How To Do The Pretzel Dip Sex Position

Dive into the unique and pleasurable Pretzel Dip sex position and learn step-by-step how to achieve this intimate, satisfying experience with your partner.

Published Aug 02 2023 3 min read

Looking to spice up your bedroom repertoire and try something new? The Pretzel Dip sex position may be the perfect addition to your sensual escapades. This unique position combines the best elements of spooning and missionary, offering a comfortable and intimate experience. In the following sections, we will guide you through the ins and outs of the Pretzel Dip sex position, along with some helpful tips and insights to make the most of this intimate, pleasurable encounter. Whether you're a beginner exploring new positions or an experienced couple searching for variety, the Pretzel Dip is a fantastic option to try and incorporate into your regular sexual rotation.  

1. Start in a comfortable and relaxed position 

To begin the Pretzel Dip, the receiving partner should start in a comfortable, lying position. The receiving partner then rolls onto their side and bends the top leg at the knee. Meanwhile, the giving partner kneels, facing the receiving partner and straddles their bottom leg. The recieving partner hooks their bent top leg around the giving partner’s torso.   

2. Align your bodies for optimal pleasure 

Next, the giving partner slowly and carefully inserts their penis or strap-on into the receiving partner's vagina or anus. While doing so, the giving partner should maintain a firm grip on the receiving partner's bent leg, pulling it gently towards their chest. This action allows the giving partner to control the depth of penetration and maintain a comfortable and pleasurable connection. 

Meanwhile, the receiving partner can either rest their head on their arm or lean back against a pillow, depending on which position feels most comfortable and intimate. Maintaining good eye contact and communication during this step is vital, as it helps both partners ensure that each other's needs and desires are being met. 

3. Find the perfect rhythm for a satisfying experience 

Once both partners have successfully achieved the Pretzel Dip position, it's time to experiment with different angles and rhythms of thrusting. The giving partner can vary the speed and depth of their thrusts, paying close attention to the signals and feedback from the receiving partner. Or, the receiving partner can grind their pelvic against the giving partner and actively participate.  

The receiving partner also plays a vital role in guiding the experience, as they can place their hands on the giving partner's hips or thighs to help control the pace and pressure of their thrusts. Experiment with different movements, such as gentle grinding or circular motions, to discover which techniques stimulate both partners the most.  

4. Enhance the sensual connection with touch and stimulation 

The Pretzel Dip offers intense physical satisfaction and intimacy that allows for additional stimulation and exploration. To elevate your sensual connection, the giving partner can use their free hand to caress and stimulate the receiving partner's breasts, nipples, clitoris, or perineum, and vice versa. The receiving partner’s hands can roam over their partner’s body, or their own body to give their partner quite the visual show. This added element of touch can significantly heighten pleasure and arousal for both partners.  


The Pretzel Dip is a uniquely pleasurable and intimate sex position that provides the perfect blend of physical stimulation, excitement and intimacy. Its versatility and adaptability make it a fantastic addition to any couple's sex life, allowing for an ever-evolving exploration of pleasure and satisfaction.   

As you experiment with the Pretzel Dip, remember that the most crucial ingredients for a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience are communication, trust, and mutual consent. Maintaining an open dialogue with your partner not only ensures that both parties feel comfortable and satisfied but also deepens the intimate bond shared between you. 

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