Pompoir Exercises: Mastering Speed And Adaptability

Discover how muscle speed and adaptability are essential in learning how to do pompoir and help elicit exquisite orgasms.

Published Mar 27 2023 9 min read

Written by: Goh!ddess 

Functional training in pompoir

Speed training: How to train with different speeds and rhythms

Adaptability training: How to train versatility in different sex positions

Girth training: How to adapt to different sizes

How to learn more complex pompoir skills

Your fingers are your friends

Oh!lympus Program: The step-by-step pompoir course

Functional training in pompoir

You may have heard the term “functional training” before with regards to fitness, and you may have also heard it’s riddled with controversy amongst the fitness industry. While every fitness buff will have a slightly different opinion, understanding how to make your pompoir exercises ‘functional’ provides practical benefits when designing your program, like feeling hornier, sexier, and most importantly, enjoying sex on a completely new level.

It's important to remember that training the pelvic floor to improve your sex life needs to be adaptable to the natural rhythms of sex. 

And more specifically, to the sex that you’re having.  

A major part of pompoir is what we call training adaptability.  

This is the ability to adjust your incredible vaginal skills to each moment of the sex act, whether you’re starting out the night with some slow, sultry thrusts to the sound of Sade or you’re on all fours biting the sheets as you get ready to reach the pinnacle of climax.  

In any case - get ready. Because we’re about to get real specific, starting with versatility training.

So, to be versatile during sex, there are three areas we’ll be focusing on in this article:  

  • Sex speed & rhythm 
  • Varying sex positions 
  • Girth training 

Versatility during sex

Let’s look at each of these more closely and see how you can design your training accordingly. 

If you’ve been following the sample pompoir training schedule let’s assume you’ll be training towards adaptability on Fridays

Speed training: How to train with different speeds and rhythms

Sex doesn’t always follow a linear level of speed, right?

Sometimes it’s in the midst of a wild, impulsive session where every breath is frenetic and every thrust energetic, while other times it's on a lazy Sunday morning enjoying a warm, cuddly, slow embrace.

If you’ve only trained your contractions, squeezes, pulses, or tilts in the same steady beat, it won’t help when the rhythm varies during sex. 

So, to make training functional, use your Friday training to play a bit of a game - follow the beat.

To begin, let’s understand some foundational science and define basic terminology. 

Generally speaking, muscles get different stimuli from being trained at different anatomical lengths.

Research has shown that training muscles in lengthened positions can lead to greater muscle growth, and training in shortened positions can lead to better mind-muscle connection and stability. 

What does this mean for pompoir? Simply put, your pelvic floor muscles will benefit from doing different types of contractions. 

Just like we did in the pompoir mobility article, let’s imagine the vagina is divided into three different vertical levels.

The entrance of the vaginal canal, or “level one”. 

The midsection, or “level two”. 

And the top of the vaginal canal, next to the cervix, or “level three”. 

With these vaginal levels in mind, a full contraction refers to a contraction that happens throughout the vaginal canal, starting from level one and going all the way up until level three. 

A partial contraction refers to a contraction that doesn’t complete the full range of motion, and just goes through levels 1 and/or 2. 

Power also matters with contractions.  

A higher contraction is referencing mind-muscle connection. Specifically, a full contraction where you intentionally focus on the highest level of the vaginal canal (level 3) by paying special attention to this region as you lift up with your pelvic floor. 

And conversely, a lower contraction is referencing a full contraction where the starting pull is quite strong (lots of power in level 1), and then you continue that motion with less strength as you go through levels 2 and 3. 

Now, with that out of the way - let’s get to the game. 

Start your Friday practice by playing three different songs: 

  • A slow one (think “Call Out My Name” by The Weekend) with some longer notes, continuing beats, and sultry atmospheres. 
  • A faster one with harder drums (think “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard). 
  • And a really fast one (think “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.). 

The game is simple: attempt to match the beats, rhythms, and melodies of the song with different types of contractions. 

The faster the song, the more difficult it will be to perform a full contraction, so this is where you get to be flexible and creative with your vaginal gymnastics. 

Going back to our “Paper Planes” song for example, when you try to match the beat of the gun shots after she sings, “all I wanna do is”, you can instead switch to performing higher contractions versus fuller contractions. 

"All I wanna do is"

Conversely, when contracting to the melody of “Call Out My Name”, you might want to perform an isometric hold as he sings the word “name” in the chorus. 

“Call Out My Name”

This mix of contractions and the shift between each of these patterns will all train your muscles in different ways that will translate quite effectively in the bedroom. 

Talk about functional training! 

Adaptability training: How to train versatility in different sex positions

Another thing to consider in your pompoir training is your pelvic floor angles. 

You should be able to pulse, milk, rub, rock, and whip your partner in every position you adopt in the bedroom. 

Why? Because the combination of these exercises throughout the different sex positions creates unique sensations in your vagina.  

The sex positions that allow for deep penetration will pair nicely with vaginal level three pulsing and rubbing pompoir techniques. 

The positions where you’ve got the most control will be ideal to experience G-spot stimulation through vaginal level two squeezing and tilting techniques. 

And the positions where you can lay back and relax will be great to try a variety of new techniques and discover which levels of your vaginal canal are the most sensitive and most responsive. 

Every body is extremely unique, and the more skills you’ve got in your arsenal, the better you’ll be able to create a personal sequence of moves that drive you (and your partner) to complete ecstasy. 

So, as a philosophy of training, consider switching positions as you perform your pompoir moves.  

Ultimately, the goal is to be able to perform every pompoir move effortlessly through every position adopted during sex. 

Some will be easier than others. For example, you may find feeling higher contractions and isometric holds while sitting down is fairly straightforward, while doing isometric holds on all fours might be barely perceptible, at least initially. 

This is completely normal. As you continue with your training in different positions, your muscles will adapt to them.  

It’s just a matter of practice and patience. 

Girth training: How to adapt to different sizes

To be functional in pompoir, you will need to practice adapting to the type of sex you’re having, whether it’s with your fingers, a vibrator or a penis.  

The ability to adapt to different penis shapes, devices, and/or fingers that might be involved in your pleasure is what we call training for girth. 

As you progress with your pompoir training and look to reproduce the techniques in the bedroom, you will start incorporating your fingers or a vibrator to get a feel of the muscle contractions and eventually translating the techniques onto your partner’s penis. 

Once you feel comfortable with the pompoir techniques that you’ve achieved on your own without using anything, try out your new moves on your partner to get your muscles used to the stretching and resistance as you adapt these exercises. 

If you have a female partner, or want to elevate your masturbation, (or are enjoying the company of your favorite sex toy), this might mean translating these techniques on a vibrator or fingers. 

When training for girth, it’s a good idea to incorporate this type of resistance in your weekly training. 

A vibrator like Crescendo 2, which is specifically designed to bend and align with your anatomy, is perfect to provide some resistance as you’re developing your vaginal skills. 

How to learn more complex pompoir skills

By now, you know how pompoir works, how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to achieve the most incredible techniques, and how to incorporate versatility into your training so that it translates into out-of-this-world-orgasms in the bedroom. 

Next come the more complex pompoir skills to really master the art.  

Your fingers are your friends

Your fingers are incredible tools to not only assess your pelvic floor strength, but identify the lateral walls of your vaginal canal, feel the sensations when trying out new moves, and give you feedback on which regions of your muscles you’re clenching, pulsing, and squeezing. 

This approach might take a bit more time, but it will also make your training extremely personal. By connecting with your body and getting to know the ins and outs (literally) of your vagina, you’ll be able to figure out what you like best and focus on the exercises that truly give you the most pleasure. 

For example, the squeezing technique seems to have a particularly aphrodisiac effect, especially if it’s done in level 2 (the mid-section) of the vaginal canal, where you’ll often find the G-Spot. 

While the sucking technique, on the other hand, will give you some C-spot stimulation that you might have never felt before.  

So, if you weren’t comfortable touching yourself before, you might want to start getting comfortable - and hopefully, this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and your fingers. 

Your fingers are your friends

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At the end of the day, pompoir is as pleasurable to you as it is functional. To keep it functional for your sex life, make sure to incorporate versatility of speed, position, and size into your practice. Remember, pleasure techniques take practice, so make sure to pencil your pompoir dates for Friday night specials and reap the rewards.  

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