9 Signs That You Might Be a Try-Sexual

In this article, we'll explore common signs of a try-sexual, helping you identify and cultivate your adventurous spirit in the pursuit of sexual fulfillment. 

Published Jul 31 2023 4 min read

Some individuals have an adventurous spirit that leads them to embrace a unique identity within the sexual expression known as the try-sexual. Try-sexuals are characterized by their curiosity and willingness to explore various sexual experiences, from incorporating new techniques and sex toys to engaging with diverse partners and relationship structures. Being a try-sexual means harnessing your innate curiosity and openness to experimentation, with a focus on pursuing pleasure, forging connections, and broadening your intimate horizons. In this article, we'll explore common signs of a try-sexual, helping you identify and cultivate your adventurous spirit in the pursuit of sexual fulfillment.   

Here are 9 signs that you might be a true try-sexual: 

1. You embrace sexual diversity

You have a genuine interest in learning about and experiencing diverse expressions of sexuality and pleasure. 

2. You seek novelty

You're eager to try new things in the bedroom, from incorporating sex toys to experimenting with different techniques and scenarios. 

3. You have an inherent open-mindedness towards sex

You approach intimate encounters with no judgment and an open heart, eager to explore the depths of your desires and those of your partners. 

4. You have an interest in alternative relationship structures

You may be drawn to relationships beyond traditional monogamy, such as polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. 

5. You possess a willingness to engage in group dynamics

You might be open to group encounters that explore unique connections and empower individuals within a consensual framework. 

6. You appreciate intimate and emotional connections

Regardless of the relationship structure or encounters, you're invested in cultivating emotional connections and shared vulnerability. 

7. You are open to self-exploration

 You're willing to examine your emotions and motivations related to sexuality, fostering greater self-awareness and personal development. 

8. You embrace your desires

You're unafraid of acknowledging and accepting your fantasies, desires, and innate sexual expression. 

9. You’re willing to push your boundaries while respecting them

You understand the delicate balance between pushing your boundaries and respecting your comfort zones, assessing your personal limits without compromising your sense of autonomy or agency. 

Communication and consent: The cornerstones of try-sexuality 

Being a try-sexual involves more than simply embracing novel experiences; it also requires a strong foundation of communication, consent, and trust. To cultivate this mindset, make sure you: 

  • You discuss boundaries: A try-sexual is eager to explore their desires but remains sensitive to their own boundaries as well as those of their partners. 
  • You maintain consent: You understand the importance of ongoing consent and are committed to navigating intimate encounters safely and consensually. 
  • You are an active listener: You're an attentive listener, taking your partners' preferences, concerns, and desires to heart while fostering a mutually fulfilling experience.  


The try-sexual mindset heralds a bold new frontier in sexual expression and exploration, an arena in which inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, and vulnerability take center stage. Embracing your try-sexual side can unlock profound insights into your desires, values, and emotional landscapes, transforming your intimate encounters into a fertile ground for deepening connections, self-awareness, and personal growth. 


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