The Science Of Morning Sex

While a lot of us are conditioned to see sex as a nighttime activity, we must have all noticed just how good morning sex feels.

Published May 15 2019 4 min read

While a lot of us are conditioned to see sex as a nighttime activity, we must have all noticed just how good morning sex feels. A lot of people might even argue that it’s the best time of the day to have sex – if you think back to some of the best sex you’ve ever hard we bet a significant amount of it happened in the morning!

But aside from the spontaneity which often accompanies it, why does an early morning romp in the sack feel so good?

1. Higher testosterone levels equal better sex

Testosterone levels are usually at their highest when you wake up in the morning. Now testosterone is great for a number of things like helping build muscle mass and strength. But its most popular function is regulating our sex drive. When our testosterone levels are higher our sexual drive is and that just makes for better sex. (If you feel like your hormones are out of sync, you can read more on that here.)

2. Your estrogen levels are also higher

The cocktail of hormones responsible for your libido, and which control sexual arousal tend to peak in the morning. This increases sexual arousal levels and makes morning sex feel incredible.

3. Energy levels are at their peak

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but the fact is despite the popularity of nighttime escapades, that’s when your energy levels are at its lowest. In the morning you feel pumped and ready to give your partner your all.

4. It’s more intimate

You know that scene from movies where a couple wakes up in the morning and gaze into each other’s eyes ever so lovingly? It’s not merely fictitious. All sorts of hormones are heightened in the early hours of the morning and one of them is vasopressin. Vasopressin is one of the hormones responsible for your feelings of emotional attachment. While sex tends to always feel great, nothing beats sex with a partner who you have a strong emotional attachment with.

5. Your body is just primed for sex

During your REM sleep you experience an increase in blood flow to your genitals. REM sleep is the level of sleep your body is in just before you wake up. The increased blood flow to your genitals just before you wake up is likely to have you feeling more aroused in the morning.

6. You get stronger orgasms, and last longer

It probably goes without saying that stronger orgasms and longer erections make for a great roll in the hay. High testosterone levels are not only responsible for increased sexual arousal but could also lead to a stronger and longer lasting erection. A study has also shown that morning orgasms are stronger and better.

7. You also get to burn some calories

Been slacking on hitting the gym or on your usual exercise routine? Morning sex is a great way to get an early workout in. According to this study, a 24-minute round of sex could burn up to 69 – 100 calories.  

8. It’s a great way to start the day relaxed and stress-free

Sex releases a certain hormone called oxytocin which is responsible for not only making your orgasms feel great but reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Starting off your day with a healthy dose of oxytocin coursing through your body is a great way to start your day. According to another research, adults who make love first thing in the morning apparently not only feel more upbeat for the rest of the day but also benefit from a stronger immune system.

The Science of Morning Sex

9. It lowers your blood pressure

Your blood pressure levels vary throughout the course of the day depending on what sort of activities you engage in and what time of the day it is. But while your blood pressure drops to its lowest point at night in the absence of any stress triggers, it actually starts to rise just right after you wake up. Sex has been proven to help lower blood pressure. 

10. The sex glow isn’t in your head

Ever gotten compliments about your ‘glow’ just right after having sex? Well, the post-sex glow isn’t a myth birthed by pop culture but a real thing. Morning sex leads to a rise in and increased circulations of DHEA which has been linked to not just giving you a fresh glow but also helping build bone and muscle.

But what if I don’t have time for morning sex?

We understand this, morning can be a hectic time especially when you’ve hit snooze one too many times on your alarm, or you know you are going to get a query from your boss if you come in late one more time this week. The fix is simple. Wake up earlier. The benefits are quite simply worth it.

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