How To Keep Your Sex Life Steamy At Home

There's nothing better than a staycation for allowing you time to get a little creative with your sex life. You're not on a schedule. You don't have anywhere you have to be. That makes this the perfect time to experiment!

Published Aug 06 2020 7 min read

Spending a large amount of time at home with your partner, little reason to step outside the walls of your home, is a great way to reconnect with one another. 

It's also a great way to discover all the things about your partner that frustrate you the most. 

When spending a lot of time at home, you might catch yourself falling into a routine of lounging around, hanging out together, and potentially not even engaging as much as you usually do.

To keep your sex life steamy even when spending lots of time at home, try some of these great tips: 

1. Slip into something sexy.

You don't have anywhere you have to go. You and your partner might well be lounging around in your most comfortable clothes most of the day. While there's nothing wrong with spending the day in your favorite sweats, if you want to spice things up, try on something sexy.

Put on that pair of boxer briefs that perfectly highlights your package. Change into that negligee that always makes your partner's jaw drop. You don't have to run around in it all the time, but simply putting on something sexy can ramp up the mood and make both of you feel a little more excited about spending time with each other. 

Have kids running around the house during your staycation? You can still slip in a little sexy. Put on the underwear you know your partner loves to see you in, then dress normally. You'll both be looking forward to that time together after the kids are in bed, or when you can put on a movie for them and slip off for a little time together. 

2. Get a little creative.

There's nothing better than a staycation for allowing you time to get a little creative with your sex life. You're not on a schedule. You don't have anywhere you have to be. That makes this the perfect time to experiment! Ask yourself:

What's a sex toy you've always wanted to experiment with, but never had the chance to try? Have you been eyeballing Tenuto, but never made the purchase? Considered Crescendo, but never actually added it to your bedroom toys? Thought about Poco, but put it off? Your staycation is the perfect time to make that investment in your sex life. 

Talk to your partner about what sex toys they'd like to consider and how they picture those toys fitting into your bedroom routine. Discuss your fantasies. If you're interested in the MysteryVibe product line, check out the playbook and get a better idea of how you can incorporate those items into your sexual play. 

What's a fantasy you've never had the chance to act out? The fantasies you imagine in your mind might be much more elaborate than the sex you and your partner actually have time for on a daily basis. While you're home for your staycation, however, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy one another. Consider those fantasies that you might not normally have time to act out, then look for ways to incorporate them into your time together during your staycation. 

3. Set aside specific time for sex.

It's easy, even during a staycation, to forget to set aside time for sex. You may still be sneaking off to get a little work in (or even working a full day). You might have home improvements that you want to take care of. Hobbies and fun activities can even pull you away from your partner, preventing you from enjoying each other as much as you might like. 

If you're struggling to make time for your partner, try setting aside a specific time for sex. No, it doesn't sound sexy upfront to have to schedule time with the one you love. The reality, however, is that even when we try to set aside time from the busyness of daily life, it can still be hard to make time for your partner.

The key is to set aside that time intentionally. Show your partner that they are the most important person in your life. Turn off distractions and just enjoy one another for a little while. Unless you're planning to use the MysteryVibe app, leave your phones outside the bedroom. If you are using the app, turn your phone to Do Not Disturb. Make sure the kids are engaged in another activity. Then, simply enjoy each other! 

4. Spend an entire day in bed together.

If you're lucky enough to be on your staycation solo, take a day and spend the entire day in bed together. Leave only when you must to take care of necessities. Cuddle up, read to one another, exchange massages, and don't do anything that isn't related to loving one another for an entire day. Disconnect from social media and the chaos of the world around you. It will still be there when you emerge--and chances are, you won't miss anything! Check out our guide for spending an entire day in bed together to get some suggestions for what to do with your time. 

5. Touch and tease each other throughout the day.

Maybe you can't spend the entire day in bed together. You may have responsibilities that you need to take care of, children who need to be watched, and other tasks that demand your attention.

That doesn't mean, however, that you can't make your day all about each other.

Touch your partner--often. If you're sitting on the couch together, brush up against one another. Rub his shoulders or kiss the top of her hair as you slip out of the room. 

If you're lucky enough to be alone together, whether for the duration of your staycation or for a few moments, touch each other a little more intimately. Grab his butt when he leans over to take a look at something on the floor. Caress her sides as you slip up behind her. Run your hands down his chest. 

Kiss often. Look for excuses to kiss. Take time out of your day for a twenty-second kiss or more. It may sound like a lot. Sometimes, it is a lot, especially if there are other things in the background clamoring for your attention. Kiss anyway. 

The more you touch and connect with one another, the more your desire will rise. By the time you're done with your other responsibilities, you won't be able to wait to slip away together. 

6. Connect outside the bedroom.

couple bonding outside bedroom

Want to turn your staycation into a steamy dream that you'll remember fondly for years after it's over? Make sure you're connecting with your partner outside the bedroom, too. You can't ignore each other and take care of your own tasks all day, then expect to come together and have an exciting sex session at night.

Turn off the television for a while, especially in the evening, as you're getting ready for bed. Step away from all those responsible things that you're supposed to be doing. Simply connect with one another. This might include:

  • Playing games together. There's nothing wrong with a little good, old-fashioned bonding.
  • Checking out free home date night opportunities or exploring a date in a box together.
  • Cooking together.
  • Helping each other with your daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Reading to each other. 

Throughout the day, check in with your partner. If you notice your partner struggling, see what you can do to help. Those simple moments of connection can have a big payoff inside the bedroom. 

7. Stock up on the right supplies.

If you're planning for an extended staycation, you don't want to have to head out every time you need a new set of supplies--nor do you want to break into time with your partner. Make sure you have the right supplies in your staycation kit, including:

Put together a kit just for your staycation or check to make sure that you have the right items on hand before you and your partner decide to stay in for some fun!


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