think about it: a good Pompoir session takes about 15-to-20 minutes per day (plus some light pelvic floor stretching) and puts a heavy emphasis on mind-muscle connection.

This means that every time you practice, you’re consciously thinking about sex while stimulating blood flow to your vagina.

This prompts your brain to think about sex more often and can result in arousal more quickly than usual.

Talk about a win-win-win!

So far, we’ve got the following benefits: 

  • a healthier pelvic floor 
  • enhanced pleasure during penetration 
  • an increased libido 
  • (bonus) a very happy partner likely to step up his own game 

But we can’t talk about the benefits of Pompoir without mentioning orgasms.

This sex art has a proven climax-intensifying effect, due to the strengthening of involuntary orgasm contractions.

Sure, in Pompoir you train voluntary movements, such as twisting, squeezing, and locking.

But you’re also improving the quality of your involuntary orgasm contractions by building your pelvic floor muscles and improving their elasticity – allowing for a toe-curling, body-shaking, electrifying climax.

Note I mentioned elasticity here.

A healthy pelvic floor is not only strong, but flexible, which is why stretching and adequate breathing are two key aspects of a healthy Pompoir session.

The benefits of Pompoir are endless: improved confidence, feeling more in touch with your femininity, a rediscovering of your body, improved sexual communication with your partner, but I’ll just say this: you should experience it for yourself.  


How to Begin Your Pompoir Journey

Developing the muscles on your pelvic floor, just like developing any muscle on your body, takes time and patience. 

Just like you won’t be able to pull off a chin up the first time you try, you won’t be able to twist a vibrator with your vagina the first time you try. 

An effective Pompoir training plan should combine the principles of progressive overload, variance, and recovery, and mastering your vaginal skills requires daily practice.

But sadly, there haven’t been many straightforward resources to help women develop this incredibly empowering, pleasure-enhancing ability… until now.

MysteryVibe has partnered with Goh!ddess to bring you the first-ever, online Pompoir training program. 

The Oh!lympus Program is Goh!ddess’s  training course that teaches students how to achieve every single Pompoir technique, step-by-step.

Through over 33 beautifully-illustrated lessons, the program educates women on: 

  • the different regions of the vaginal canal 
  • how to perform over 27+ vaginal techniques along with different Pompoir movements and combinations, and of course,  
  • how to apply these skills to elicit powerful orgasms in the bedroom. 

The program name is also a nod to the goddess in each of us and is modeled after Greek mythology, where different goddesses take you through the different pillars of training. 

The Oh!lympus Program: 

  • Follows a ramp-up period to trigger progressive overload 
  • Gives students a training schedule where each day they follow a specific workout to ensure variance 
  • Emphasizes the importance of adequate stretching and rest periods to guarantee recovery and muscle growth 

We wanted to make this premium program accessible to all MysteryVibe’s readers, so through this link you’ll get an exclusive 25% discount on the course.

The Pompoir Training Course by Gohddess

Your Ally in Mastering Your Pelvic Floor

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re ready.

You’re ready to embark on your Pompoir journey, master every single technique your vaginal muscles have to offer, and bring out your inner sex goddess. 

Before moving on, we strongly advise that you consult with your physician to make sure you’re eligible for pelvic floor training. 

Some women hold a lot of tension in their pelvic floor, and a physician might recommend they practice some relaxation techniques before working on these muscles. Training them harder can lead to serious issues, such as a hypertonic pelvic floor.

After making sure you’re safe to embark on the journey of hacking your pleasure, get acquainted with your main ally in Pompoir mastery: your vibrator.

An adaptable vibrator like Crescendo will allow you to test out the most complex Pompoir skills as you learn them, such as tilting, locking, and milking.

Crescendo is also a FDA II medical device, which means it’s the best vibrator to ensure a healthy pelvic floor practice (and of course, a healthy self-pleasuring aftermath). 

Some of the skills you’ll be acquiring include: 

  • Being able to “suck” Crescendo all the way inside of you using only your PC muscles. 
  • Tilting Crescendo from side to side. 
  • Locking Crescendo so strongly with your PC muscles that you can’t take it out with your hands until you release the grip. 
  • And, the Holy Grail of vaginal-superpowers, twisting and turning Crescendo to one side, and the other. 

Now that you know all the secrets your pelvic floor can uncover, are you ready to master these skills and bring out your inner sex goddess?

Become unforgettable in bed and save $100 on Gohddess’s Pompoir Online training course now. 

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