The Top 7 Sexual Wellness Apps: Your Guide To App-Solute Pleasure

These 7 sexual wellness apps put a fulfilling, well-informed sex life within reach.

Published Jun 19 2023 5 min read

We’re living through a renaissance of sexual wellness and enlightenment, where technology has broadened and democratized access to vital, educational information. In an era where technology is a daily companion, it can also be an ally in navigating your sexual wellness journey. From self-discovery to expert advice, sexual wellness apps and websites can help you navigate information from misinformation confidently and easily.   

Neo-luddites aside, if you’re ready to focus on your sexual health with discreet, informative, and empowering resources, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for guidance, education, or tools to improve your sexual well-being, here are 7 of the best sexual wellness apps and websites that even your doctor would recommend.

1. Lover   

The Lover App takes a systemic and innovative approach to sexual wellness with modules that improve sexual wellness on physical, emotional, and mental levels. It’s the first digital app to get FDA approval for sex therapy, with 86% of its users reporting an improvement within 2 weeks.   

Lover offers comprehensive guides with science-based exercises designed by sex therapists and clinical psychologists to help with a range of things, from improving orgasm to combating erectile dysfunction and low desire.   

Alongside interactive activities, customizable quizzes, and goal-tracking features, Lover is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking a personalized, professionally guided sexual wellness journey, complete with in-app purchases for extended features.  

Cost: Free to download with three membership options: 3-month access for $59.99, annual access for $119.99, or lifetime access for $249.99.  


You may already be familiar with OMGYES from Emma Watson’s endorsement in 2016; if not - the name says it all. OMGYES isn’t an app but an interactive sex-ed website that offers a novel and pioneering approach to educating women and vulva owners about sexual wellness.

What sets OMGYES apart from other platforms is that it bridges the gap between academic research and practical experience with its visual how-to content. OMGYES is organized into ‘seasons’ each consisting of short videos and interactive touchscreen exercises featuring real women describing insights and showing (yes, showing) the techniques they use for arousal and orgasm. Season 1 features the fundamentals of self-pleasure for women, Season 2 features partner pleasure techniques, and Season 3 features different methods for enhancing sexual pleasure with sex toys.

The video modules are based on the largest-ever research study into women’s pleasure. The research was conducted by OMGYES alongside leading researchers from the Kinsey Institute and has been peer-reviewed and published.

Cost: Season 1 for a one-time purchase of $49 or Seasons 1-3 for a one-time purchase of $99.

3. Rosy   

Developed by doctors and psychologists, Rosy aims to help women through sexual problems at every stage of life, whether it’s low libido, menopause, or body acceptance. The app offers customized wellness plans with evidence-based exercises and guidance toward your goals on your timeline.   

Rosy’s app offers a comprehensive catalog of educational content in videos, classes, and optional group or private coaching. In addition to the educational modules and community forum, Rosy offers erotic stories and recorded audio erotica to its users.   

Cost: Free to download with three monthly membership tiers: Silver for $9.99, Gold for $49.99, or Platinum for $149.99.

4. Coral  

Coral is an FDA-approved app designed to improve intimacy and deepen your understanding of sexual wellness, with 66% of its users reporting better sex within two weeks. The app offers customized wellness journeys based on your unique goals through guided exercises, personalized lessons, community forums, personal audio stories, and more.

Coral’s catalog of educational content extends to diverse bodies and identities. Encompassing more than just health, users can access mini lessons on scheduling sex, self-pleasure for different bodies, and Kink 101. While the content can benefit both solo and couples, couples may benefit most from this app with many written and audio guides for couples, sexy couple wish lists, and games and quizzes.

Cost: Free to download with an annual subscription for $59.99.   

5. Ferly   

Ferly is an app championing a ‘learning-by-doing’ approach, providing a framework of expert-curated audio programs aimed at enhancing your sexual experiences. Ferly’s holistic approach to sexual wellness balances learning, practice, and community engagement.

The app offers research-based sessions, encourages touch-based practices for a hands-on experience, and promotes mindfulness exercises to achieve presence in your body. It also uses cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to boost your sexual confidence and foster connection with others through discussion groups, events, and a thriving community. In addition, Ferly offers interviews, erotic stories, and guided journaling prompts.

Cost: Free to download with three membership tiers: Monthly at £12.99, Annual at £39.99, or Lifetime at £399.99  

6. Blueheart  

At the heart of Blueheart is relationship happiness. The app aims to help individuals foster deeper and more meaningful connections with their partners, improving communication, intimacy, and overall relationship health.

The app is rooted in a ‘therapy-first’ approach with guided exercises and educational content informed by researchers and clinicians to ensure effective strategies for all users. Users can expect a personalized sexual wellness guide that includes sensate focus exercises, mindfulness exercises, journaling, goal-tracking, and linking to a partner’s account free with membership.

Cost: Free to download with two membership options: $29.99/monthly or $134.99/annual subscription.   


7. Headspace  

Headspace is arguably the digital app that put mindfulness on the map and contributed to the million-dollar industry that it is today. Since its launch in 2010, they’ve expanded their guided audio sessions into women’s wellness, including sexual wellness.

Headspace’s woman collection offers a comprehensive collection of mindfulness exercises and meditations to help with issues from sex and relationships with sexuality experts to body image issues and health, and even modules around handling anger, injustice, and discrimination.   

Cost: Free to download with three subscription plans: $12.99/monthly, $69.99/annual, or $99.99/annual for the family plan, where you can add up to 6 accounts. 


The rise of sexual wellness apps and platforms has made maintaining your sexual wellness a welcomed, empowering journey. With the help of these innovative digital companions, having a more fulfilling, confident, and well-informed sex life is well within reach. Let’s not forget that sexual wellness combines information and quality tools that can elevate your pleasure and understanding to another level. If you’re ready to take the next step in your sexual health journey, complement your new wisdom with FDA-approved, doctor-recommended vibrators designed to empower your sexual health at every stage.   

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