6 Sextech-y Tips In Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship

Thanks to the technological age, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common and a whole lot more sensual.

Published Mar 12 2018 3 min read

Thanks to the technological age, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common and a whole lot more sensual. Whether a train ride away or halfway around the world, we are better equipped to maintain healthy and loving sexual relationships with long-distance partners we rarely – or perhaps never – get to see.

New apps and devices are improving long-distance communication at an incredible pace. So, if you are currently in a long-distance relationship, or are considering one, here are a few sextech-y tips to help keep the passion aflame.

1. Boomerang Nudes

Sending a quick moving image captures different lighting and those difficult angles you couldn’t quite get on the single exposure. Boomerangs can be great for building up sexual tension, especially when you add a cheeky lip bite or a suggestive wink. Get creative with your outfit, what to show and what not to show. And why not dare your partner to take live nudes in naughty places to spice things up? 

2. Flirtmoji Sexting

Forget your pen and paper when scribing your sweet nothings, and waiting weeks for a reply. Thanks to sex-positive startup, Flirtmoji, you have an entire keyboard at your fingertips dedicated to sexy emojis. With the growth of visual language, this app gets those juices flowing in an instant.

Not only does it contain kinky fetish gear and queerly suggestive scissors, it also inclusively covers a range of genitalia, with different sizes, shapes, skin tones and pubic hair, depending on your mood – think blue balls with red curly hair. 

3. Smart Vibrators

Built with long-distance couples in mind, smart vibrators can connect to your phones using Bluetooth allowing you to control and create vibes to suit you. 

That’s right, wherever they may be in the world, they will have the power to tease and please you with their unique vibes. PillowTalk is also an app that allows you to listen to your partner’s heartbeat…which can be exciting as you are able to hear how physiologically excited they get during those long-distance sexting sessions.

6 Sextech-y Tips in Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship

4. Technical Functionality 

While photos, sexts, and vibes are all pretty hot, a long-distance relationship can hit a brick wall if not well planned and executed. Poor Internet connection or a low battery can seriously ruin a climactic moment, so make sure you are fully charged and get yourself a Wifi-booster if necessary!

5. Arousal Schedules

What is also key to maintaining long-distance relationships is ensuring you make time for each other. It is essential to figure out when both your arousal schedules are – what times of the day you feel most in the mood – especially with potentially clashing time differences.

It might be the case they’re needing some attention during your morning coffee break, so perhaps show you care by sending that sexy selfie from the work toilet – even if you’re not feeling so sexy yourself. Arrange times to prioritise each other’s pleasure, but also be flexible and understanding.

6. Remember to Communicate

Verbal or textual communication is key to keeping a relationship going, long-distance or not. Being proactive and creative – especially without that level of physical intimacy – will show invested interest and form deeper levels of trust, says Dr. Dana Nelson. It is important to grow together while you are apart, that includes sexually, so continually explore each other’s desires, fantasies and frustrations – and let technology help you get there!

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